The Amazing Benefits of Using Microsoft Consulting Services

What are the advantages of using Microsoft consultancy services?

At the start of the pandemic, companies rushed to push their business online. Microsoft Teams saw a surge of 95 million users added to its platform. Its online conference facilities rose by a staggering 382% as a result.

Yet Teams is only one of the multitude of products offered by the Redmond IT giant. That begs the question, what else can Microsoft offer your business?

This article examines the amazing benefits of using Microsoft consulting services.

Learn how to create and implement the right IT strategy by accessing the best business tools. Discover how consultants can advise on security and even non-Microsoft products.

Read these 5 consulting outsourcing services to see how they can actually cut costs and open a world of possibilities.

1. Flexible Business Strategy Services

Microsoft consultants offer a wide range of services and are flexible to adapt to your requirements.

This comes in the form of full-time support or as an extension to your existing team. Pay as you go consulting services offer the most flexibility so you can call the experts as you need them.

Consultants offer:

You can choose the level of engagement that suits you and enter into a new SLA if required.

2. Access the Right Microsoft Business Tools

Microsoft has multiple business tools designed for any type of size or industry. From Microsoft 365 to Power Apps and cloud solutions on Azure, there’s something for everyone.

Accessing the right tool for the job requires detailed product knowledge and insight into new technology trends.

A Microsoft consulting firm is aware of the complete catalog and can share how each service works. They can demonstrate use-cases and how combining products can bring unparalleled results.

3. Compare Non-Microsoft Products

A misconception about vendor-specific consultants is that they only know one brand.

Consultancy work requires a broad knowledge of the industry sector. For example, comparing Microsoft Office vs Google Drive to match features, annual costs, and value for money.

If you want to know whether to invest in Google, Amazon, or other service providers, a consultant can help.

4. Custom Security Consulting Services

Data breaches cost companies an average of $3.86 million. Statistics show that the United States pays the highest price for security lapses and it takes 280 days to identify and contain issues.

Microsoft consultants are fully versed in all aspects of security. They can advise you on the right strategy to take and implement protocols to keep your business safe.

5. Specialist App Development Outsourcing Services

Custom application development is more popular and less expensive than ever thanks to the cloud.

Azure DevOps enables different departments to collaborate with developers to produce apps quickly. SharePoint also takes advantage of cloud computing to let team members communicate and share their work online.

A consultant will reveal a better way to work when building specialist applications.

Read More About Pay as You Go Consulting Services

Consulting services help plan your business’s IT strategy to resolve your immediate and long-term goals.

Security consultants will guide you on how to best implement Microsoft’s award-winning products. They’ll even offer insight into competing providers like Google and give a like-for-like comparison.

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