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Simple Rectangular to Polar Calculator In 2021

Rectangular shape:

Rectangular shape breaks a vector down into X and Y coordinates.  In the instance below, we’ve a vector that, while expressed as polar, is 50 V @ fifty five degrees.  The first step to locating this expression is the use of the 50 V because the hypotenuse and the path because the attitude.  Next, we draw a line instantly down from the arrowhead to the X axis.  What does this seem like to you? If you stated proper triangle, provide yourself a pat at the back.  We then can use the attitude and the hypotenuse to decide the X axis with those equations:

  • cos fifty five°×50 = 28.7 for the X axis
  • sin fifty five°×50 = forty one for the Y axis

This is finished simply via way of means of transposing the ratios from what we found out formerly in trigonometry.

Polar shape:

When handling vectors, there are methods of expressing them.  Up to this point, we’ve used a importance and a path which includes 30 V @ 67°.  This is what’s referred to as the polar shape.  It is greater regularly the shape that we adore to explicit vectors in.

What is Rectangular to Polar Calculator?

Rectangular to Polar Calculator is a unfastened on-line device that shows the conversion of the square coordinate to the polar coordinate. This on-line square to polar calculator device makes the calculation faster, and it shows the conversion in a fragment of seconds. And you can also check this calculator by clicking the below link.

How to Use the Rectangular to Polar Calculator?

The process to apply the square to polar calculator is as follows:

Step 1: Enter the x and y coordinate with inside the respective enter field

Step 2: Now click on the button “Calculate Polar Coordinates” to get the result

Step 3: Finally, the polar coordinates may be displayed with inside the output field.

What is meant via way of means of the Polar Coordinates?

In Math’s, the square coordinates is a couple of coordinates this is measured alongside axes at proper angles to at least one another. Similarly, the polar coordinates is a couple of coordinates that defines the placement with inside the aircraft wherein the primary coordinate defines the duration of the immediately line that connects the factors to the foundation while the second one coordinate is the attitude this is fashioned via way of means of this line and the fixed-line.

Interactive Graph – Convert polar to square and vice-versa

In the subsequent graph, the real axis is horizontal, and the imaginary (j=√-1)  axis is vertical, as usual.

Point P represents a complicated number.

Things to do

  1. Choose whether or not your angles might be in levels or radians first.
  2. Enter your values for both radius and perspective, or actual cost and imaginary cost and click “Calculate” to peer the equal result (or you could press for your keyboard).
  3. You also can drag factor P to alternate the radius of the circle, and/or the perspective for your preferred values.

You can zoom the graph in or out the use of the navigation icons at the lowest of the graph, and pan left-right, up-down through keeping down the key even as dragging the graph.

  1. You can alternate the precision of all of the calculations through converting the “Decimal places” option.
  2. Go returned to the examples on the Polar Formed page and attempt them right here with inside the calculator, and examine the results.

Polar Form of a Complex Number

The polar shape is in which a complicated wide variety is denoted with the aid of using the length (in any other case called the magnitude, absolute value, or modulus) and the attitude of its vector (commonly denoted with the aid of using an attitude image that looks as if this: ∠).

To use the map analogy, the polar notation for the vector from New York City to San Diego could be something like “2400 miles, southwest.” Here are examples of vectors and their polar notations:

Rectangular Form of a Complex Number

Rectangular form, on the alternative hand, is in which a complicated range is denoted with the aid of using its respective horizontal and vertical components. In essence, the angled vector is taken to be the hypotenuse of a proper triangle, defined with the aid of using the lengths of the adjoining and contrary sides.

Rather than describing a vector’s duration and route with the aid of using denoting importance and angle, it’s far defined in phrases of “how a ways left/proper” and “how a ways up/down.”

These -dimensional figures (horizontal and vertical) are symbolized with the aid of using numerical figures. In order to differentiate the horizontal and vertical dimensions from every other, the vertical is prefixed with a lower-case “i” (in natural mathematics) or “j” (in electronics).

These lower-case letters do now no longer constitute a bodily variable (consisting of instant current, additionally symbolized with the aid of using a lower-case letter “i”), however instead are mathematical operators used to differentiate the vector’s vertical issue from its horizontal issue. As a entire complicated range, the horizontal and vertical portions are written as a sum








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