Pukhraj Stone- A Gem Of Jupiter

In astrology, yellow sapphire is otherwise called pukhraj stone. It is an amazing gemstone and believed to be a gem of Jupiter planet. It is believed that an individual if wore it appropriately, at that point it can give extraordinary advancement to live. This yellowish gemstone is known to be of the greatest quality when it contains the minimum number of inclusions. One could search for pukhraj stone online and can come across its different names such as guru Ratna, peetamani, pushparaj, guruvallabh, pitmani, kanakapushyaragam and pushyaragam stone and so forth. This is considered to be a wonderful and alluring gemstone that gives a positive and beneficial impact on life.

Khanna Gems Private Limited’s extension i.e. is a benchmark of quality and complete disclosure in the gem and diamond industry. The historical backdrop of this organization goes back to 1987. Pankaj Khanna, the founder of the same is an astrologer and gemologist. He is one of the most heard names in the gem and diamond industry. Pankaj Khanna has strived for his entire life with the goal that individuals find and realize the significance of gemstones and can use the healing impacts of the gemstones. This venture thus deals in a range of precious( Panna stone, ruby Stone, Neelam Stone), semi-precious( aquamarine, blue topaz, tourmaline) and triangular-shaped gemstones(golden topaz, green amethyst, green fluorite).  Precious gemstones categories are further sub-categorized into natural ceylon pukhraj, Indian ruby, natural Brazilian Panna, natural new Burma ruby and so on.

The use of this stone comes with a range of benefits. It is believed that if an individual is confronting any issue in the marriage or delay in marriage then he or she should wear this stone. This stone evacuates all the obstacles of the marriage path. Pukhraj stone can give an individual the advantages or impacts of planet Jupiter. If Jupiter is set in the malefic spot in the birth diagram, at that point one should wear this yellow sapphire as it will assist him or her with attaining the blessings of Jupiter planet. This stone is known to improve the financial or monetary status. Prosperity, respect, regard, name, fame, and achievement can likewise be accomplished by way of this gemstone.

But the real question is who can wear it? If the wearer is a Sagittarius or a Pisces ascendant, he/she readily accomplishes and achieves yellow sapphire’s advantages. It showers protection and grace to cancer ascendants and enhances prosperity. Yellow sapphires are worn in the index finger of the right hand. This is done on a Thursday morning of the Shukla paksha. The most important factor in the 4C’s that determine this stone’s price is the color. The purer the color and saturation the higher the price. If one is suffering from the problem of lack of concentration, then this stone can help him or her to achieve the professional and academic goals and to make an individual more confident. Students can also wear this stone. Progeny related problems can also be solved by this stone. For fertility related problems and issues, this is right to stone to wear.

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