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Red Dead Online: Locate the Entire Legendary Animals

Players who have played the “Red Dead Redemption 2” are completely aware of the difficulties while locating the “Legendary Animals.” Tracking down every single Legendary Animal is difficult but not impossible. If you know the right procedure and location of Legendary Animals, you can successfully hunt them down. Now, if you are “Naturalist” in Red Dead Online, you can earn some special rewards for locating these unique creatures. In the Naturalist role, it becomes quite challenging to find the creatures. So if you don’t know the location of Legendary Animals, here is your perfect guide.

After the update 1.20, the Naturalist role was introduced with some Legendary Animals. Some of these animals have three species, but some of them only appear if you complete the specific level of the game as a Naturalist.

Guide to Hunt Legendary Animals

Before making your first move against Legendary Animals, you need to visit “Harriet” to get enough supplies. Make sure you have enough sedative ammo and Legendary Animals Pheromones to increase your chances of their appearing. Keep the Blending Tonic with you, and it will keep you less detected while hunting the Legendary Animals. Don’t forget to purchase the map to make your tracking lot easier.

Hold on to your Legendary Pheromones until you get the indication of Legendary Animals nearby. On display, you will see a question mark inside the yellow zone. It will be your clue that the particular area is safe to use the pheromones.

Legendary Animals Locations

“Marble Fox” is your first Legendary Animal. This animal has a particular spawn point at the northwest of “Ambarino.” There is a road going in the middle of Spider Gorge and Cairn Lake that should be located. Foxes adapt most of the environment quickly, so use your Eagle Eye and pheromones to spot it quickly.

Legendary Wolf has three different kinds of species – Emerald Wolf, Onyx Wolf, and Moonstone Wolf. The Onyx Wolf can be located easily in the game, but for finding Moonstone Wolves and Emerald, you need to be on level 5 of Naturalist. You can locate Onyx Wolf on North, around Fort Wallace. They are in black and usually appear in the night time, which makes them hard to spot.

In the North, at the “Grizzlies” area, Emerald Wolf can be found. Finding the Emerald Wolf is much trickier, but in the North of O’Creagh Run, it can be located easily.

Moonstone Wolf will lead you North of “Isabelle Lake.” You can also acquire it through the Harriet quest. Players usually do speculation about where to locate this wolf because it is rare.

The Legendary Beaver “Zizi,” lives at the “Lake Owanjila.” To find this animal, there is no specific location available, so you need to look for it around the whole lake. When you see the “Unfortunately” pop-up notification, you will find it.

In Red Dead Online, two Legendary Elk exist that are way too annoying when it comes to finding them because they spawn in rainy or foggy weather.

The Ozula Elk is at “Cholla Springs,” which is situated directly North of Mercer Station. Elk is scared very easily, so use the tonic for not being detected before taking your aim.

“Inahme Elk” will be the part of the quest from the Harriet, and it doesn’t have any particular spawn location until the quest.

There are also three types of Legendary Ram. The first one, The “Chalk Horn Ram,” can be found at the North of “Ambarino” near the “Donner Falls.” The “Gabbro Horn Ram” can be found in the Southwest area of “Fort Mercer.” The “Rutile Horn Ram” can be found in the quest of Harriet.

Conclusion – These all major Legendary Animals will play a vital role during the Naturalist role. Players will face some unexpected challenges in the field and tough tasks. So, it is necessary to be aware of the surroundings while hunting the Legendary Animals.

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