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Over 11 Reliable Techniques To Wash Silver

Silver is among the most gorgeous and popular metals around the globe. This “moonlight” can be seen as jewels as well as other items such as cutlery, crockery, frame for photos … As unfortunately , we all know that silver can turn ugly. It gets darker and eventually loses luminosity, and leaves it with an unattractive appearance that leads us to consider it more like “junk” rather than a precious metal.

You might ask, how do I remove silver from the dirt ? It is fortunately, cleaning silver is simple . It’s a simple manual task that requires some effort on your part, yet provides amazing outcomes: nothing beats being able to clean silver and then seeing it shine back to the same level as it did on the first. Therefore, I’m going explain seven ways or ways that will help you clean your silver home in a straightforward method and so you can select the one which best fits your piece as well as your available resources or your preferences.

Why is silver becoming ugly?

The reason is mainly due to two elements which you are not able to influence: the air and your own.

In the case of air pollution, the culprit is a well-known poison known as hydrogen sulfur (H2S). This gas is that is responsible for a lot types of “bad scents” that we experience (it is also known as “sewer gas” and I will give you all the details) We can find it, for instance in natural gas or in the product from the decomposition process of certain food items.

This gas, whose traces can be found in the air regularly is responsible for the blackening process of silver. When it comes into contact with Bronze sea life jewelry it triggers a chemical reaction that produces silver sulfur (Ag2S) which is then released, leaving the substance firmly on surfaces of silver objects.

As all this is going on and we, the human beings are also involved The chemical pH in our skins, chemical compounds that we sweat, and even the food we eat, or use for medication can accelerate the chemical reactions discussed in the previous paragraph.

How to remove silver from your home using 7 techniques


It is important to remember. While the process of blackening silver is nearly inevitable but we can take steps to ensure that the silver is more secure. Keep in mind that, aside from the issue of blackening, another concern associated with these pieces are scratches or marks caused by scratches .

To prevent them as much as you can, and to better shield the jewelry from damage from the outside the most important thing to do is to store them in an area that is jeweler. However, they should not be stacked. The usual hodgepodge of rings and pendants mixed in a box with no compartments is only a way to scratch the other. It is crucial to use a jewelry container with compartments and, if you can, with cotton or any other soft fabric which covers the pieces.

The Eraser

This isn’t mentioned in any of the articles about cleaning silver and everybody is astonished when I share the process. However, it’s surprising the amount of stains that can be eliminated from silver using an eraser. Don’t forget to test this before moving on to other methods that are more efficient.

Whiten the Silver by using Sodium Bicarbonate

We begin with the more complex techniques, which are primarily aimed at an chemical reaction that eliminates the layer of silver sulfide. The first method, which is one of the most well-known techniques, is to use baking soda. Make a paste of water, apply it to the silver surface that you want to wash, and rub it into the surface using a soft cloth. This will remove the sulfur out.

The Toothpaste

This is a much more “homemade” variation than the first. The ingredients of the toothpaste react with the silver sulfide taking out the sulfur. Therefore, in large pieces (for for instance, trays, and silver teapots) it is possible to use toothpaste. It is recommended to first wash the surface thoroughly using soap and water. And apply the paste using an absorbent cloth. The paste is allowed to work for a couple of minutes. And then remove it using another application of water and soap. Now you can make use of the tray as mirrors If you wish.


A slightly faster system that’s a little more speedier. Personally, and considering the risk and choices offered, it’s the one I dislike to work with. It is however, a great option in the right way. This involves mixing some hot water with another portion of ammonia in the exact same amount. The combination eliminates silver sulfide with high speed and ammonia is an extremely aggressive agent. If you overdo it the mixture could result in a negative impact on the object. In reality, if it’s a piece of jewelry that has gems, particularly pearls, it’s best to keep it in mind, because it could impact the gems. Ammonia for instance causes a corrosion of the nacre which covers the pearl which gives it that distinctive sparkle.

Homemade silver cleaning liquid

A mixture that produces excellent results is A glass of hot water along with a handful of coarse salt as well as one tablespoon of vinegar and an ounce of dishwashing liquid. Mix well (it is crucial that the salt dissolves the liquid) and then immerse the silver pieces in the solution. Let them sit for about one quarter of an hour, wash under tap water, and dry them using a clean cloth. They will look brand new.

Aluminum foil

A more intricate method however, it gives amazing results for pure silver. It requires a vessel (a bucket, a huge Salad bowl … it’s all dependent on your items) and covering the container with aluminum foil. You then need to fill it up with warm water as well as salt. As you introduce the silver pieces there is a curious chemical reaction that takes place. The chlorine in the salt reacts to the aluminum, releasing silver sulfide along the route, leaving pure silver behind. Ten minutes are needed until the reaction is completed. Then, remove the silver, rub dry and take pleasure in the outcomes. Here’s a video where you can observe the procedure:

Other Tips for Cleaning Silver

Utilizing the techniques described in the previous paragraphs. You have many ways to clean silver, and let it remain as the day it was. They also offer methods that are suitable for tableware, large pieces or other tableware. Also, for jewelry made of silver (with the cautions previously mentioned). But, there are 4 additional suggestions. I’d like to share with you and will aid you with cleaning your silver jewelry and other silver items.

A chamois and brush

In many instances you’ll have to wash engravings on silver or designs that make it hard to scrub the entire surface using the use of a cloth. In these instances, you will must use brushes that have been impregnated with the same formula that you employed. It is essential that the brush is made of soft bristles (we don’t want scratching the silver). And use an even line. However after you’ve finished cleaning the silver. It is crucial to dry it with the help of a soft chamois. Then, rub it until it is polished. This gives it the final touch that silver leaves when you put it in a display box.

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A wax

A wax of a common silver piece is the candelabrum. Most of the time they are candle holders that we use, consequently, it’s normal to find to find them with wax that is “impossible to get rid of”. In order to wash the area, you’ll need to get rid of it. Don’t try it using your fingernail or the toothpick, or anything similar to this. It’s as easy as filling a pot or a bucket with hot water and then leaving the candle holder in it. The water will florya escort cleanse the candle’s wax. And you can wash the candle holder using the solution you prefer.

Special products

All of the products discussed are made from scratch and environmentally friendly. If you’re not able to afford the equipment or the confidence to go out and buy it, keep in mind that several supermarkets sell products specifically designed to treat and clean damage to silver.

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Hands, gloves and outdoor wear

The elements such as ammonia, and other combinations create toxic gases which you’ve probably heard about. In the end the day, when you clean you’re removing sulfur. Make sure you perform this cleaning in a ventilated location, to ensure that gas don’t build up and you can wear gloves to clean the jewelry.

Other suggestions to clean silver jewelry using precious stones

Cleaning any piece of jewelry that has precious stones in it can be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions to remember:

It is not recommended to use hot water. and the gemstones, depending florya escort on the method of setting used, are held in the metal around it. Whether they’re claws, grains, etc. But for a lot of jewels today , adhesives are used to secure them. Be cautious as the heat generated by water may cause the properties to be diminished by the adhesive, causing the gems to drop.

Use extreme attention to detail Important that the brush is with bristles that are very soft.

Avoid using sheets as it’s extremely simple for threads to get caught at any point of the setting. this could cause damage to the gem or even break the stone.

If you own pearls, you should not make use of ammonia because it can eat out the layer that protects mother-of pearl damaging the pearl and leaving it rough, dull and unattractive. To remove the dirt from jewelry that has pearls, it’s best to use warm water and mild soap or water and scrubbing it fulya escort gently using a soft bristle brush or chamois. Then allow it to dry out in the space for a prolonged period to ensure that the thread that connects the pearls may be dried if it’s an ornamental necklace.

A guide to take proper care of the jewelry you own

Since the care and maintenance of our precious jewellery is one of the most frequently asked subjects that everyone is interested in I’ve written an easy but thorough guide to the care as well as Cleaning of Jewelry .

In it , you’ll discover the most important tips. First, stop your jewelry from deteriorating and, secondly, take care to clean them when they get ugly.

While you’re waiting, I’m hoping this article is of value to you. And that your jewelry made of silver will shine like it deserves to. If you kadıköy escort think that this might be interesting to your contacts and friends. Please make sure to share this article on the social networks Thank you!


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