Printing Solutions With CPC, Singapore

Printers, copiers, and other equipment are the most significant component in office paraphernalia. All organizations and offices require to keep a hardcopy of some documents at one point or the other, and for that, they need to have printing facilities within their space. Since Singapore is buzzing with economic activity and is a major global center for finance, the offices here require to be equip with the best facilities in order for them to stay at par with their competitions and continually excel in their respective areas. CPC Solution Pte Ltd is one of the best and most popular printing service providers on the island.

CPC Solution is located in the Victory Center. It does not limit its services only to providing printers and copiers, but also provides other hardware, software, as well as maintenance services. You can choose a product or a service you want to avail and the company will ensure the task is done to perfection and to your liking.

The company emphasizes on solving workplace related problems and provides solutions that are versatile and catered to your specific needs. They provide services and equipment that are essential in a smooth and efficient functioning of your workspace. Sell brand new products such as printers, photocopy machines of various kinds, inks and toners, and also have reconditioned and refurbished equipment for your photocopying needs. They have a vast range of leading brands such as Fuji, HP, Canon, Ricoh, Epson, and various others. They are your one-stop shop for all of your office equipment and paraphernalia.

The photocopy machine and printers sold by CPC Solution are quality assured which enables you to run your office work effortlessly. They are cognizant of the fact that all businesses are different and have different capital and investment towards various needs. You can get their products at an extremely economical and affordable price. They often come up with interesting deals that make them stand out in the market, allowing you to make the most of your buck. You need not worry about the size of your office, or the physical dimensions where you would like to fit in a printer or a copier machine.

The people at CPC are considerate of your practical challenges and will offer you a choice that would be most efficient as well as value for money for your workplace. They focus on simplicity and functionality. Being in the business for over twenty-five years, they have a huge market and a sea of loyal customers only because they ensure good quality product, and great maintenance facilities.

They also help you with renting or leasing one of their products to meet your office needs. If you cannot invest in one of their printers for whatever reasons. They let you rent printers and copier or photocopy machine, lease them depending on the duration you would like to use one. And also allow you a “Pay as you Print” service where you will only have to pay as and when you print through a well drafted contract.

CPC Solution understands that if your business needs a printer or another service. They will provide the best of the market to you, ensure that it is never heavy on your budget, and is absolutely effective and useful to you, meeting all your needs. You can easily go out and rent or lease one of their printers or photocopy machine. And rest assured that they would provide a guaranteed quality and service of their products.

They also provide IT support beside the various hardware. They facilitate installation of drivers, help you set up a network. And provide numerous IT services along with your photocopy machine or printer. The best part about CPC Solution is that they never burden you with the logistics around delivery and installation of a product. They always arrange for delivering the product to you hassle free. And also have a fleet of technicians who are absolutely proficient in their jobs to help you with the installation process. The technicians also help you with any service-related issues. They are highly skilled people who dexterously fix all issues and are an asset to the company. Because CPC does not need to outsource any third party maintenance person for such problems. This also helps build trust towards them. And increases the credibility of their products and services in the market.

The company is also a supplier of consumables to offices across Singapore. They provide papers, stationery, and other big and small office equipment at their customers’ request at very economical prices. The best part about their service is that they value your time and your investment. Because of which they provide customized and individual solutions to your problems. Ranging from buying, renting, leasing, availing IT services, or maintenance of the products being use. There are no intermediaries involve in the process of you desiring a product. Buying it, it being deliver to you, installed for you, and all future maintenance and servicing facilities.

While purchasing a copier machine or a fuji xerox printer and other services from CPC Solution is very straightforward, you can easily rent or lease a product too. They provide a vast variety of photocopy machines for you to choose the preferred model from. And they take the reins of the installation, servicing, and aftercare in their own hands. They draw a contract through which you can easily pay a monthly rental fee for the product. This gives you a seamless and smooth user experience with the printing facilities. Renting the copier machines and printers is a great option for you. If you want to use the product for a shorter period of time without bothering about keeping or maintaining the machine later on.

They have a vast number of options in store for you if you want to rent the machine. Since short term is a relative phrase and can vary from person to person. CPC Solution has many options for you to choose from. You can rent the copier machine for a period of three months, six months, and up to a year.  The rentals offer at highly competitive prices, and the starting range is from $99 (Singaporean Dollars) for a month. They let you choose from a vast number of brands and ensure. That the model of your choice is perfect to cater to your specific needs as well as the best option for your investment, within your budget.

The company guarantees a full service on their products. They provide assistance with a general servicing, changing any parts that may need repair. And also are prompt with your toner needs. And have a team of dedicated professionals who help provide customer care in that they note the service issues and ensure. That the calls are respond within a two to four hour period. They also help with sending skilled technicians to take care of any issues that you may face with the machines. They ensure a very low cost for the copying options, and still use original toners. Which guarantee exceptionally brilliant quality printing. Also help you with scheduling a periodic maintenance to ascertain that the machines continue to remain in their prime condition. And assist you the best with your office requirements.

Additionally, if you do require a photocopy machine for the long term. But do not want to own one, CPC Solution allows you to lease the machine rather than renting it. And absolutely do away with the monthly rental option. They suggest that you lease it from anywhere between a year, two years, three years, and up to five years. And have a detailed maintenance contract charted out for such situations. Which are extremely cost-effective and the best deal for your money. They cover your toner needs, spare parts removal/installation, provide consistent telephonic support, and prioritize your service calls at all times.

Owing to such customer friendly and customer centric approach. CPC Solution is the best place to solve all of your printing, copying, and IT support needs.

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