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Out With The Old In With The New: Pandemic-Friendly Interior Design Trends

Pandemic-Friendly Interior Design Trends

This year has been game-changing for every people and every business in this world. From the service sector to architects in Ludhiana, everyone has to accommodate the new normal that this pandemic has brought into our life. So much so even the interior designing field has been affected by it be it designing for a home, office, or service sector. That is because the lessons learned from this pandemic are going to stay with us from now on and hence you need to know some of these pandemic-friendly interior design trends.

Need for home garden

With people staying longer in-home and cut off from the outside world, many have turned into amateur gardeners. Even those with the least amount of green thumbs are raising indoor plants especially cactus and other such plants. Herbs are also very popular because they not only refresh the rooms but also reduce the need to get them fresh! All kinds of indoor pots are becoming popular starting from hanging ones to those that you can put up your window. If you want to be more involved, an interior designer in Ludhiana suggests you use old glass bottles or even plastic bottles in your gardening pot.

Move away from open floor plans

Open floor plans look great; they give you more space and help increase interaction between family members. However, this pandemic has shown a negative side of this plan. With both parents and children being at home attending work/school, the need for privacy and space without disturbance has become important. Open space floors have little of that, and with restrictions not going away (and even coming back to stop the second wave), many people are contacting the best interior designers in Ludhiana to convert their open floor plans into private spaces. However, most homeowners are not looking into a permanent solution to their floor plan; at most they want their living space to buffer sound from the kitchen (which is the most common open floor plan). So, the designers are turning into privacy screens or large area rugs to minimize the sound coming from the busier part of the house.

More storage space

Another thing that this pandemic has taught us is the need to store things. There has been a time when people couldn’t go out for weeks and had to stock up items on the few days they could. This is why homeowners now feel the need for more storage space in the kitchen or pantry. Adding extra shelves or buying a kitchen island rolling cart has become more common.

Space for home office

Working individuals who never thought of working from home have been forced to work from home in this pandemic. For this reason, the need to have a dedicated home office space is growing among homeowners. Just shutting the door is not the solution all the time; a dedicated office space, even it is just a nook of the house is becoming important. Many have contacted the best architects in Ludhiana to see if they can create such a corner in their home. Some are making an extension to their home while others are using folding doors or screens to create a room for their office.

Soundproof room

Those who can’t find extra space in their home to create an office space for themselves are opting for the option of soundproofing one of their rooms to double it up as a workspace. Such a room is a must for family men who have to attend video calls from work as that is the only way to keep the noises from children and other members away from their workspace.

So, these are some pandemic-friendly design trends you can try out in your home.

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