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Pokémon Go: Best “Great League” Teams For Season 3

Niantic’s Pokémon Go is one of the most popular mobile games of this time. Compared to the early days, Pokémon Go has improved itself a lot. In terms of PVP battles, raids and events, this game has massively evolved. After years of release, now Niantic is thinking about increasing the level cap because numerous players are already on the highest level. The community of Pokémon Go is friendly, helpful and adopts changes so quickly.

PVP battle in Pokémon Go is one of the major elements in the game. Players play PVP to earn rewards, experience and get some entertainment. PVP mode of Pokémon Go is separated into three different segments with different CP caps on each. Among the three segments, the first one is “Great League” with CP cap 1500, and it’s already entered in its third season. It’s the first League from the season. Great League is where you need to build a strong line-up of Pokémon to win the season.

The Ubiquity of Altaria

“Altaria” is an extraordinary flying/dragon type Pokémon for the Great League. Even though it has several weaknesses, it’s one advantage of being a dragon keeps it at the top. For Great League matches, Altaria is a perfect choice. Its “Sky Attack” charge move is quite powerful, but it’s preferred as a secondary move.

Altaria/Registeel/Stunfisk (Galarian)

The team of these three Pokémon is the best team that any player can have. However, choosing the right opener is very important in the battle. “Registeel” and “Stunfisk (Galarian)” both are perfect tank categories of Pokémon. Both of these Pokémon can take some great damage from the opponent’s attacks. To create a winning team, two tanks Pokémon and one strong attacker is necessary. Altaria is a perfect choice for an attacker Pokémon.

Fill the Missing Pieces

The combination of the teams always rotates, so it’s necessary to fill some gaps. You can use “Skarmory” or “Azumarill” if you don’t have Registeel. For a better attacker, “Hypno” is a good choice, and it will be a perfect pair if you use “Umbreon” or “Whiscash.” Following this will automatically create a strong offensive and defensive team.

The battle mode of Pokémon Go is quite challenging. In order to defeat the opponent, players have to use both offensive and defensive Pokémon against the right Pokémon. Any small mistake can prove disastrous.

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