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Six Sigma and the Two Sub-Methodologies

Six sigma is a methodology developed in the mid-1980s by engineer Bill Smith, who worked at Motorola. The six sigma methodology is used for business processes and quality management.

Businesses use Six Sigma methodology to point out the errors in their processes that may cause defects in production.

Six Sigma is composed of two sub-methodologies: DMAIC and DMADV. In this article, we will discuss what these sub methodologies are. We will also discuss the benefits of six sigma to the company.

DMAIC methodology

This methodology, is one of the two sub-methods of six sigma, is used to improve an existing process.

Define the problem

The first step is defining or knowing the problem.  Some business uses the voice of the customer and the needs.

Measure the current process

The second step is where the leaders collect data and reports that are reliable and updated from the company’s current performance to identify the issue.

Analyze the cause of issues

The third step is to analyze the collected data. Scanning and investigating the cause of the issue are done in this stage.

Improve the process

After defining and analyzing the problem, the fourth stage is where the leaders provide a new solution. Creating a new or improving process that will fix the issue.

Control how the process is done

After providing the new or improved solution, the fifth stage is when the new process is implemented. This also the stage when the leader continuously monitors the effect on the business. Making sure the new resolution helps the company to improve.

DMADV methodology

This methodology is the other sub-methods of six sigma that focus on creating a new effective process.

Define project or customer goals

The first stage is to determine the new design goals by considering the demands of the customer and enterprise strategy.

Measure critical components of the product

The second stage is measuring and identifying the CTQs (critical to quality). CTQ Tree is a diagram that shows the breakdown of the components of a process. This step also includes the measurement of product capabilities and the production process.

Analyze the data

Analyzing the data to develop new design alternatives is the third step for this sub-methodology. Leaders use the data to examine and identify the areas of improvement. This stage also focuses on improving the quality or manufacturing of the product and services.

Design the new process

Creating a new design that will improve the business by correlating your collected data and analysis is the fourth stage. This stage is where testing of the new product takes place. A group of people will test the product that will also provide feedback to help the leaders decide.

Verify the design 

The last stage is formulating the new design and implementing it. This where the leaders monitor the impact of the new design on the company and the customer.

Six sigma is one of the well-known methods used by a larger company. It helps to achieve the goals by using the data collected and decision-based on the statistical process. Using six sigma will provide satisfaction to the customer. Implementing the new process and improving the quality of the product that results in a better-finished product.

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