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With the rise of the industrial revolution in the early 20th century, modern techniques and domains were create. In order to cope with the advancements of the world, new ways were adopt. Control system engineering is a discipline of engineering that deals in the manufacturing of control devices for the implementation of control systems into new techniques and procedures to control heavy machinery as well as light. Control system engineering is everywhere around us.

Assessment of the functions of such devices is very necessary which is made possible by control system engineering. This domain of engineering examines the workflow of devices by controlling them with the help of sensors and detectors. Performance evaluation of devices is only done after the proper assessment.

There are also automatic systems that are design in a manner to perform without human intervention and thus called automatic systems that include speedtronics, cruise control, etc. This versatile domain of engineering is well focus on mathematical modeling and also some theories of physics which design the control system processes. Back in the day, everything available as of now was back by these laws and theories. Let’s dive into the understanding of GE Speedtronic Turbine Control System.

Speedtronic Turbine Control System

Speedtronic’s name was first introduced by General Electric when they first launched their well-equipped product which is a gas and steam turbine system. Later on, a lot of improvements were made to the products under this trademark. The speedtronic series which was Mark I and Mark II is still being use in various places all around the world. Starting from Mark I and now on Mark Vie, the control system from General Electric made its mark. All the devices of the Mark series are a success in history till now.

Philosophies of Gas and Turbine Control Systems

Philosophies elaborate on the overall mechanic on which both systems stand. What is the control system that works to keep the gas and turbine intact and where is it being use? These are some questions which will be answer. However, these control systems are in places like Niagra Falls and other related areas generating electricity efficiently. These systems are mainly design to avoid human intervention that automatically records and alarms the engineer if any deviation occurs.

Gas Turbine Control System

This system is control by many facets that back up the concept of an automatic control system. The first and the most important thing to be consider is a failure, what will happen if any failure occurs? The Giant devices set up to control the gas system are design to automatically alarm when there is only one failure. Furthermore, it automatically shuts down if two or more failures occur. Apart from the failure, any minimal type of problem is also alarming to the manufacturers of that speedtronic. Speedtronic is specially design to measure the speed of the place where it is install and then report it to the system controllers for the perfect analysis of how the turbine is working. This turbine control system can self-repair and protect itself from predicted problems, thus making it self-sufficient in detecting and curing the problem. Sensors and detectors are not applicable here.

Steam Turbine Control System

Now when we take steam turbines into notice, we find that control systems of this domain are back by IEEE 222 standards of engineering. Steam turbine has their own protection system built in to preserve it from forecasted errors and problems. With the help of a double set of steam valves, this turbine is able to protect itself as well as control. Unlike in gas turbines, a single failure here causes the system to get repaire online or virtually by the manufacturer. Also, an alarm is generate in every case.

Speedtronic and Cruise Control in Vehicles

Now let’s discuss speedtronic in vehicles, and Mercedes is the top-notch brand that has opted for the modern technology of speedtronic and cruise control. So we know that the word speedtronic means a system that makes sure that you do not exceed the certain speed which you have set, basically, a speed limiter, whereas the word cruise control means, a system that allows you to control the speed of your vehicle. Mercedes not only introduced speedtronic but cruise control too, together. The reason Mercedes introduced both systems together in a vehicle is that it wanted to make life easy for the world. We all are aware of our lives and the hectic we get, so Mercedes contributed to the modern-day dilemmas, introduced speedtronic with cruise control that permits individuals to set the speed limit and helps in saving fuel.

Growing Rate of Accidents

Nowadays where everything in this world is happening with the observation of control system engineering. Vehicles were made easy with such functions that eliminate human intervention as much as it could. Speedtronic in cars is optimize to deal with increasing problems and accidents. Because today’s world is so much into hectic routines and not focusing on the balance of a healthy lifestyle. Every once in a while we hear the news coming from anywhere about the accident. One of the major reasons for growing incidents is distract driving. Over the years, the number has increased due to people having multiple tasks to do when they go out to drive. The Control system has made it easy for people and has served in this domain as well.

While speedtronic is design in such a way that helps in reducing the rate of accidents by sending an alarm of speed limit. All you need to do is set a limit on your speed and have a safe and stress-free drive. It is widely being use in Mercedes Benz; two control systems which are speedtronic along with cruise control. The compliance with both systems is available in Mercedes which allows the driver to control the speed by setting up top speed to which it can go high and not more than that. Moreover, it is also beneficial for users for fuel-saving purposes. A lot of people are concerned about the mileage of their cars and how much they can save on fuel. This purpose is also serve by speedtronic and cruise control systems.

Points to Remember while Optimizing Speedtronic for your Vehicle

●       Condition of the Road is not Analyze

One important thing to remember here is although speedtronic is efficient for controlling the increasing rate of accidents. It is only workable if used properly. Speedtronic cannot detect the condition of the road, whether it is rough, slippery, or whatever. You need to examine it and set the limit of speed accordingly by your own observation.

●       Distance from the Other Cars Needs to be Maintained

This thing should be kept in mind for the driver that brakes need to be exercise at a safe distance from other cars. Because speedtronic is only a speed limiter, not a robot that detects if cars are in front of it.

●       Save your Car from Overheating

Excessively resting your foot on brake pedals can cause your car to overheat. This leads to brake failure as well as the failure of speedtronic. If these things are not consider as an important thing to avoid.

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