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Teaching and Learning during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all spheres of life, and education is no exception. Schools and teachers are trying their best to keep the process of teaching and learning active through various digital solutions and platforms. Here is an excerpt on how teaching and learning happened during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Entab is bringing out the best solutions to let schools provide education to students amid the ongoing pandemic. The EdTech frontrunner has added the feature of digital learning to its renowned school ERP software, CampureCare® ERP. This feature gives students access to a large repository of educational content through which they can learn from home. Based on the CBSE/ICSE curriculum, this feature comes with stimulating videos and resources that help students to learn at their own pace and without any interruptions.

Other exciting features of this school ERP software are parental helpdesk, technical support, communication through emails and SMS, and online payment gateway integration, among others. These features are helping schools, teachers, parents, and students to stay connected amid the current crisis.

Entab has also introduced an exciting offer during COVID-19 that ensures the continuity of teaching-learning. This offer lets teachers deliver online lectures to students and communicate with them for a better understanding of different topics. This offer also covers features such as online project submission, file sharing, and online assignments. Through the file-sharing feature, teachers can share important notes and documents with students. The features of online assignment and project submission help in evaluation and assessment. It also helps teachers to understand the effectiveness of the whole process.

The main aim of presenting such solutions is to keep the spirit of learning alive. As the current situation is very challenging, Entab strives to come up with innovations that empower schools and help them to deliver the best education amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. So, if you are looking for a solution that could help your school, then you need to choose Entab. Visit their website to know more about their products and more!

Digital Teaching and Learning Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital learning is emerging as one of the best ways of delivering lectures during the Coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of the most effective methods of teaching and learning in the current scenario.

  • Online Live Lectures:

    Some of the schools have started providing lectures through live streaming. The teachers are taking online sessions and students can access the same while sitting inside the walls of their home. They can ask questions and virtually attend live classes. When the teacher is present on the screen, students engage well and become more attentive.

  • Digital Lectures: 

    Whilst providing live lectures is a bit challenging because not every student has access to a good internet connection. Hence, some of the schools have also started sharing recorded lectures over their respective online portals. This helps students view these lectures whenever there’s the availability of an active internet connection and they don’t miss out on any topic.

  • YouTube Videos:

    There are plenty of educational channels on YouTube that provide good quality videos for learning. Since not every school can provide live or recorded lectures in the current situation, students can learn with the help of these videos. When it comes to K12 education, some of the leading names are Khan Academy, edX, CK-12 Education, etc. It’s a good time for students to learn and brush up their skills with the help of these free online videos.

  • EdTech and Learning Apps:

    Studying with the help of videos may not turn out to be very effective for every student. Interesting exercises and quizzes further help to assess and develop a better understanding of concepts among the learners. While such apps are usually paid, some are free. List of some leading learning and EdTech apps include names such as Photomath, SoLoLearn, WolframAlpha, etc.

  • The Power of Augmented and Virtual Reality:

    Two of the latest technologies in the world of education, augmented and virtual reality not only help auditory and visual learners but also let kinesthetic learners understand the toughest of topics. Unlike other learning methods and technologies, augmented and virtual reality are a bit pricey. Virtual Reality, specifically, involves equipment such as VR headset which is an expensive item. But these two technologies are more impactful than digital videos and other means of learning as they provide immersive learning and engage learners in the best way out there. Some of the popular augmented and virtual reality apps and products for education are i-Learn, ZooBurst, Discovery VR, Google Sky Map, etc.

Teaching and Learning Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Opportunities

Modern schools have been trying their best to incorporate the latest technological advancements to deliver lessons in a better way. The current situation that the whole world is in, in fact, a great opportunity for schools and teachers to make the most out of these advancements. Not only teachers but EdTech companies are also getting a good chance to deliver their services and reach out to a larger audience. Below are the opportunities for teachers, students, and EdTech companies in the present scenario:

  • Teachers and instructors can get more familiar and comfortable with the world of digital learning and prepare themselves for the future. Although every school says to have a digital class solution, the system is not yet ready to cater to learners in such a difficult situation. This is a good time for them to learn how to use these solutions to engage students in the best way out there.
  • Since a digital solution is easily accessible, students can make themselves comfortable with the world of digital learning. Be it studying with online videos, or interacting with a VR headset, this is the right time for them to get hands-on experience with all sorts of apps and technologies available out there. Augmented and virtual reality can immensely help kinesthetic learners.
  • When it comes to EdTech companies, it’s a great time for them to reach out to a wider audience. Since schools and educational institutes have shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become easier for these companies to sell their products and services. Providing quality content will help them build an edge over others.

Teaching and Learning Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Challenges

Whilst it may be a good time to get familiar with the world of digital learning and make the most out of it, there are some underlying challenges as well. Some of them are below-

  • Instead of getting familiar with technology, teachers may end up finding it difficult to get used to it. This may lead to frustration and they may find the process worthless.
  • When it comes to the students, some of them may not have access to a computer or proper internet connection which won’t let them use the digital solutions. This will leave a negative impact on their minds for a longer time.
  • EdTech companies need to provide high-quality content to their users, else they will lose interest and won’t recommend it to While this may be a good time for making profits, bad content and services may lead to a negative impact that can spoil their business.

The path to learning and teaching in the times of Coronavirus pandemic comes with challenges of its own. But, let’s applaud the efforts of everyone out there who are doing their best to keep the spirit of learning alive.

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