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Restore the Body’s Balance with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

Many people are obsessed with pulsed electromagnetic field with the idea of ​​alkalizing the body. There are many books on this topic. Unfortunately, the concept is sometimes too easy.

Maintain neutrality

The pH of our blood stays in a very tight neutral range, slightly more alkaline than pure water when the pH is below the optimal range. Is alkalosis, although they are very different. But both are dangerous. This is why the body is particularly aggressive in maintaining pH, overriding other self-preserving functions.

Drinking alkaline drinks is not necessary to restore the alkaline balance in the body. It’s not just a matter of what you put into your body. But how does your body respond to what you give it to? It also involves other actions that take place in the body during normal activities. For example, aerobic exercise causes tissue acidity due to tissue breakdown and the body has to metabolize that waste. The free radical formation between training partners with increased oxygen tends to cause poor blood pH.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Effectiveness

If the body is too alkaline, such as intravenous bicarbonate injections, the kidneys work very hard to bring the pH back to neutral. On the other hand, if the body’s pH is quite acidic, bicarbonate injections will help restore the pH. Faster and the kidneys will have less work. The most pulsed electromagnetic field in the body depends on the steady-state of the pH in the neutral zone. If the blood pH is too alkaline, the metabolic function will not be normal. Strong bases, such as lye, can alkalize tissue burns. So we can see that alkalinity is not a panacea.

Heartburn often causes alkaline foods to be eaten. The pancreas, which produces enzymatic alkaline fluids, helps neutralize the acidic fluids from the stomach. So you can see that the body has many regenerative and balancing mechanisms that, if left alone and not overwhelmed, can maintain a neutral pH as it should.

Imbalance alkalinity recovery has two main components: systemic and local.

The alkalinity of the system

In my opinion, the alkalinity of the system is less relevant than local. If the body is pushed into an overly acidic state by metabolic and/or nutritional activity, the body will rebalance these transient states with proper buffering by the kidneys. In such situations, it is best to maintain a diet and activity that does not make the body too acidic, even temporarily. If this cannot be avoided, the next best thing to do is to support the kidneys, which is to neutralize the acidic state.

Thanks to the action of a solid organ, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) facilitate the metabolism of the treated organ. For example, a kidney that is not functioning properly or is not fully able to make the correct electrolyte adjustments to balance the pH, it is helpful to use redox balance supplements. Regardless of what happens when the body is regularly exposed to PEMF (especially in whole-body systems or with topical applications that protect the kidneys), the kidneys function best.

I must emphasize that making the body alkaline does not have to help as the kidneys are in an alkaline state. (Although temporarily) and neutralize it. So in general, in my opinion, systemic alkalinity is something that is wrong because of kidney function. Not burdening the body with a high alkaline metabolic load is probably the better strategy.

Local alkalinity

I believe PEMFs can be most useful in local tissues. Inflammation, infection, toxicity, degeneration, injury, etc., cause local acidity in specific tissues or organs. The body does its best to restore the natural function of these tissues, resulting in a balanced pH in the area. So the goal is not to restore the pH, as that does not necessarily eliminate the cause of the pH imbalance. The goal is to eliminate the root cause of the imbalance, and this is where PEMFs are phenomenal.

The magnetic field increases blood flow to local tissues, reduces chronic inflammation, stimulates tissue regeneration and repair, reduces edema. (Which greatly increases the local acidity) especially Even by looking at the basic functions of PEMF, you can see that tissues become healthier faster and restore optimal vitality and function.

The more balanced and healthier the local tissues, the greater the systemic balance. Significant acidity or a local imbalance in the tissue can of course affect the whole body. Cracks in dThe toes cause local inflammation and acidity. But it shouldn’t have a pulsed electromagnetic field on the whole organism or change the pH of the brain. But if the splinter turns into a rampant infection, infectious, or involving the entire foot, the whole-body pH could be. If the infection continues to spread, it can lead to sepsis, affecting the pH of the entire organism.

Using PEMF

The problem of alkalinity is not as simple as some people would like to demonstrate, ultimately PEMF will not take away the disrespect of many living things and they will not work on their own. However, they try to treat the cause of the imbalance, not just correct the imbalance.

PEMF can be very helpful in restoring alkalinity and normalcy in the body within certain limits and, no matter what, it is especially helpful in fighting the underlying cause. High acidity For most people, regular use of PEMF can at least help the body better maintain the alkalinity of local tissues through reduced inflammation and improved circulation. By combining different tissues together to balance them with the PEMF system at the same time, all the benefits of the body are possible. If the body fails and becomes severely acidic (eg. Diabetes, ketoacidosis, or cardiac arrest.) PEMF tends to restore balance more quickly when used in conjunction with assisted therapy.

Avoiding steroid injections

As most of us know from the latest extensive coverage, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are coordinating multiple state investigations of fungal meningitis in individuals. Many of these patients also had stroke symptoms believed to be the result of an infection.

Any time you get an injection, you run the risk of complications. Steroid injections cause additional complications, including a risk of infection. The real question is “Are there any alternatives to these injections?”

Several months ago I turned my knees from an airplane seat It hurts right away and I started using PEMF therapy as soon as I got home. I run every day – 3 miles as usual, with SomaPulse under the bracket. Still, I felt uncomfortable putting pressure on my knee, so I had an MRI exam, which revealed mild ACL strains and a slightly torn lateral meniscus.

I saw a well-known orthopedic surgeon who told me not to do anything difficult. He offered me a steroid shot on my knee. I declined, saying I would be getting PEMF therapy instead. As expected, he frowned when I chose it.

However, I left without injections and continued to use my PEMF for the following month with my knees feeling normal. Obviously, my body has not repaired the ACL or meniscus, but I have not received or needed injections to relieve the pain.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

Why am I refusing steroid injections? Because I know better as a doctor I have had steroid injections throughout my career, like most other doctors, but it always worries me that the risks at that point may outweigh most of the benefits. At the time, these were the only options I had. This is one of the reasons I started looking for alternatives to pain relief and eventually found PEMF.

I know these injections don’t cure anything. In fact, they create a risk, not the least, an infection risk. Steroid injections are always injected into the tissue (always repeated – always) to thin the injected tissue, so your doctor will often tell you that you can get one or two injections of steroid into the area.

Injecting steroids into your tendon increases the risk of rupture. Injecting it into the skin will most likely give you a small pockmark, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and tissue-destroying injection. Yes, it reduces inflammation and improves comfort. But only temporarily

Why do doctors keep using it knowing this? Since they don’t know the alternative and because they buy steroids and keep them in the fridge, they should at least get their money back as it will expire if not used on time.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

There are alternatives to steroids – safe, non-invasive, and non-toxic alternatives. It also really helps heal the tissue that is under the skin, if possible. If this is not possible, even steroids will not help. PEMF often helps with an underlying problem to some extent. You can do PEMF treatments at home at your own leisure and with little risk, and everyone else in the household benefits as well.

Sometimes steroids are a good idea. There are serious infections and conditions where steroids provide essential help. Such conditions include a poisonous ivy rash, a serious infection called sepsis, severe asthma, severe rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune conditions that allow it to become disabled or life-threatening Orthopedic steroid injections are rarely medically necessary, be it concerns pain relief in joints or tendons.

Steroid injections can be delivered directly into the skin or muscle. Into tendons or ligaments, into joints, including the spinal joints. Into spaces covering major nerves, including the spinal cord. This is the epidural area where meningitis is injected. Intraperitoneal injections are often given for chronic back pain. They may or may not work and feel very uncomfortable. They are apparently at risk for neurological infections and other possible complications such as bleeding and paralysis.

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