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Proven Ways That Help You to Build Muscles Naturally

You all wanna go bigger in the shortest possible time. Right?

And why not? Putting some size on comes with great impressive results. Sadly, there aren’t any magical steps.

You have to earn it through all your efforts.

Taking a healthy diet and an effective diet is a key that unlocks the real you.

But how you can add these for best results?

If you really want to increase all your gains naturally, some scientific and tested ways are meant for you. Simplifying further, we have compiled the top-known natural and dietary changes that can help you to get big.

Here are some workout addition followed by major dietary and lifestyle changes.

We have also included the best T-booster stack that can add a bit more push to your muscle gains: PrimeGENIX Testodren results review and PrimeGENIX DIM 3X review.


Workouts You Should Add to Increase Muscle Gains Naturally

Having an effective workout can help you to gain some size naturally.

These are some workout suggestions that pros recommend:

  • Add big lifts

Bigger weight and more strength go hand in hand.

As to gain some size you should lift between 3-6 sets of 8-12 reps of heavy to moderate weight.

However, if your goal falls to build some strength, then lifting heavy of 2-6 sets of 6 sets can be helpful.

  • Train your bigger muscles

If focusing on some size, then it’s far better to train bigger muscles compared with smaller ones.

For instance, if you’re focusing on increasing the size of your arms, then you should and have to focus on triceps rather than just grinding with biceps.

  • Don’t skip the leg day

Seeing all that pain, people often tend to skip the leg day.

But you shouldn’t if focusing on any building goals.

Training your lower body stimulates the body’s natural production of testosterone and other beneficial hormones, which in the end helps you in muscle gains.

  • Take control of the cardio

High-intensity cardio is the best for fat loss but they aren’t meant for bodybuilding.

Even pros of these fields keep high-intensity cardio at bay.

As cardio hampers the overall muscle gains by increasing the recovering time and burning up the body’s source of energy.


Build Your Muscle Gains Naturally: Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Diets play a crucial role in deciding the results of your efforts.

Here are some diet and lifestyle changes you can add for improved results.

  • Don’t forget the breakfast

Breakfasts are one of the crucial meals that a bodybuilder aspirant should never skip.

Having a balanced breakfast, containing optimum protein and carbs levels will aid in muscle gains and provide you energy until the next meal.

  • Plan your meal in an interval of 3 hours

Spreading your calorie throughout the day is one of the best practices that even pros use.

Having done so keeps a steady supply of all nutrients that in the end will help you in improving your gains.

  • Take protein in each meal

Who doesn’t know about protein and its effects on muscle mass?

Providing the body with daily protein requirements will eventually lead you to muscle gains.

You should add 1g of protein for every 454g of body weight for best muscle gains.

  • Don’t forget about fruits and vegetables

Adding fruits and vegetables that come rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and fivers will also aid in bodybuilding apart from the main ingredient protein.

  • Add healthy fats

Healthy fats can also play a major role in increasing your overall body gains.

Always make sure that with every meal intake you should healthy dosage of fats.

  • Drink your daily recommended water

Shredded physiques are a result of all the sweat that you have put into them.

Drinking enough water during muscle gains can prevent dehydration and make feel fuller.

  • Add unprocessed foods

Bodybuilding is all about diet and workouts.

Having a healthy diet is equally important as having a good workout session.

Always consider foods that are unprocessed and unrefined to reduce any negative effects on muscle goals.

  • Don’t forget to sleep

Having a deficit in sleeping hours can get in reduced production of T-levels by 10 to 15%.

According to a study, you should always have a rest period of 8 to 9 hours for best results.

So till now, we have let you through some natural and proven ways that can add a bit of extra to your overall gains.

Following these natural and proven methods will eventually result in increased muscle gains.

But but But, if it isn’t, chances are you have got low t-levels.

If you are in bodybuilding you just can’t deny the effects of testosterone in your building goals.

These are the hormones that stimulate muscle growth.

  • You can follow a diet to do so but you will need a bit extra for fulfilling your goals.

This extra can be from supplements that can increase the free testosterone in your body.

But be careful with your choices.

There is hundreds of product that helps you in boosting T-levels but they aren’t that effective.

Additionally, with the side effects, it even becomes worse.

So which should you choose?

Here’s our recommendation on the best T-booster stack that comes with nearly no side effects.

PrimeGENIXTM can be the one that can help you will these.

With a stack that consists of products like Testodren and DIM 3X, you can get back your youthful days.

Here is a quick overview of the PrimeGENIX DIM 3X and PrimeGENIX Testodern Results Review.

PrimeGENIX Testodren: Increase Free Testosterone Levels

With PrimeGENIX Testodren, boost your free testosterone levels by up to 72.87% naturally.

This scientifically proven, all-natural supplement can help you rejuvenate your energy levels back like those good days.

Furthermore, the three human trials of the product result in a 100% success rate.

Having daily, PrimeGENIX Testodren before and after results in:

  • Increased T-levels
  • Feel even more energized
  • Improves colligation function
  • Helps you to enter the alpha state of mind
  • And boosts your moods

Additionally, PrimeGENIX Testodren customer reviews also guarantee the safety of the product.

So here’s a quick overview of it, let’s move to the next supplement that comes with this most potent stack.

PrimeGENIX DIM 3X: The Best Fat Metabolizer

Reduce all harmful estrogen and gain an edge over all your competitors.

Through this PrimeGENIX DIM 3X review, we will let you know what this best fat metabolizer can do to you.

PrimeGENIX is one such potent and most recommended supplement that can maintain healthy hormones levels.

Having formulated using all-natural ingredients it comes free from any side effects and is FDA approved.

In your constant battle with hormone imbalance, PrimeGENIX DIM 3X reviews result in:

  • Metabolizing estrogen
  • Improves your collagen along with mood
  • Increases free testosterone
  • Blocks Aromatase enzyme.

Furthermore, upon seeing some PrimeGENIX DIM 3X customer reviews, it only indicates one thing it works.

Here’s a bit about the most sought stack for muscle building: The PrimeGENIX T-Booster stack.



Muscle growth is an extremely complex process that involves various steps and processes.

You can spend hours researching, but muscle building isn’t that complicated.

There are some people who have followed these simple and sweet steps to build muscles naturally.

Taking about PrimeGENIX Testodren and DIM 3X, both are known to be the best T-booster in the industry.

Hope you have found what’s been searching for.

Take a look at our other blogs for more health-related information.

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