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Subway Surfers World Tour

Subway surfer is a mobile game developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games, based in Denmark. This game is an endless run. Players can play this game at home or on the go.

  1. Overview

In the game, the player will be a naughty boy who will paint stolen graffiti on the train cars daily. When discovered they will flee on the tracks to escape the pursuit of the guard and his dog. When running, the player can control the character to pick up gold coins, keys, power-ups, and other rewards on the tracks. At the same time, help the character avoid the obstacles on the way, the game only ends when the characters are caught by the inspector or both are run over by the train.

  1. Themes

Players that make creative gameplay choices are rewarded with seasonal hunts and daily challenges. The act of gathering the letters that make up a game-related word, such as “score” or “jump,” is known as “word hunting” in daily challenges. As the player completes various tasks throughout missions, their accuracy is assessed. Through the use of cash, keys, in-app purchases, gathering particular objects, logging into a Facebook account, or other means, players can unlock up to 18 characters. Most characters typically have up to two outfits on at once. Meanwhile, up to 17 hoverboards can be unlocked using the same methods. Depending on the user, each player-assistance feature is different. During an update to a new region, a new character and hoverboard will be temporarily available until the next update.

  1. Gameplay

The principle of the game of Subway Surfers is quite simple. If you play on the computer, the game will start when you press SPACE button. Also, players will use keys to control the character:

  • Moving left will use the left arrow
  • Moving to the right will use the right arrow
  • Moving forward will use the up arrow
  • Moving back will use the down arrow
  • Space key to jump

If you play on your phone, touch the screen to start the game. While running, the player can swipe up, down, left or right to avoid hitting the oncoming obstacles.

The obstacles will include train carriages, traffic, barriers, tunnel walls, …The game will end when the inspector catches the boy or both of them get into the train. However, the player can use the Key to save the character and keep running.

  1. Items

Items including money, keys, double points, super high boots, jet bags, magnets, mystery boxes, and bouncing sticks will be available in Subway Surfers. While a jetpack offers the capacity to fly, coin magnets attract all the coins on the track, powered jumpers burn by tossing the player up, and super shoes offer a higher leap and point multiplier. Skateboards with built-in powers and protection for 30 seconds are also available.

  1. Subway Surfers World tour: Zurich

Subway Surfers World Tour is a series where the game’s setting is different locations around the world.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Zurich 2020 is both the 115th World Tour event and the 121st update to Subway Surfers. Hugo is back in this edition as a Season Hunt prize, and he comes with a new outfit called a Pirate Outfit that costs 30 coins. The tokens for the Season Hunt in this edition are Pocket Watch, and Clockwork is back as a prize. The publication date was June 18, 2020.

  • The logosubway surfers
  • The loading screensubway surfers
  • New character:subway surrfers
  1. Achievements

  • SUBWAY SURFERS was the first game to cross 1 billion downloads when it did it in March 2018. Two months later, there have already been 2 billion downloads.
  • According to AppAnnie’s data, SUBWAY SURFERS had crossed 2.7 billion downloads as of December 2019, SYBO Games reported. and from 2012 to 2019 became the mobile game with the highest download volume.
  1. Why are SUBWAY SURFERS so attractive?

Ads and in-app purchases are absent. The game is accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones and is simple to pick up and play. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can easily play the game as a result. Here are some suggestions for creating a highly addicting game that would appeal to millions of players, much like Subway Surfers has.

Fans of web platforms must play the game Subway Surfers. This game caters to all players with more than 350 levels and hours of playtime. This game is ideal for anyone wishing to enhance their skills, whether they are a novice or advanced players. Subway Surfers is also one of the simplest to use ones out there because it doesn’t require any bothersome downloads or lengthy installations. Why then are you still holding out? See how far you can get if you start right away.

It’s fun to play any of the excellent Subway Surfers games. This is the perfect moment to give them a try if you haven’t before! Playing this excellent game with your friends and family is a brilliant idea. Additionally, it’s a fantastic approach to raising your level of fitness. Go to the arcade if you want an adrenaline rush and sprint really swiftly. On the web platform, you can play fresh, thrilling games as well. You’ll get a better gaming experience and more beautiful graphics if you play games in browsers.


  1. Tips to get a high score in SUBWAY SURFERS

  • Using two hands to play

I’ve observed that many players of this game use just one finger to traverse the user interface. But it’s not the best strategy for the game. I advise using two hands if you want to achieve the high score that all of your Facebook friends are attempting to surpass. By doing so, you’ll be able to swipe without difficulty in any direction and avoid being interrupted while playing the game.

  • Run on the train

You should run on the top of the train rather than on the ground. Your likelihood of being struck by an approaching barrier or a swift train increases if you stay on the ground. Therefore, if you must descend, seize the earliest chance to catch a train. Learn how to switch trains by jumping and swiping to stay on top of the trains.

  • Using the key

The game’s main component is hoverboards, hence the name Subway “Surfers.” You can keep running even if you run into an obstacle by using an overboard. We suggest keeping your overboard meter charged for emergencies and using it as soon as you suspect you’re going to run into a train or other impediment. You can still play the game after that, but this will prevent you from progressing too far.

  • Keep on running

The game’s main component is hoverboards, hence the name Subway “Surfers.” You can keep running even if you run into an obstacle by using an overboard. We suggest keeping your overboard meter charged for emergencies and using it as soon as you suspect you’re going to run into a train or other impediment. You can still play the game after that, but this will prevent you from progressing too far.

  1. Conclusion

SUBWAY SURFERS has amassed more than 2.7 billion downloads on the App store, making it the most downloaded game of the last ten years. Attractive gameplay and gorgeous graphics are the secrets to making SUBWAY SURFERS popular and attracting lots of gamers. Additionally, there is no money exchange for in-game goods in this game. However, there are also complaints about the immature controls and the lack of substantial changes to the gaming environment. In conclusion, despite the criticism, SUBWAY SURFERS is still a fun game that entertains players.


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