Scrapping your car? Your essential checklist!

The convenience of your car can turn into torture when it ages. And after you finally are ready to accept the fact that keeping it is no longer a practical thing to do, you start thinking of the ways to get rid of it. And when your car is in such a condition that nobody can benefit from it, then why not scrap it? The car wreckers in your city would gladly take away your car and use it in a beneficial way. But before you take the step and handover your car to the wreckers, you require carrying out some important tasks.

Essential things to check before scrapping your car!

In Auckland, car wreckers from Scrap Cars are the best people to handover your good for nothing vehicle. They’ll pick up the same from your property on the destined date (and time!) and provide you cash on the spot. But before they are scheduled to arrive, don’t forget to check if all these tasks are done without fail:

  • Remove your personal items from the car

Most of the time you forget lots of your personal belongings in your old car. And once the car is gone, the chance of getting them back is nearly impossible. Before the car wreckers come to pick up your vehicle, remember to check each and every corner of your car for your items. Do look under the seat, under the mat, in the deck, in the bonnet, and even near the corners of the upholstery. Remove all your belongings from your vehicle without fail.

  • Remove the music system and speakers

If you still have the music system and speakers installed in your vehicle, remember to remove these before the car scrapers arrive. You can sell these separately or even utilize them in your new car if they are in a good condition.

  • Organize the documents

Though most of the car scrapers take away your car without the legal documents, you still have to show proof that the car belongs to you. Basically, it’s a precautionary measure on their part to prevent duping and cheating.

  • Remove the license plate

If you don’t require your car anymore and it is going to be smashed and scrapped anyway, then what is the use of keeping the license plate?! You have to cancel the license by contacting the officials first, and later you have to remove the license plate without fail before the scrapers arrive to take away the vehicle.

  • Cancellation of the car insurance

Do you have active car insurance of your vehicle? If yes, then it is very important that you dissolve the insurance policy before your car is taken away by the scrapers.

  • Remove the excess car parts 

If you have extra spare parts in your bonnet, then it is time to remove them. Be it your emergency tyres, the extra car keys, or some other items that come handy otherwise while driving — remove them all.

Remember, these pointers without fail before your car scrapers arrive to retrieve the vehicle. Otherwise, you will have to run after them to get your items back or just have to bear the loss. 

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