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Raymirra – A Philadelphia Sports Writer

A native of Northeast Ohio, Ray Mirra has covered many of the most famous sports in the world. He is a recipient of the Professional Sports Writers Association’s Sportsperson of the Year award. His book, “Ray Mirra: The Best Of All Time,” was named to the Sports Illustrated All-Star team. Besides being a Sporting News Baseball Writer, he has been an avid tennis player and is a devoted fan of the Penn State Nittany Lions. He is a college football expert for ESPN.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Ray grew up just north of Toledo, in Centre County. He joined the Army Air Corp as a bombardier during the Korean War. While in the service, he was part of the network security details in Washington, D.C. assisting with the Secretarial Corps and other agencies. After the war Ray went into writing, first with The Sporting News and then with the Illustrated.

Devout Catholic

A devout Catholic, he was married to the former lesbians secretary of labor, Gail Laguna, in 1970. They have two children, a daughter and a son. He lives in suburban Philadelphia.

A powerful wordsmith, Ray writes quickly and clearly. He is clear when explaining complex concepts. Often his articles appear on the first or second page of each issue of Sporting News. One of his characteristics is that he does not talk down to his readers, but rather makes them feel he is speaking to someone close to them. As he has said, if you are worried about something you can call him.

He has won the National Sportscasters Association’s sportscaster of the year three times. He also has won the Writers’ Guild of America’s sports writer of the year twice. In addition to his writings he has produced a book on the Penn State Nittany Lions football program.

ray mirra


Ray Mirra in Philadelphia

A native of East Pennsyvania, Ray started writing at a very early age, as a high school student. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism at University of Philadelphia. While at U.P. he covered both college and professional baseball. After graduating he was employed by the Associated Press as an instructor at broadcasting schools in New York City and Washington, D.C.

A native of West Chester, Ray enjoys traveling and talking to people from all walks of life. Ray Mirra has lived in several cities including West Chester, Scranton, Philadelphia, and Reading. He has covered everything from football to ice hockey to rodeos and even rodeos in Colorado. He covered the NBA, Stanley Cup, Olympics, World War II and many other events in the world of sports.

ray mirra

The Making of a Champion

He has produced four books on the Penn State football program. “The Making of a Champion” is the first of his books to ever be published. “The Road to Power” was the second book and it contained some interesting stories about Joe Paterno, Joe Robbins and Bill Belichick. The last book is “The Sand Trap.” All of these books have received raving reviews from sports writers all over the world.

The world of professional wrestling is about Ray Mulrue, a bright young wrestler from Pennsylvania. Born in Lackaween, Ray grew up in Lackaween, Pennsylvania. As a child he was very close to his father, who was a champion wrestler at the time. Ray started learning how to wrestle at age nine and quickly made it a career as a well-known sports journalist for several newspapers in the United States. As a sports journalist for years Ray has covered the world of professional wrestling.

He began his career as a writer at the now defunct wrestling magazine the wrestler called wrestling mag. The magazine was always packed with information on all aspects of wrestling. He was also a feature writer at the now bankrupt wrestling magazine wrestling week. While at this he learned about European wrestling and even went so far as to live in some of the towns that promoted these European wrestling matches.

Olympic Games in Russia

From there he traveled the world covering the Olympic Games in Russia. In 1993 Ray went to cover the U.S. Open in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was ecstatic about covering the event. He got to see firsthand what kind of response the wrestling event would get from the fans and how much the local TV audience loved the event. It turned out they were absolutely huge fans.

From Las Vegas he went to cover the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California. This was the first time Ray would be working in a major U.S. city and he found it to be an amazing opportunity. Working in a local sport magazine in LA, he was able to get first hand accounts from athletes about what the place was like while training there. He wrote an article about the facilities available to the wrestlers, which was quoted all over the place. Ray even landed a job as a reporter for the L.A. Daily News.

After the Olympics in Los Angeles Ray went on to cover the Olympics in Germany. Although he covered the games for the first time he had already been working in a sports bureau in Europe for many years. He was absolutely fascinated by the world of professional wrestling and he had a tremendous love for the German people. He was simply enthralled with the opportunity to be a working wrestler in Europe. This is where his passion really began.

ray mirra

Olympics in Germany

After the Olympics in Germany Ray went to cover the World Festival of Bowling in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is where he met Gloria Steinem. They became best friends and worked together covering the World Festival. Eventually they moved to New York and worked for the Associated Press for over 20 years.

When the Internet became available to most everyone in the world, Ray and Gloria continued their work for the Associated Press. Along with some other AP sports reporters and photographers they wrote regular updates about the world’s sports events. Ray even wrote books about the world of sports and he became an authority on many topics relating to sports reporting. He published three books on his life as a sports journalist.

The world of sports has always been changing and growing. Ray has been able to rise to new heights of success because of the many opportunities that he has received due to his work as a sports journalist. There are many more opportunities for sports journalists and others in the sports business to experience incredible things. If you are interested in working in the sports industry or just enjoy writing about sports then you should consider becoming a professional sport scribe.

ray mirra
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Why Read Ray Mirra’s Philadelphia Sports Writer Articles ?

Pennsylvania native Ray Mirra has been writing for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette since 1982. Currently he covers the area’s professional and college sports teams. In that time, Ray has covered everything from the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Altoona Flyers, and the Philadelphia Flyers to the Reading Phillies. He is also the host of a popular program called Penn Sports Talk. Although his favorite sports are football and baseball, Ray is open to writing about almost any sport.

Why do you write a magazine about a sport? There are many reasons. One, you get to experience firsthand what the game is all about and you can become an insider of sorts. You will also get first hand accounts from players, officials, and fans.

Second, as you are covering the sport, you will have access to inside information and insider tips that other writers never get. For instance, you may learn that a player is injured or ill before it is widely known by the public. You may also be privy to inside information on a trade that will affect a team and its performance the following day.

Third, it’s a creative outlet. You get to express your opinions, express your excitement, and perhaps do a little bit of humor along the way. This is a great way to get someone to laugh while they read your article. It also gives them something to chew on while they are reading something informative.

Fourth, if you are a big fan, it is definitely a good source of motivation. You will be constantly reminded of your favorite players and teams. And at times you will be jealous of those other sports enthusiasts out there, because you follow your favorite sport so closely. You will also feel a sense of satisfaction when you read a piece of writing that is dedicated to you and your favorite team.

Ray Mirra Philadelphia Sports Writer

That is why Ray Mirra Pennsylvania sports writer plays such a vital role in our society today. You see, he is not just a writer, he is an active part of the sporting world. He is knowledgeable about the team that he covers and he brings to light some of the accomplishments of the players and the teams that he writes about. So, if you want to become more educated about your favorite sport, then this is the place for you.

And fifth, he is a friend to the readers. Readers do not like it when a sports writer makes himself too personal to the reader. They want to feel a bond with the writer as a real person, so they respect his opinion and his insights. After all, it is only fair to share your passions with others.

So if you want a thrill and are a fan of a certain sports team or player, make sure you check out Ray Mirra. Not only will you get a thrill, but you will also learn about something important. More importantly, you will be able to connect with Ray in a way that only a sports writer who really understands his subject can understand it. So check out Ray Mirra, a Pennsylvania sports writer, for more knowledge and fun.



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