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Should I Start a Podcast for My Business?

Start a Podcast
Start a Podcast

Podcasts are an excellent channel for branding and contacting experts from the same or another industry (I would never have come across without the podcast) and are therefore very interesting for companies, especially since there are far fewer children and young people among the listeners.

46% of all podcast listeners have a college degree. Compared to YouTube, podcasts are therefore intended for a more “demanding” group.

But should you also start a podcast for your company now? There is no general answer to this question because it depends on many variables, e.g., B. company size and sales, industry, target group, etc. You have to think carefully about these aspects.

  • The main thing to keep in mind is that building a large podcast takes a lot of time and growth can usually only be expected after a long time and often exponentially.
  • If you already operate many other channels, you should choose fewer and not chase after all the channels that are trending, otherwise, every channel will not be successful. However, a YouTube channel can be easily combined with a podcast. An example: Manuel Gonzalez uploads parts of a podcast episode to YouTube. Many YouTube recordings can also be used for podcasts, so the time required is much less if you already have a YouTube channel.

Customer Acquisition Through Podcasts

A podcast is only suitable for customer acquisition in selected industries. If you have If you create a podcast in the gaming sector,

for example, you can build up a large audience relatively quickly and thus strengthen your brand, but a relatively high reach will only bring very little sales if you register, e.g., as an affiliate via commission. If, on the other hand, you offer gaming coaching, you can achieve more sales than 99% of all affiliates with just a few customers.

A podcast is a very good way to turn a listener into a buyer. With your expertise, you convince the listener better than any advertising banner or body text.

We ourselves offer services that require explanation, and I run a small YouTube channel with 56 videos. Just one video generates inquiries and sales on a regular basis.

This is the only video in which I explain a complex analysis method. Although customers could use the video to carry out the analysis themselves, they order the service from us.

With less than 100 subscribers, we make more revenue than most YouTubers with 20,000 subscribers. You can also transfer this to the podcast. You don’t necessarily need hundreds of thousands of listeners; very few are enough, but they should be the right listeners.

Certainly, there are complex things in your industry that you can explain to your podcast listeners so that they get to know your skills in the respective area. Ultimately, you will convince them and turn them into customers. For this, you absolutely need a service or your own product.

Podcasts for products or services that require explanation.

For products or services that require explanation, there is no alternative to YouTube other than a podcast. Even high-priced products and services necessitate a presentation, the added value of which is frequently difficult to explain on Instagram (due to user behavior and situations).

Therefore, the high price is understandable for the buyer. Thus, a podcast is less suitable for photographers. Instead of podcasts, they should use Instagram. Although the photographer Calvin Hollywood has a podcast, this does not directly relate to photography, but to business and personal development.

The Benefits of Podcasts

Nowadays, sales texts are only skimmed over, while podcasts are not constantly fast-forwarded but listened to in full. You can use this advantage very well for your website.

The length of time spent on a page has a very strong influence on the ranking and thus the views of a website. Because of this, you should put your podcast on its own page that fits its topic, like does.

Another advantage is that you bind the listeners directly to you and not indirectly via Spotify or iTunes. These are mistakes that you should absolutely avoid. Your Facebook page or podcast may be deleted at any time, or the portal may go untrending (e.g. myspace).

Whether it’s a podcast or another media source, you should always use it as a marketing channel and direct it to your website so that you are independent of third parties.

The right podcast format

Specify formats for podcast episodes.

What format do you want your episodes to be in? Is there a host (you) or even two voices for the podcast? Would you like to conduct interviews? Conducting interviews is a great way to build reach by having your guests share your podcast on their channels.

However, make sure that the host also gets some single episodes. Podcasts are a very personal medium, and listeners want to connect and get to know the host, which is best done in single episodes.

The ideal length for podcast episodes is 25 minutes.

According to a study by Splendid Research, 45% of podcast listeners prefer a length of no more than 20 minutes, while 37% like to listen for longer than half an hour.

It also depends on the format and the target group of the podcast. It is natural that interviews often last longer than single episodes. I wouldn’t bother too much with given lengths; the themes are too different for that. Some issues are just more complex. 

As long as you don’t do a 2-hour monologue where you repeat yourself every other sentence, you’re welcome to discuss a topic in detail in one episode. If it gets too much, split the topic into two podcast episodes if necessary.

The right microphone for podcasters

Of course, the right microphone is also important for podcasting. If you don’t want to spend that much money, I recommend the Samson Meteor microphone. 

It is already available for 50 USD and is therefore a hit in terms of price-performance ratio. Believe me, I tested the mic with a producer and he was more than surprised with its performance.

If you’re willing to invest a little more in your microphone, I recommend the Rode NTUSB microphone. Many podcasters I know, including myself, use it. 

The quality of the recordings is great even if you’re a little further away, which is perfect if you want to do interviews and only have one microphone. The cost is around 140 USD.

Make your podcast available on YouTube and other platforms.

Your first podcast episode is up and you want to bring it to the listeners. wonderful The first thing you need for this is a host. It becomes the home of your podcast, so to speak, through which you can manage it. 

Your host creates an RSS feed of your podcast for you. An RSS feed is a file link that stores all the information about your podcast and lets websites and apps know what’s changed and what’s new.

All your podcast content, such as lyrics, cover images, and, of course, the episodes, run through it. As a result, you always edit your information and recordings on the host, rather than on the podcast platforms themselves. 


A corporate podcast is great for established companies that already have an audience and customer inquiries. If this is the case, the podcast can make money and grow with just a few marketing efforts.

Because it takes time, a podcast is not always recommended for businesses that make less than $5,000 per month.

In such cases, time should be invested in revenue-generating activities, such as B. Improve your sales skills to earn at least $12,000 per month.

With such a win, you should hire the first few employees so that revenue is generated regardless of there, giving you plenty of time for a podcast. From this point on, the podcast is lucrative again in most cases.

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