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Digital marketing job, online marketing job, freelance marketing job these are part of sales and marketing job. Every non-technical candidate prefer marketing job because they are searching non-technical job and my point of view sales and marketing job is one of the demanding and best job for graduates or non-technical student.

Sales and marketing job

If you are finding for an organized Sales and Marketing job to assist in the ads and selling or buying of our organizations products and to create competitive benefits for our company in the top market industry. The Sales and Marketing Manager main responsibilities are generating unique sales and marketing strategic, creating engaging advertisements, emails, and meeting marketing and sales human resource objectives.

The Online Marketing Manager or executive represents the company’s brand and good strategies to increase product awareness by verifying the market, competitors, and industry trends.

Digital marketing jobs for graduates

Digital marketing job is nothing like rocket science or data science in this. If you are graduate candidate than just start from your career any organization by taking interviews. Whether your institute give companies for placement then its better, otherwise please use internet and apply any top organization for getting job.

A lot of start-ups and MNC companies are here in India and out of India needed a better sales and marketing candidate for their business development. So, start exploring, and taking many interviews, does check your Email, contact the concerned persons and talk to them through Email or telephone and you should have a good analyzing, problem solving and marketing skills.

Sales and marketing executive job

We are finding for a fresher and experienced Sales and Marketing Executive to help our company sales and marketing. In this position, you will be involved in researching and developing online marketing and digital marketing strategies, implementing new marketing plans, maintaining clients and customer relations, and creating sales reports.

To ensure success as a Sale and Marketing manager and marketing Executive, you should have good knowledge of modern marketing techniques also sales techniques, a passion for sales, and good conversation skills.

Freelance digital marketing job

Freelance digital marketing job is one of the best jobs in this pandemic time because freelancing is a good career option in digital marketing. Many high and small businesses as well as established companies are finding for freelance digital marketing manager or executive for growing their business.

Part time marketing job is best job for graduate candidate because in this time this job is high demanding and they are start there carrear in this role then they are happily work in this fields and earn some extra money for their life.

Social media marketing job

This social media marketing jobs are done by using the social media. It is the best way to target you customer by different group. The social media like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and other social media platforms. You need some knowledge about the campaign like how to create and run the campaign in the social media. The social media marketing is very effective way to advertise and promote your product or service.

In this corona virus time many people are searching for a marketing job but they are confuse this job is good or bad. is the best platform for marketing job search. Once you will trust this site then cifiyah will give you genuine job what you want and also guide you.



Market research analyst’s job is high demand in this pandemic situation. Market research analyst’s provide customer preferences to help companies decide how to structure, advertise, and market their products and services. All most market research analysts work for consulting firms that are hired on a contract basis. Others research analyst work directly for employers as part of a marketing team and sales team at customer and product firms.

Basically 365,400 people worked as a market research analysts in out of India because they are know the benefit and career about this profession and they are start there career in this field also they are happily settled with holding a good post in this marketing research field.


SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER is overseeing an entire company’s sales and marketing policies, objectives and initiatives. Create short- and long-term sales and marketing strategies and evaluate successful of current sales and marketing programs. Approved  product or service enhancements to developing customer or client’s satisfaction and sales and marketing potential.

There are Many companies  have marketing and sales departments, meaning that sales and marketing executive can work in both the private and public sector in areas increasing from finance, retail and media to voluntary and charitable company. The exact nature of your profession will differ depending on the size of the company and other private or public sector and if the target is on selling a product or service, or on increasing awareness of an issue that affects the public.

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