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Ten types of Muay Thai kicks you need to know.

Muay Thai is a traditional Martial art classes Sydney with hand-to-hand combat fighting styles. Generally, there are two types of Muay Thai kicks: straight and round kicks. However, these main kicks come in various manners according to the demand of different techniques. Muay Thai is a combat sport with proper gear that needs appropriate drilling techniques. To practice and learn the critical stance and movement, you need adequate Combat Sports gear.

Here we will also make you learn about techniques of Muay Thai, which are Defence, Attack, and Counter. We will make you get acquaintance often other types of Muay Thai Kicks that cover straight and roundhouse forms. Let’s look into every kind of Muay Thai kicks that you need to know as a Muay Thai fighter.

  1. Muay Thai Kick (Roundhouse)

Undoubtedly, the most famous well-known kick in Muay Thai is Round kick in MMA and Kickboxing. It can be launched from the back and front, covering both the rear and lead sides. Indeed, a powerful kick that aims to strike the leg of the opponent or midsection with the shin is combat sports gear.

This kick involves hip mobility and body movements to generate strength and ensures massive damage to your opponent.

  1. Muay Thai Side Kick

The sidekick of Muay Thai resembles the sidekick of Karate or other striking arts. It involves chambering the leg before firing out the sidekick for a powerful impact on the target. Aiming different targets, one can throw it with the lead or rear portion.

The primary difference in Karate and Muay Thai kick is that in Muay Thai forward step is used before firing out the sidekick from the kicking leg. Whereas in Karate chambering, the lift is opposed to stepping forward to generate power.

  1. Straight Foot Kick

Typically, a straight foot jab is quite effective to catch your opponent and off-balance them. Along with this, you can counter their attacks with straight foot jabs by countering the strikes as they are close to throwing them. An extended technique to deal with simplest yet crucial attacks; keep your opponent at a safe distance. It is pretty compelling, and the target is usually your opponent’s midsection. If we use it properly, it could be the most extended weapon to injure your opponent seriously.

  1. Slapping Foot Push

A Tip Top Muay Thai kick required lowering the striking knee and then a quick leg extension to hit the target with your foot. Although fighters use the top of the foot to strike the mark with this technique; however, one can use the entire foot to hit the opponent.

Overwhelmingly, this kick is significant in defense, but we can use it to keep your opponent off. It can affect your opponent’s balance and drive them backward with force.

  1. Axe Kick

A Muay Thai exe kick in which the fighter aims towards the opponent’s head, face, or shoulders. We keep the kicking leg straight and drive the kick down onto the target in this kick. The kick requires a striking leg to remain straight and push it down to the target. Such kicks last due to good length mobility and flexibility, and we can effectively use them in Muay Thai. But fighters rarely use such kicks, rapidly countered while delivering the kick.

  1. Diagonal Kick

With a rapid upwards angling kick, that fighter aims at the opponent’s lower rib cage, striking with the shin. Here we suggest you use Shin guards as combat sports gear to ensure protection. Generally, we can also call it the Chiang, an effective technique angling up 45 degrees from the floor upon the target. If any fighter uses it correctly, they can strike the opponent better and more effectively.

  1. Downward Kick (Roundhouse)

Another name for Downward kick is Brazilian Kick or the Question Mark Kick. This downward roundhouse kick is also a type of Karate kick but another name. Famous as hook kick due to the hooking action of your leg on the target while driving the kick downwards. A standard roundhouse kick requires the kicking leg to lift higher and angle down.

It needs good hip mobility to obtain the hooking movement. Furthermore, we can use this kick when the opponent is ducking down in a lower position. Alternatively, a fighter can deliver the kick from a standing position with good flexibility. Against a standing opponent, it is going above the guard and landing on the head, face, or neck area.

  1. Straight Front Kick

The straight front kick is a rapid upward movement kick that you can strike with toes or the top of the foot instead of the sole. Whereas, via this kick, the fighter aims at the upper region of the opponent’s body, especially the face area. A handy kick while striking the facial area, and you can get enough time to defeat the opponent with a single blow.

  1. Jumping Push Kick

A jumping Push kick is a straight kick known as kradot teep. As there is a jump’s elevation in this kick, it can generate more power that aims at higher targets. While covering the facial and upper area of the opponents, it efficiently directs the targets.

While raising the lead leg while delivering a regular straight kick is a great deceptive technique. A hop off of the rear portion to land jumping back straight kick can knock your opponent down if the fighter executes it professionally.

  1. Spinning Kick

The Spinning round kick is a flashy kick that is quite effective and powerful. It is not only visually appealing but highly effective as well. Any fighter can use it defensively when you use it offensively whenever you track down your opponent.

They perform it with the rear leg, which entails turning your back on your opponent to build the necessary spinning act. Eventually, that spin transfers enough power to the striking leg. The kicking portion’s target is usually the rival’s upper chest and head area. This kick requires good hip mobility, agility, and flexibility that you can improve with practice.

A final Note: 

We have tried to provide you with everything you need to know about the ten types of Muay Thai Kicks. Moreover, there are further details about every kick. We must guide you here that Starpro combat provides you with the best combat sports gear to protect your head and body from injuries and counterattacks.

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