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Smartest Ways To Solve Skewb Cube 

A cube where the faces are not turned but instead half the cube is turned around the corners is known as The Skewb Cube. The cube, owing to its geometry, has 8 corners and 6 square pieces. 

A. FRU Rubik’s Cube Notation Method

Letters F, R, L, B and U are assigned to the vertices, instead of the faces as in the conventional method. Letter denotes a rotation in clockwise direction and apostrophe denotes a rotation in anti-clockwise direction. As The Skewb is a Pyraminx mod, a turn of a vertex means a 1/3 (1200) rotation. 

1. Solving the first face

Bring similar vertices around the center surface. When 3 out of 4 vertices are solved but the last one is incorrectly placed, use any of the following methods to align the piece correctly.

Clockwise: F R F’ R’

Counter clockwise: F’ L’ F L 

A complete side will be formed with corners of other faces matching in colour. However, it is not necessary that the other faces will match, as shown in grey in the image.

2. Cycle the centers

Use an algorithm to align the remaining 5 center pieces by keeping the coloured side up and shuffling amongst the 3 bottom center pieces to get the correct alignment.

Rotate around F clockwise ↻: L B L’ B’ – R’ B’ R B

Around F counterclockwise ↺: R’ B’ R B – L B L’ B’

3. Solve the remaining 4 corners

Now, employ an algorithm to shuffle the bottom corners to get the perfect solution.

With the solved face up, take two corners in the bottom where the colour of the bottom center piece is on the lateral side and rotate the face to front-right and employ the algorithm below.

If such pieces are not evidently visible, employ the algorithm till they are found.

L’ F L F’ – L’ F L F’

B. Ranzha’s Method

  1. The Petrus Block. Construct a block with 2 centers and 2 vertices. Put in UL.
  2. The Welder’s Mask. Expand the block to construct this layer without breaking the previous block.
  3. Last Four Centers. Place the pending centers correctly.
  4. Corners of the Last Layer. Align D corners to solve the cube.

Beginner’s variation

  1. Match center one with corner one from Scrambled skewb state. From the Scrambled State, match up 1 center piece and 1 corner piece.
  2. Match one corner from 1 center + 1 adjacent corner skewb state once again.
  3. Again match one center from 1 center + 2 adjacent corners skewb state. 
  4. Permuting the corners from Petrus Block skewb state.
  5. Adjusting the corners from Petrus Block + permuted corners skewb state.
  6. Solve the other centres remaining from Welder’s Mask skewb state.
  7. Adjust the corners from 1st layer + centers skewb state.

C. Fair and square 

I. Simplify the first layer

Place the white centerpiece on top and start solving the white face of the Skewb.

Understand your Skewb by observing the orange, red and blue pieces.. 

  1. When the white corner piece is towards you on the right, twist it to the top layer.
  2. When it is on the left, twist it to the top. If white pieces lie at the bottom, twist it multiple times to bring it to the top.

II: Solve the center pieces

After solving the white face, now target the center pieces. Place the solved white face at the bottom.

Identify the centerpiece on top and its colour. Move the cube to get the similar coloured corner pieces on the bottom to face you.

As the centerpiece on the upper face matches the corner at the bottom facing you, use the following algorithm to switch top and front centers. R’ L R L’ 

Again, observe the colour of the centerpiece on top and match corners on the bottom.

Repeat the above steps.

III: Solving the last layer. 

If the above steps were adhered to correctly, the Yellow face is on top.

The last step to solve the cube is as follows:

Case 1: If there are two yellow corners on the top layer, use the following algorithm twice.

R’ L R L’ 

Case 2: If no yellow corners on the top layer, perform the following algorithm twice.

R’ L R L’

D. Classic method

We use classic Rubik’s Cube Face notation but name the corners in place of the faces. 


I: First Face

By experimentation, align a similar corner with the centerpiece.

When 3 corners are aligned but1 is not, use the following algorithm to get it right.

Algorithm 1

F R F’ R 

A perfect face will be formed at the top.

II: CenterPieces

Placing the correct face on top, solve the remaining faces as follows:

Algorithm 1 

L B L’ B’ 

Algorithm 2 

R’ B’ R B 

III: Four Corners

With the solved side facing up, deploy the following algorithm to solve the corners.

L’ F L F’

Hopefully these algorithms helped you hone your skills in the art of cube solving! Skewb happens to be one of the most intriguing puzzles out there! Go get yours today!!

Happy Cubing! 


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