Revolution of Muslim Abaya Fashion

Abaya is a lot more than just a heavy black robe, today it comes in all shapes and sizes, making the brands like the Black Camels the pioneers of abaya makers. It is a symbol of a country’s heritage and culture, that in some nations women are obliged to respect. There is no denying to the fact that more than 90% of Muslim women do not wear abaya, therefore associating it with a religion is a wrong notion.

However, the Internet has brought provocative ideas to countries where freedom of expression is not a cornerstone of society. Social media has furthered this by letting people communicate with others in less restrictive cultures and discover that they are not alone in their beliefs or desire. Here we are talking about countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran where women are compelled to dress in a certain way.

Revolution in color

No one would fail to miss that women’s flowing outer garments, known as abayas, are almost unexceptionally black. Even though there is no specific law that enforces this particular color, there is indisputably a national norm that prescribes it. The black abaya has the status of national dress in a few Gulf countries: women from all classes and status groups, including women of the royal family, wear it in public.

To determine what this color change signifies, the first question to ask is why the abaya is black in the first place. For women, the color black represents modesty. The long black abaya is a perfect equalizer, masking all marks of distinction due to wealth, status, or beauty among women. This modesty also fulfills the Quranic injunction for women to hide their adornments in the public space.
Abaya speaks to the desire of women to distinguish themselves from one another, and to do so within the cultural context in which they find themselves. Today the black abaya of many young women hardly speaks to modesty. The quality of its fabric is eye-catching. And the colorful designer bags, and expensive watches and sun glasses many women love to own attract even more attention against the background of a shimmering pitch-black abaya.

The black abaya has been changing in the hands of a fast-growing fashion industry in the Gulf and other parts of the world. Individual abayas have become more distinctive due to embellishments, especially on the sleeves. Certain parts of the abaya have also became more colorful, defying the black color that still forms the basis of the garment.

Yet some fashion-forward women have gone further, and have begun to challenge the hegemony of the black abaya. It started closest to black with the color gray. More boldly, various shades of white have begun to appear for sale in local stores. Some daring young women began to wear white abayas in protected public spaces, such as universities, if not openly in public.

Front open Abaya trend

At the epicenter of this Gulf fashion boom is the UAE, which is more liberal than neighboring Saudi Arabia, where all women are obliged to cover fully. The UAE doesn’t require women to wear abayas, though most do. But in a break from their mothers’ tradition, many younger Emirati women now opt for abayas that fall open at the front.

Such abayas look cool and give off pretty fashionable vibe. However, you cannot get away with your regular tees and pajamas when you wear a front open abaya. You have to be dressed in a certain manner to style such abaya. Nonetheless, it is one unique and stylish piece of abaya that looks pretty chic when women style them while going out for their girl’s night or a date night as well.

New experiments

This year’s modest fashion is now experimenting with the new cuts and designs. Why should we still carry on with our traditional styles when we can don some new cuts and designs? There is a remarkable amount of embroidery that is now done on the abayas and is perfect for everyone who love elevated vibe in their abaya style stress.

1) The most widely used abayas in the current fashion industry are
2) Arab style Kimonos and butterfly abaya styles
3) Laser cutwork and exquisite broad lace border styles
4) Stone studded refined works on formal style abayas
5) Neat embellishments and handwork

Black Kimonos is the new Fashion

Well, everybody would just agree to the fact that the black color has just something about it and black abaya fashion is just not going anywhere. It has however been transformed into gulf inspired must classy Kimonos but still gives the perfect abaya vibes that it is supposed to give. If you have a cute nice park picnic to go to, black kimonos would be just the perfect attire for your part. Even though Kimonos are in real a Japanese fashion and Arabs have not replicated it entirely but it still the best that they can do with it.

The Arab style Kimonos have attached sleeves with drapey bottoms to transform abayas into a new style abaya dress. They fit perfectly to the description of quality abaya because

1) They are quite in loose fitting
2) You can carry them in the most styling way without any skin exposure. Moreover, it allows the continuation of the trend of wearing single colored abayas, keeping the trend of being classy and modest intact.

Extra Flowy Abayas

Who does not like extra flowy and drapey dresses, I mean we all just tend to give our heart away to these dresses, don’t we all? Well the good news is the Butterfly abayas are now in fashion again, it has become a new craze ad you will see various brands like Black Camels cashing on this trend. You will brands fighting to bring new innovative styles to these trends and get the highlight on the fashion magazines.

These abayas are perfect for the dinner parties and date nights. I mean who said you cannot be modest and wear abayas on the date night? Times have changed now! Abayas are no longer considered as traditional dress that only oppressed people wear. Today women from all ages and backgrounds wear abayas for their own reasons. Some find it convenient to wear whereas others. Like to follow their faith and be the modest person they are ordered to be. Ladies who prefer loosely fitted abayas with eh gorgeous drapes also like to don such abayas.

Breaking Stereotypes

Gone are the days when people used to look down upon abaya clad women. Today these women are rocking the corporate world with their unbeatable capabilities and potential. There is no stopping to it anymore. The revolution in abaya industry has given confidence to the women to own their identity. And be comfortable with their own look. Therefore today, the world sees them differently. They are no longer oppressed women

Factor of pride

What women choose to wear, whether they cover or not, is a matter of pride. Women who wear abayas take a lot of pride over their clothes. They know if they dress well and take care of themselves and look after their appearance. Then they will feel good, and they are doing that for themselves, not for others.

Wrapping up

A growing fashion industry specializing in abaya models has been happy to accommodate. In collaboration with world fashion giants. The market has grown so much that the world is idealizing. This new fashion trend and are more accepting of it now.

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