Swim Suit – Know what you need to buy this summer

Swim Suit: We are already feeling that summer heat. So it is only a matter of time before we pick out summer clothes from our closets and enjoy our cold drinks with friends and family. What we love about our summer attire is how comfortable they are. Although you can’t wear your jackets and coats, you get an open ground to wear your favorite skirts, maxis, crop tops, whenever you feel like it. You need to sign up through some easy steps, and you can get your hands on their catalog that features all their products plus the recent sales and deals.

Another great thing summer brings to the table is the regular trips to the beach. Of course, the beach doesn’t close down in winter, but it just feels right to enjoy the serenity of the beach in the summers. We love packing our beach bags with our sunscreen lotion, our favorite magazine, a pair of shades, and our swim suit.

Dress fresh, ladies. 

Unlike men, we women don’t have it that easy when it comes to buying swimsuits. Men can just put on a pair of trunks, take off their shirts, and dive right into the sea. However, we women need to keep a lot of things in mind when we choose a swim suit. We can neither put on a pair of random trunks nor take off our shirts. Instead, we need to choose swimwear that is perfect for our body type and is in check with the latest fashion trends and styles.

We all love to look our best and flaunt our skins when we visit the beach. It is the best way to relax and sunbathe and feel equally confident. However, it can get challenging to make a choice when it comes to swimwear. This is because there are so many styles and designs to choose from. All that matters to make your selection is what you are comfortable in. Therefore, you need to keep a few things in mind before pinning down on the swim suit that has your heart.

Choose the swimsuit style that’s trending.

Fashion trends become outdated as fast as they get famous. So, you need to keep tabs on what’s hot this summer. However, there are ever-green swimsuit designs, such as vintage-style swimwear, tankini, etc.

The material 

One thing that matters apart from the swimwear design is its comfortability. What good is a swimsuit if it keeps itching or fades after the second wash? Therefore it is best if you ensure you’re getting a good quality product that justifies the money you pay for it.

It must suit their body type. 

Women come in all shapes and sizes. And all of them are beautiful. Still, there are many swimsuits designs that may look great on one body type but might shun the potential killer looks of another. Hence, it is important to judge your body type to make the right decision on what you want to buy.

Get the right size

It does not matter what type of clothing it is. The fitting is equally important in all of them. Similarly, swimsuits need to be a perfect fit for them to look their best. It can be tricky for you to buy the ideal size if you are a plus-size woman. However, there are many businesses that specifically have swimwear and clothing ranges for plus-size women.

Types of swimsuit designs 

We are in a very fast-paced era. These fast-moving times call for you to be vigilant for the best fashion styles and swimsuit designs that are currently a favorite among women.

Here, we have short-listed a few swimwear styles and swim suit bottoms for women that are either in trend at the moment or have been for a while and are it will stay that way for a while.

Two-piece swim suit

This is the most common yet most beloved swimwear style. Due to their versatility, they come in a variable price range. It depends on what further type of two-piece swimsuit you choose.

Some types of two-piece swimsuits include a halter-style caged front design. This design has a revealing neckline that brings your neck under the spotlight. It usually comes with matching bottoms, and the material is mostly spandex and/or polyester.

Another type includes block-stitched lacey swimsuits. It gets its unique look by hand-stitched blocks pattern that conjoin to make up the swim suit. It comes in contrasting colors, so make sure to pick your favorite colors when choosing this swimwear style.

Vintage style swimsuits 

Vintage-style swimsuits are a tribute to the swimwear of the 70s’. Back then, swimsuits were in both styles—either two-piece or one-piece. The one-piece was mostly a mono-colored pushup swimsuit or was with a floral design tankini. Two-piece swimsuits were the regular bikinis.

The vintage style two-piece swimsuit usually came with a wide straps top with a zip running down the center of the chest or the back. And the bottom part was high-waisted, giving it a nice retro look.

Single shoulder one-piece swimwear 

It is a relatively new trend that has been taking the beaches by storm. This swimsuit has a single strap, mostly on the right shoulder. It can come in a single color or with beautiful prints. It is a bold dress that might not be everyone’s cup of tea so make sure you feel its vibe before resenting your purchase.

Button-down striped one-piece swimwear 

A good swim suit is one that can make heads turn at the beach. You know you’re looking good when you step on the beach, and you and your swimsuit become the topic of discussion for many people. One such swim suit is the button-down striped swimwear. It is a one-piece swimsuit with a low-cut back and a wide neck. If you plan on buying this onesie, make sure to feel the material and quality of the product.

Floral tankini 

Tankinis have been around for a while, and it seems highly unlikely that this swim suit design will get obsolete any time soon. It is a great choice for women who want to look modest on the beach and are not a fan of revealing too much skin. There is nothing wrong with the choice you make, as everyone is entitled to one. The swimwear industry has you covered ‘literally’ with tankinis. If you are planning to buy a tankini this summer, make sure to look for floral pattern options. The floral pattern involves many colors that make it very eye-catching yet sober.


If you are bored with one-piece or two-piece swimsuits, it is about time you try monokinis for a change. If you think two-piece swimsuits are too revealing and one-piece are too modest, a monokini is your solution to finding common ground between the two options.

A monokini, in easier words, is two cloth pieces joined by thinner panels or strings. It is not as revealing as a bikini, but it does have a V-cut bottom. It depends on you how much skin you plan to reveal. You can choose whether you want a plunging neckline, halter neck, etc.

Like other types of swimwear, monokinis come in numerous designs too. Some of these designs include:

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