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Ragavan Sreetharan-4 vital football Skills for Beginners

Ragavan Sreetharan says that Soccer could be a fantastic tool that teaches youngsters concerning competition, teamwork, and therefore the importance of living a lively lifestyle. Young children ought to learn the basics before attempting to mimic the flashy trick shots that professionals use. the earlier a toddler understands the fundamentals, the higher their foundation is going to be going forward. Winning isn’t everything, however, it’s plenty a lot of fun than losing. Here square measure four vital skills that each football beginner ought to work on:

  1. Ball Management

Ragavan Sreetharan defines that getting comfy with the ball at your feet is essential to competitors with the least bit ages and ability levels. once the ball is headed in your direction, you’ll have to be compelled to knowledge to prevent it from close to your body. this is often ordinarily named “settling the ball.” the simplest passes to receive are going to be flying on the bottom, however repeatedly you’ll be forced to cope with vigorous balls or passes dropping from the skies.

How to improve your ball control:

  • Keep your eye on the ball. You’ve in all probability detected this recommendation many times, and that’s as a result of its works.
  • Receive passes gently by artifact the ball with the within of your foot. If you employ an excessive amount of power once moving your foot toward the ball, it’ll cause a “bad bite,” which implies it’ll be exhausting to induce to the ball before a defender will.
  • Use your body to protect the ball from defenders. Position yourself in between the ball and therefore the opposing players to administer yourself longer to manage the ball.
  • Find a mate (or a wall) to pass with thus you’ll observe subsiding the ball. Even simply ten minutes of observation per day can create an enormous distinction.
  1. Passing

Ragavan Sreetharan says that professional football players pass the shock twenty times per game permanently reason. Fast passes will confuse the defense, spreading out players and making openings for your team to attack and score. Whereas several beginners get nervous and panic, attempting to dribble past multiple defenders, it’s best to tell new players to pass if they see AN open mate close.

How to improve your passing:

  • Use the within of your foot, creating a right angle (90 degrees) from your foot to the ball. Your planted foot is going to be facing straight ahead, and your passing foot is going to be facing intent on the facet. Open your hips. This makes the correct angle abundant easier to get and helps guarantee accuracy.
  • Aim for the center of the ball. touch to a lower place the ball causes it to fly within the air and contacting the ball too high can lead to slow, inaccurate passes.
  1. Dribbling

Ragavan Sreetharan tells that, Navigating the sphere with the ball is thought of as actuation. whereas your coaches can encourage a lot of passing than actuation in games, it’s vital to grasp a way to dribble after you square measure in an exceedingly one-on-one state of affairs with a defender.

How to improve your dribbling:

  • Practice actuation with each foot. attempt mistreatment of your laces (the prime of your foot) to require little touches. Also, keep in mind to observe actuation with the within and out of doors of your feet to extend your skillfulness as AN wrongdoer.
  • Keep your arms down and intent on your facet. this can assist with balance whereas getting ready to protect defenders off from the ball.
  1. Defense

Ragavan Sreetharan defines that, Sometimes the most effective offense could be a nice defense. It’s vital to grasp the fundamentals of defensive as presently as you start taking part in football as a child.

How to improve your defense:

  • Don’t let your opponent dribble to the center of the sphere. Position your body diagonally, directive him to require the route toward the sideline (away from the middle wherever the goals square measure.)
  • Wait till the offensive player makes a slip before you are attempting to steal the ball. Lunging in whereas the ball is close to their feet is what the opposing player needs. Ragavan Sreetharan says that It’s a trap! Once you stick your leg out for the ball, there’s a decent likelihood they’re getting to get you off-balance and dribble past you.
  • Stay on your toes. Standing flatfooted can without a doubt leave you at a drawback.

Ragavan Sreetharansays that once you become comfy with the fundamentals of those four skills, you’ll begin to finetune your shooting, that is generally the primary factor that children need to be told (since grading a goal is that the most fun.).

Ragavan Sreetharan advises to remember, to even be in an exceedingly position to attain, your team can probably need to complete multiple passes and dribbles whereas exhibiting adequate ball management and defensive practices.


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