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Digital Marketing

Should You Set Up a Company Wikipedia Page?

One of the most important reasons why you should set up a Wikipedia page for your company is that it helps you to maintain your reputation online. It helps you to get more exposure and also improves the credibility of the business in a very crowded and competitive market. Having a well-designed Wikipedia page also helps you to boost your SEO efforts. 

What are the Benefits of creating a Wikipedia page for your business? 

There are the following four main benefits of creating a Wikipedia page for your company. They are as follows:-

Gives you Traffic -Use it for SEO purposes

To have decent traffic on your website, you should have to be an active contributor on Wikipedia. Along with this, you should have to start improving the existing article. For doing this work you have to look for the article with improper links and where citations are needed. Update those improper articles, with a link to your own site. 

Builds credibility for your company

Having a page of your company on Wikipedia helps you to maintain the credibility of your business. Therefore, the online customers are very doubtful about the scams and fakes, but when they see the company’s Wikipedia page, it somehow assures them that they are looking at a trustable company and so there are many wikipedia page creation services available to represent your business with honesty and raises your status on the web. 

Boosts your organic search results

The page on Wikipedia helps you to grab more audience, as your page always ranked first of almost all search engines. It is a kind of SEO that is free of cost! 

Increases your sales 

A Wikipedia page serves as a great way of converting visitors into customers. It plays a huge role in making decisions for the customers because people use it as a reference source. A good Wikipedia page produces a good number of customers along with increasing sales and boosts your business reputation in the market. 

How can a Wikipedia page be created for your company? 

Here are some useful steps to make a Wikipedia page for your business. These are:-

Create a Wikipedia Account

Before creating a Wikipedia page it is advised to make a Wikipedia Account acceptable by making valuable edits. You should have to create a user page to do in-page editing. The guidelines of Wikipedia to edit a page turn around reliability and the conflict of interest. 

Refer to the  policies of Wikipedia to create a page for your company

If you want to make a page of your company on Wikipedia, they have to stick to a detailed list of instructions. The main aspects of policies are as follows:-

  • Respect of privacy 
  • Writing style
  • Reliable sources
  • Check the notability of your company
  • Use advanced SEO technologies and their tools to build your notability. 

Indulge in prolonged research

This is the step where your research skills are tested. You should have to search for the most reliable sources and platforms to look for information. Collect every single piece of information about the company from starting up of the company. You have to mention the exact and proper details with relevant aspects of the company. Don’t use any false pretentious information to maintain the goodwill of the company, as it may lead to the deletion of your article. 

Create your page draft

Due to the poor writing style, most of the Wikipedia pages got rejected. You should have to use proper citations, the citations give a separate and good point of view to the users. There is so much pressure on the writers, as they have to follow a lot of instructions. There are 2 best techniques to get your page created professionally:-

Optimize your content 

You should have to use the best-optimized content on Wikipedia. By getting on Wikipedia you can build your online reputation and increase your overall reach. The two main techniques to optimize the Wikipedia page for a business are as follows:-

  • Index more searched keywords
  • Effective use of no-follow links

Format your Wikipedia page 

Writing a Wikipedia page in a proper format is very necessary. There should be a proper inbox that appears in search engines when the customer search for your company brand in the search box. 

Proofread your Content 

It is very important to proofread your content. You should have to scrutinize your content by re-reading and checking all the mistakes and making the content error-free. It is important to scrutinize your content otherwise your page must be rejected. 

Wikipedia page submission

Now it’s time to submit your page on Wikipedia for a company. You have to add necessary references in the box and click upload to get your page sent for review. There will be a separate section for adding images. So by following all the guidelines you have to submit your page. 

Page approval 

The maximum time to get your page approved by Wikipedia is 6 months. During this time, if the editor finds minor mistakes then he will send back your article for revision. And if there are major mistakes then your article might be rejected by the editor. 

Some useful tips for creating a good Wikipedia page for your business

Proper Article Layout 

To create a good article on Wikipedia, it is very important to select a good design or template which meets the standards of Wikipedia. For finding a good layout pattern, you should have to find out another existing article of similar content to your new content. 

Avoid self-promotion

In your companies Wikipedia article, it is very important to maintain an equitable, neutral, and fact-based tone. You should avoid using exciting adjectives and self-promotional language to make a good article on Wikipedia. If your article contains any self-promotional language, it can be flagged or deleted for removal. 

Link to other Articles

To make a good Wikipedia article, your article should be linked to other articles. For example, Any article related to the chemical industry is linked with the related article. As a thumb rule, you must link your article with another similar article at least once in each paragraph. 


Disambiguation means the act or the process of distinguishing between similar things. Some of the articles on Wikipedia share the same name but are about unique topics. In order to differentiate between these articles, disambiguation is added to the titles. 


Wikipedia’s “Adopt a user program” is a program in which experienced editors are mentoring the new ones in order to help them become more familiar with Wikipedia. If you are a new editor and creating a Wikipedia page for the first time, you should participate in this program. 


In today’s time, on the internet, it is one of the largest growing encyclopedias. It provides content of high quality to millions of readers every day. For posting the content on Wikipedia you must have to add relevant and authentic information regarding your topic. If you manage your Wikipedia page with useful tips and create the page in a well-drafted manner shown above in the article then it can take you to the heights of success. 

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