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Sales Meeting Agenda: The Key Secret for Closing More Deals

Have you heard of Aira – AI Meeting Assistant? Well, it’s an amazing tool that can boost your sales meetings and can help you close more deals.

If you want to create a sales meeting agenda that works and find how the above tool can help, read along. Here you’ll learn tips for creating a sales meeting agenda and the topics to include in the same.

You’ll also find brief info on one of the most discussed topics: google meets vs. hangouts down below. So, let’s begin.

What is a sales meeting agenda?

In this context, a sales meeting agenda is a meeting outline that helps you and your team stay focused, organized and goal oriented.

Here are some meeting points that ought to be on your business meeting plan:

Praise the enormous successes. Start on a positive note. Kick your meetings off on a high note to establish the vibe for the remainder of the meeting. Bits of knowledge, progress on deals targets and new essential records are largely requires a festival. Having an efficient CRM will help you gather the information behind these successes.

Updates on the pipeline. Get a fast status check from each colleague. This keeps them responsible while focusing a light on where you need to contribute—in both an individual and group wide premise.

Uncover obstructions. Are there any bottlenecks holding your collaborate from gaining ground? These can frequently come as itinerary items or even road obstructions from different offices.

Offer possibility experiences. Permit your reps to share the criticism they get from possibilities. What are they saying about your offer, organization and attempts to sell something?

Jump into the measurements. Zero in on month to month focuses, just as the measurements that lead to shut arrangements. Zero in on aggregate numbers, and save any criticism for coordinated conversations. No one prefers being called out before their friends.

Offer authoritative data. As a project lead, you’ll have interesting bits of knowledge on what’s going on somewhere else in the business. Offer imperative bits of knowledge with your reps—particularly anything identified with item updates and promoting exercises.

Dissect the opposition. This is a chance for your reps to share anything they’ve found out about your opposition, including why possibilities picked them over you. Offer however many bits of knowledge as you can to get a greater image of the serious scene.

However, it’s important to improve the effectiveness of an online sales meeting agenda before you can reap the full benefit. Let’s learn how.

How to make an online sales meeting more effective 

1. Be on time

As a manager or host, it’s essential that you’re on time. If you’re late, the sales reps or your team will eventually lose interest in the sales meeting.

And to ensure that you’re on time, you can use Aira – AI Meeting AssistantIt’s an amazing online meeting assistant that’ll help you auto-join scheduled meetings. This way you can always stay on time.

2. Simplicity is the key.

Start simple. It’ll help everyone understand the expectations and plan ahead. It helps in saving time and keeps the meeting duration limited.

3. Keep your team Focused

Define your yearly sales goals and share how you’re going to achieve them. It’ll keep the team focused and motivated even when there are rejections from prospects.

Don’t worry if the meeting becomes too informative. Use Aira – AI Assistant for recording the entire conversation. This tool will send the voice recording of the entire meeting to the attendees, which they can refer to anytime.

4. Support your team

Hone the skills of your sales reps and help them with the tools for making sales. You can help them understand the numbers and walk them through the sales software. It’ll bring confidence to your team.

5. Keep the energy up

Out of 10 prospects, 7 never close a deal. And this can be quite demotivating/demoralizing for the sales rep. So, motivate your team with every sales agenda meeting to keep their spirits high.

6. Keep the meetings short. 

If you keep the meeting short and crisp, it’s only going to become more effective. Your team members will stay engaged and, more importantly, stay awake during the meeting.

According to Concur, the ideal time for an online meeting is under 30 minutes. So, make sure to keep it short.

Topics to cover in the sales meeting agenda – The secret for closing more deals

1. Focus on leading indicators  

If you achieve indicators that are more impactful to achieve, you can make a big difference. Leading indicators in your case can be: –

  • CRR or Customer Retention Rate
  • Recurring revenue

If you achieve the above, you can get closer to your goal.

Let’s take a real-life example. For staying fit, you need to improve your diet and exercise daily. Here, staying fit is a goal that can be achieved if you focus on the important indicators, which are exercising and diet.

2. Review the Numbers

Talk about the factors that helped you achieve the latest numbers in your meeting. Also, find ways to up those numbers.

Make sure that you don’t spend too much time talking about this. It should be like productivity metrics: meant for tracking team progress.

3. Motivate & Inspire

Share the wins in detail. Explain the challenges you faced while dealing with the prospect. If the win was big, include what the sales rep included in his meeting with the client.

Also, include that “aha” moment. This will not only inspire your team but will train them as well.

4. Talk about the competitors and the market

Tell your team about any new competitor activity or a new update in the market. The sales rep is like frontline workers. And they should be equipped with the latest information.

5. Tell your team to deliver a pitch

A Pitch roundtable always helps. You can tell your team to deliver a sales pitch in in front of others. It’ll boost their confidence and help them learn more.

6. Deal with large problems or roadblocks

You should deal with major roadblocks that multiple team members are facing. In your sales meeting, you can help them manage and deal with these obstacles. It’ll help them perform better and look at sales meetings as training sessions.

7. Feedbacks from your leads and prospects 

Rejections aren’t always useless. You can determine what the client didn’t like or understand. You can help your team improve the area if required and perform better in the next encounter.

8. Schedule the next meeting 

According to how vast your business or team is, covering everything could be hard, especially in an online meeting. So, make sure to schedule more meetings, be it weekly or bi-weekly. However, discuss with your team before scheduling as time is literally money for your sales rep.

Google Meet vs. Hangouts: Which to choose for a sales meeting?

A simple answer to the above question is either of them. It’s because both hangouts and Google Meet get the job done when it comes to online video conferencing or meetings. However, for a detailed feature by feature explanation, please read Google Meet vs. Hangouts blog.

Wrapping Up 

When it comes to video conferencing or online meetings, it’s important to do the basic preparation before you achieve any other goals. And once you follow the basic tips, you can proceed with whatever goal you have in mind, which in this case is closing a deal.

When you’re hosting online meetings, make sure to use Aira – AI Meeting Assistant. It can help you auto-join the meetings, gives you a track of time, records conversations along with transcripts, and sends the same to all the attendees. All in all, it’s essential for enhancing your online meeting experience.

So, make sure to follow the above tips to ensure the desired results.

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