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Scar Revision Treatment

While scars may become less obvious over time, all scars are permanent. Whether caused by an accident, injury, surgery, burn, or acne there may come a time when you would like yours improved. Scars can impair normal muscle function of the eyes, mouth, or nose.

There are several ways to improve the appearance of scars, with the goal of making them less obvious. However, a scar will never completely disappear. The best treatment plan is based on the type of scar you have. Some common treatments include steroid injections, intralesional silicone, or pressure therapy. If a scar prevents normal muscle function in your face, plastic surgery may be an option to improve your appearance. And restore your muscles’ ability to move normally.

Cosmetic surgeons can improve the appearance of a scar, often with dramatic results. There are many techniques dermatologists use to improve the appearance of scars. These techniques can be used alone or in combination with each other. If you have a scar that is cosmetically unappealing, causes pain, or tightens or restricts movement of the affected area, scar revision treatment may be an option.

There are a number of treatment options for scars, once they’re fully healing. Options range from creams and self-care to laser treatments, injections, or revision surgery. Consult with a board-certified dermatologist to determine the best treatment option for you.


Your facial plastic surgeon will also ask you a number of questions, which should include. Why are you curious in having surgery? What outcome do you expect from your surgical procedure? Do you have any medical conditions that could affect the safe outcome of the surgical procedure? Your surgeon will discuss with you what procedures are available to correct your scars and what the outcomes may be. He or she will help you determine which method is best for your scar and how to help ensure the best possible result.

There are many effective surgical options to repair your scars. When you meet with a facial plastic surgeon, he or she will carefully examine your scar and discuss the various treatment options with you. And share which treatment is best suited to achieve your goals.

Your questions about cosmetic procedures may help you decide if surgery is right for you. It is important that you feel comfortable talking to the surgeon, so before scheduling a consultation, conduct an interview by telephone. During your face-to-face meeting, find out if the surgeon has all the experience and credentials necessary to perform your specific procedure.

It is important that you are in good health and free of infection. If you have an active health problem, such as diabetes, uncontrolled blood pressure, an active or recurring skin infection or a bleeding disorder, treatment may have to be postponed.

Important Things Before Surgery

If you decide to undergo scar revision treatment. The evaluation process begins with a medical history followed by a physical examination of the scar and its surrounding tissues. The medical history will include any allergies, chronic illnesses such as diabetes or hemophilia, previous surgeries, and current medications including vitamin supplements, herbal remedies, and aspirin or other blood thinners. It is important to inform your surgeon if you are taking blood thinners such as aspirin, an anticoagulant, an antiplatelet, or an anti-inflammation drug frequently used to reduce the appearance of scars. Your surgery is cancel if you are taking one of these drugs due to the increased risk of bleeding during surgery. If you are taking any medications that are causing side effects to your scar tissue, your surgeon may be able to help by changing your medication.

Scar revision is a very common procedure for plastic surgeons. In fact, most people who have had surgery on their face or body have some sort of scar from their original incision. Fortunately, scar revision offers effective treatment of all types of scars by minimizing their appearance, making them less obvious to the naked eye.

Why Scar Revision is a good option

Scar revision is a procedure to decrease the appearance of a scar. While it may not completely erase a scar, it can improve the way that it looks. There are many surgical options for this procedure, which can usually be performing on an outpatient basis. While some scars are raised and red or darker than the surrounding skin, others are sunken and low or different from normal skin color.

If the direction of a scar is felt to be inappropriate, it can often be reoriented by the surgeon during surgery. Finally, if there is tightness associate with a scar, it may be possible to remove the scar and release some of the tension. Generally speaking, keloid scars and hypertrophic scars (scars that tend to remain raised and red after healing) respond poorly to surgical removal alone. Therefore, surgical removal must usually be done in combination with other treatments such as pressure dressing for several months after surgery or radiotherapy.

Insurance Coverage

Health insurance doesn’t always cover cosmetic procedures. But if your doctors say you need surgery to improve your ability to function or to correct disfigurement, your policy may cover at least part of the costs.

If you are looking to have a scar from an injury or previous surgery improved, you may be able to get insurance coverage for the treatment. Although insurance companies generally do not cover cosmetic procedures, they may cover part of the cost of the procedure is being done to correct a condition that interferes with your ability to function.


Although it is a very common procedure and the risks associated with it are uncommon, there are some potential complications. Such as hematoma (blood clot), infection, and scarring. Before having surgery, it is very important to understand and discuss these risks with your surgeon. So that you can be aware of the steps you must take before and after surgery.

No surgery is without potential risks, and it is important to understand the risks associated with your procedure. While complications are rare, they do happen. Infection is a risk associating with any surgical procedure and can occur both within the incision site and in the rest of your body. You may experience bleeding within or underneath the wound. Which could expose the underlying stitches or components of the suture line.

Here are some things you can do to help minimize certain risks associated with plastic surgery. Follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions before and after surgery, quit smoking, and avoid certain medications. Such as aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs. Another thing you can do is inform your surgeon about any medical conditions you have. And ask about your options for minimizing the risks of complications.


The scar revision procedure your doctor will use to remove the scar will depend on your type of scar. Scars that are large and located in high-movement areas of the body can be more difficult to treat. Obesity can limit treatment options, and previous surgery may make scar revision operations more complicated.

Scar revision is a procedure that many patients are looking for when it comes to the appearance of their scars. A surgeon can help remove or alter unwanted areas of the skin by removing excess tissue and shaping the scar. Or placing a replacement area that is not visible to others. The entire procedure and recovery time can vary based on what other procedures you have done previously.


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