Repairs Bathtub Shower And Shower Valve Repair


Shower Repair:

The result of the shower pan holding water is one of the most common shower repairs. In these circumstances, overlays are usually completed to level the floor and help the water flow properly. The new fibreglass panel is applied to the shower floor after the shower is repaired. The edges of the shower repair merge to match the next shower.

A plumber or anyone with good basic trim carpentry skills can install this product. Once the product has been shipped, it is possible to remove the old shower and keep the plumber pulling the shower pan into the bathroom shower drains.

Shower overlay repairs are also common to fix broken shower floors.Many wall fasteners return to the top of the system. Shower damage can occur at the top corner by pushing the system into place or moving the entire unit after it is installed.

Often the plumbing holes need to be moved or replaced to accommodate the fixture. The plumber has also completed repairs to the fountain when the plumber needs to change the showerhead from left to right.Shower repairs are also usually required to repair damage to the shower wall when hit later. This is known as “adverse effect” damage and can be easily repaired.

Bathtub Shower Repairs

If your bathtub or shower looks a little worn out, there may be a solution that will be less than replacing it. A few tips:

Repairing bathtubs and shower surfaces requires precision and patience:

  1. Take enough time to prepare your workspace. You are producing a lot of dust, and the refining material may have a strong odour.
  2. Remove the old finish from your tub or shower. Depending on the content you’re dealing with, you’re probably mixing and stripping.
  3. To improve the surface. Before you apply the refining material, your tub or shower will need to be free of cracks and chips.
  4. If your tub or shower is porcelain, enamel or fibreglass, you will need to hang the surface so that the refining material sticks to it.
  5. Prime, finish and seal the tub or shower.
  6. Grout or re-grind as needed.

Improper support or shifting on the floor can cause cracks in the bottom of the tub to develop. In this case, you will need to strengthen your tub and apply inlay instead of just refining it depending on the crack’s severity.


If your tub or shower catches the eye due to stains instead of a damaged surface, a little elbow grip goes a long way:

  1. Try baking soda and a soft sponge.
  2. Mix one part bleach in one part of water. Scrub well (when wearing gloves).
  3. If you have stubborn stains, take a little oxalic acid or hydrochloric acid at your local hardware store. 
  4. Mix 5% or 10% solution, respectively, apply on the stain for 2-3 seconds and rinse.


Bathtub and shower faucets are made up of a few key components: a handle, a pressure balancing valve and a thermostatic valve. Although both valves are hidden behind a wall, they play an important role in the performance and longevity of your tub or shower faucet.

A quick look at what each of these components does:


The pressure balancing valve 

Helps keep the water temperature stable if the water pressure suddenly drops (toilet flush, dishwashing or starting a washing machine are the main culprits). This valve protects the user from the risk of water debris.

The thermostatic valve 

Adjusts the cold and hot ratio water settings to maintain the desired core temperature.When you are buying a new faucet, you have to choose the type of handle. If you replace an existing faucet, it is best to choose the same style as your existing handle. You have more options in new construction or complete reconstruction.

Single Handle Vs Two-handle facts

Single Handle: 

This faucet allows users to adjust the water temperature to one side quickly, and tends to be the most popular choice.


These faucets have a more traditional aesthetic, allowing users to control hot and cold water temperature separately.

In addition to the colour and finishing options, you’ll also need to choose a faucet style:

Knob handle: The most traditional style.

Lever handle: The more general and modern choice

Cross handle: Probably the most modern of the three genres.

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