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Pokémon Go: Best Rayquaza Counters Guide

The worldwide Pokémon Go Fest was a massive hit. Niantic managed to make the GO FEST a memorable event for players, and now they are ready for another event. Niantic has started Dragon Week. A legendary Sky High Pokémon named “Rayquaza” made its return to “5 Tier Raid Battles.” In the entire week, mostly Dragon-type Pokémon will feature in the game. There is also an “Ultra Unlock Bonus” week challenge that has been released. The only reason this event is big because players will have the opportunity to catch several Dragon-type Pokémon.


Rayquaza is a Gen III Legendary Pokémon that belongs to both Dragon and Flying-type. However, Rayquaza is weak against several types of Pokémon attacks. This includes Fairy, Dragon, Ice, Rock-type moves. These types of moves deal double damage on Rayquaza. If players use Ice-type Pokémon, they will be in double advantage against Rayquaza. Now here is a short overview of Rayquaza in Pokémon Go.

  • Type – Dragon/Flying.
  • Weakness – Dragon, Ice, Fairy, and Rock.
  • Potential Fast Attacks – Air Slash (Flying), Dragon Tail (Dragon).
  • Potential Charged Attacks – Aerial Ace (Flying), Outrage (Dragoon), Ancient Power (Rock).

Rayquaza is a Legendary Pokémon because it is resistant to Ground and Grass-type attacks. Also, it is also powerful against the Fire, Bug, Water, and Fighting-type attacks. The biggest weakness of Rayquaza is from Ice-type moves, so if you are playing a battle, use your powerful Ice-type Pokémon. Having Ice-type Pokémon is important, but if they use Ice-type attacks, it will deal double damage on Rayquaza.

Kyurem is a stylish and Ice/Dragon-type Pokémon. This Pokémon is simply a powerhouse, but one dragon type Pokémon against another is not going to affect Rayquaza a lot. So you can make Rock or Fairy-type Pokémon as your secondary choice. These types of Pokémon will tear Rayquaza apart.

If you don’t know which Pokémon team will create a powerful party, here are the best suggestions:

Ice-type counters: Mamoswine (Powder Snow/Avalanche), Beartic (Powder Snow/Ice Punch), Weavile (Ice Shard/Avalanche), Jynx (Frost Breath/Avalanche), Walrein (Frost Breath/Blizzard), Piloswine (Ice Shard/Avalanche).

Viable alternatives: Mewtwo (Psycho Cut/Ice Beam), Dragonite (Dragon Tail/Outrage), Rampardos (SmackDown/Rock Slide), Electivire (Thunder Shock/Ice Punch).

In order to use the full potential of Ice-type moves and Pokémon, players should be on level 30. Furthermore, players should focus on Ice-type moves to cause massive damage. The Ultra Unlock Week is separated into three parts; Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. In all three weeks, players have the opportunity to collect different types of Pokémon.

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