Sony WF-SP800N vs Jabra Elite 75t: Which One is the Better Choice?

The latest Sony WF-SP800N is wireless in the most real sense with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and an IP55 rating. The battery life also seems to be decent. But it faces stiff competition from Jabra Elite 75t that dropped in the market at an almost identical time as Sony. Jabra Elite 75t is particularly commended for its ease of connectivity and sound quality. Naturally, potential customers are conflicted between the two earphones. Whether to rely on the ever-present brand Sony and expect the best from the popular brand or give the new brand a fair trial based on the specifications is the central question on everyone’s mind..

  • Specs That You Need You to Know

Both the earphones are equipped with in-ear earbuds, touch control panel, USB-C type charging, IP55 rating, and both lack wireless charging. The specs that differ and create a need to choose are battery, ANC, and wingtips. Jabra feels like a setback in terms of ANC and wingtips, but it more than compensates for battery life. Sony holds an 18-hour battery (9 hours with ANC), but Jabra comes equipped with 28-hour battery life (7 hours standalone).

  • Design, Comfort and Built

Earphones and their design have evolved a lot through time, and now you can find style, desired size, and quality features, all fused in one device. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Jaybird Vista are perfect examples of it. But it looks like nobody told about this evolution to the makers/designers of Sony SP800N. The SP800N is anything but handy and small. The set is enormous, and the outer housing sticks end up protruding out of the ear, making it look a little ugly. The perfect fit and comfort due to the wingtips and angled silicone ear tips are the only saving grace for the model here.

The SP800N gives you a snug fit and sticks in the same position for as long as you want it. This is especially handy while running, jogging, other outdoor activities, or any intensive fitness routine. The wingtips ensure they remain tight. Another reason for the tight fit is the size. Yes, it may look a little funky and quirky, but the size ensures a larger surface area for the ear to wrap around. The earbuds maintain their position despite multiple different intensity workouts and a lot of sweat. IP55 rating tells us that the earphones are good to go in case of a slight drizzle without any potential damage.

The SP800N does not have push buttons but rather touch buttons, making the controls much more accessible and convenient. From google assistant, Apple’s Siri, to ANC activation, the touch sensors let you do it all with utmost ease, one touch to the pads seals out all the noise at once.

But this may prove to be a boon and a curse at the same time. The size is quite right to both rest in your ear firmly and not hurt the ear canal.

Shifting the focus away from Sony and on to Jabra Elite 75t, the device is compact and smart. The earphones are all in a contrast color shade to better the entire presentation of the body. The buds sit comfortably in the ear, and the exterior body is clinging to the ear cavity. These devices also settle well in your ear. They stay for as long as you want without causing any sense of discomfort or irritation. But these will not be highly recommended for extremely sweaty workouts since the sweat makes the grip lose. The Jabra variant works with push buttons, but they are soft and do not hurt the ear when pressed.

The button commands are variable as per requirement, and everyone can change it as they like. It lets the surrounding noise be blocked, and you get the full experience of just the music.

  • Charging Case

The design of the charging case of the earphones is the first thing that catches the eye. Sony WF-SP800N case is long and broad. The bulky size makes it hard to carry, especially when you are outdoors for a run or a jog, and the case keeps jingling in your pocket. The lids of the case hold strong magnets, and the case shuts tightly, ensuring that the earphones do not fall off unsuspectedly. The plastic used to build the covering is matte and hence does not get dirty quickly.

On the other hand, Elite 75t boasts of a reasonable size. The case is strong, and lid magnets are robust in this model too.

  • Battery Life

Once the earphones are charged, the device works non-stop for the next seven hours. The battery backup of the case lets the earphones repeat the cycle 2.2 times. The sum total of all that is 28 hours of battery on the go. The fast charger does its designated job very well. You can guess that by knowing that a 15 minute charging period lets you use the earphones for another one hour. The connection does not feel lagged or difficult. It is also multipoint which means that it can be wirelessly connected to two different hosts.

Discussing the battery life of Sony, SP800N works for 9 hours on ANC. The case lets one more cycle possible. That totals roughly to 18 hours which is not good as compared to its alternate. The connectivity lags a little and it takes 10 seconds of holding the touchpad to get the devices to   connect.

  • Judgment

Sony is a well-known company and WF-SP800N is a good experience but Jabra Elite 74t managed to pack all the right requirements. The overall sound richness and size comparison makes us sway more towards Jabra Elite.

Source:- Sony WF-SP800N vs Jabra Elite 75t

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