Sky High Could Be Made Possible on Disney+ If Fans Show Interest

It has been 15 years since we met teachers, students, and alumni of Sky High. The movie gave a humorous view of the superhero genre. It dealt with a high school for students with special powers. The film primarily takes a jab at a lot of famous superhero teams. We adore the film today, but it did not perform that well on the box office back in the day. The Commander was a spoof of Superman, and his wife, Jetstream was a spoof of the character Wonder Woman. Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston brought the two characters to life in the movie. The plot revolves around the only son of The Commander and Jetstream, Will Powers, and his best friend, Layla. Other relevant characters in the movie were Gwen Grayson (Will’s love interest), Warren Peace (Will’s self-proclaimed enemy), Mr. Timmerman, and Coach Boomer (teachers at the school).

The movie has slowly moved to the list of cult classics only because it makes fun of the glorified superheroes and presents their funny issues. Since 2005, there have been innumerable rumors about a possible sequel to the film, but neither was any official statement released nor did the movie begin. But recently, one of the scriptwriters of Sky High, McCorkle, opened up about it in an interview and expressed his opinion about the possible sequel. He stated that he believes a second part of the movie will be a “natural fit” for Disney+. He urged the fans to create chatter and support for the sequel by streaming the first movie and tweeting about it. He hinted that the director is also interested in the idea, and a slight push from the audience may motivate the team to get back and continue the story.

It seemed like McCorkle wanted people to create a virtual campaign as they did for the Snyder Cut. People gave so much love and support for the release of Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League that the producers had no choice but to give in. He hinted towards Disney’s slight interest in the project, but ample support from people could help convert it into a reality.

Sky High is presently available on HBO Max, but that will change on December 4, and people will get to stream it on Disney+ again. This coincides perfectly with what McCorkle said. If Disney decides to make a part two of the film, it will be shot with an average budget and put in the category of a teenage comedy. Such movies rarely do an exceptional business on the big screens, but they do notably well if released on a streaming platform. In such a case, the makers manage to omit the expense of releasing them in theatres, and the scope of profits rise. If Disney is sure that there is a ready audience willing to stream the movie and their effort will not go to waste, they might seriously consider doing the project.

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