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Strategies for Schools to Improve Parent Engagement

It is highly noticed that most successful schools have one thing in common, and that is parent involvement. The main point of high parent involvement is because the communication between the school and the home gets easier and better. That communication should go through every shareholder, including teachers, parents, administrators, club leaders, etc, The strategies listed below will surely help you improve the parent engagement.

Strategies to improve parent engagement 

  1. Pick one tool

The best school for all-around education in Andhra Pradesh assign leaders do conduct communication audit which gives them results as to how the teachers are communicating with the parents regarding their child. Therefore, it is important to choose one platform for all the shareholders to communicate with the parents. This way there will be no confusion and all could happen on a single platform.

  1. Frequent communications

It is often seen that having long term communication gets no results. It is important to have a small gap between each meeting and do it frequently. It is important to keep the parents in a loop with what is happening at school. Communicating just before the exams or after the semester is over is not going to benefit anyone. Therefore shorter but frequent communication is highly important.

  1. Personalization

Personalization is a thing that is a requirement for students as well as for parents. Not all parents can come to school at designated times and be available at all asked times. But, they would surely want to be equally engaged with their children’s school life. Therefore, the parents should be given features where they could subscribe to channels and be in touch and up-to-date with what is happening. It is not just the mode of delivery that needs to be personalized but also the way they’ve updated needs to be personalized.

  1. Tone

It is important to get comfortable with the teachers. If it’s the best school with good faculty in Andhra Pradesh like the Sri Prakash Synergy School, they make sure that students as well as parents are comfortable in conversation. It shouldn’t be a vague relationship. Getting the teacher comfortable will surely let you know more details about your child. This could lead to having a regular communication process which is for the betterment of the child.

  1. Share Accountability

Just making a plan and not holding accountability is not going to go anywhere. It is important that all faculty members participate in communication efforts. One should have all the tools and listed protocols to make it actionable. Administrators can lead by giving an example to other shareholders as to how it needs to be done and how often it should be done in order to make the school successful.

  1. Invite Parents

It is important for educators to know the school’s parent body. If they don’t, they should probably start communicating at the earliest. The duty of the teacher should include inviting the parents and discuss the child’s strengths and weaknesses with them. They should also enquire about what kind of environment is at home and what is the support system for the child.

This information sooner or late will be highly important if due to some reason the child has a vague results graph or even if there is a sudden change in behavior.

  1. Option for parents to opt in

Design opportunities in such a way that can allow parents to opt in or opt-out regarding certain information. Not all the information regarding school and child is relevant. Therefore, bombarding them with all little details is not going to make any major difference. So, they should have an opportunity to opt-out of this. Whereas information regarding their child’s grade, behavior, study pattern, etc, is highly important to the parents and they should have the option to opt-in.

Sri Prakash Synergy School has a strong school culture that makes sure to lead to the success of the school. SPSS schools are considered the best CBSE school in Andhra Pradesh shave a thriving community where all the share holds of the school including teachers, parents, administrators, etc, have an opportunity to be actively engaged in the communication about school and about the student. Their communication plan involves faculty members conveying information to parents and making sure that the parents have access to all school-based opportunities. This way the school gets more success as the communication gets better and the children are getting the right kind of environment to explore their talent.

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