The Best Auto Detailing in Escondido – Visual Detail

Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film installation, Clear Bra installation, and Paint Correction is what Visual Detailing does best in Escondido. Expert mechanics with more than 20 years of experience will service your vehicle. We’re here to help you, whether you’re looking for Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra Films or Ceramic Coatings for your car.

Ceramic Coating

Introducing Gtechnic Ceramic Coating, the future of automotive detailing and paint protection. Only a certified professional can apply it, and one coat lasts more than 10 years, prevents harmful debris from entering your vehicle up to three times longer, and keeps it shiny for more than six months.

Paint Protection

Invisible paint protection film for vehicles consists of a clear, flexible material that covers your painted exterior and stretches over it. While automotive paints are durable, they can be chipped, scratched, oxidized and rusted. With multiple types of damage prevention services, like UV damage prevention, paint protection helps to preserve the quality of your car’s paint.

Paint Correction

The term paint correction refers to the mechanical leveling of a car’s paint and clear coat (the unpigmented paint covering the colored paint and creating a glossy shine) to a point where the entire painted surface is free of defects caused by poor detailing. In most cases, swirl marks, gouges, and small scratches are the result of these defects.

Film Clear Bra

A film clear bra a thick, transparent film that is custom-cut to the contours of every client vehicle. Car bumpers and hoods are protected from friction as you drive by wear-and-tear through clear bras. The high-quality, crystal clear vinyl does not absorb dirt, grime, or damage caused by the sun or other factors.

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