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The Best Locks That You Should Use for Your MacBook

Whether you use an iPhone or an Android, losing your devices can cost you severely. And especially in these times, when the cases of theft have become so common, we all should be a little more careful towards the safety of our devices. Most of us use to carry our laptops and iPads with us everywhere. And that’s where the risk of the theft increases. Losing your devices not only costs you financially, but it can also lead to the misuse of your data stored in your devices. So, it’s always better to stay cautious. And when you use a MacBook and use it to carry it all the time everywhere with you, then you need to be even more careful. We all know how expensive these Apple devices are. They are always on the trend in the market.


The MacBook is one of the most amazing products of Apple and has always been the most desired device. Are you also a user of MacBook and worried about your device’s safety? If that is the situation, then now, there is no need to worry anymore. We’ve got your back. A lock for your MacBook can be the best option that will prevent the thieves from stealing your device. And here, in our following article, we are going to provide you with the list of the best Locks that you can use to protect your MacBook. So, to get to the list, please go on with reading the entire article.

The Best Laptop Locks to Use for Your MacBook

There is a great variety of laptop locks available in the market. Here, we have mentioned the best five laptop locks that you can use to protect your MacBook from the thieves. But, before actually buying any lock, it is vital to check the compatibility of your MacBook with the lock that you are going to buy because not all the laptop locks are compatible with every model of MacBook. So, now, it’s time to get to the list of the best laptop locks for the MacBook. Take a look below:

13C Laptop Cable Lock for iPad and MacBook

This is the best and most secured brand that is available in the market. 13C is one of the most durable and reliable laptop locks that anyone should use to protect their laptops. You can use this lock for locking up various devices like smartphones, iPad, MacBook, and all other laptops. Anyone can use this lock without any difficulty. You have to set a 4-digit code to lock your device with this product. And the best part about using it is that now there is no need to carry any key to lock and unlock your device. You have to enter that 4 -digit code number to lock or unlock your device. It is a quite affordable product and comes with a 6.5 feet cable. You can check this product on various websites.

Kensington MacBook Laptop Lock

This is the second-best laptop lock according to our list and is a famous brand in the market. A lot of people use Kensington MacBook Locks. There is one best thing about this lock that you don’t need a security slot to lock your laptop using this product. Along with that, you don’t need to make any modifications to your computer to use this lock. It is a suitable product that can be used with ultra-thin laptops like the Air series. This lock is compatible with various models of laptops. You can have this lock at a very reasonable price.

Maclocks MBPR DGT 01 Security Laptop Ledge Lock for Macbook Pro With a Touch Bar

If you have a MacBook laptop with a touch bar and find it quite difficult to get the right lock for it, then this is the best option to choose. Well, this product is specially designed for MacBook Pro with a touch bar. It is the smallest model and is compatible with 13 inches and 15 inches MacBooks. It is really simple to install this lock and will take only a few minutes. However, it is also important to note that this lock can be used only with the MacBook with a touch bar and will not work with the non- touch bar models. You can get this lock with an installation kit.

Compulocks Blade MacBook Locks

This is a fantastic lock that anyone can use with all the models of the laptops. Compulocks Blade MacBook Locks can work with non-Apple devices as well. It comes with an industrial-strength of 3M VHB adhesive. It is an extremely durable product that anyone can use at a very affordable price. In addition to that, it is a great product that can hold up to 100 pounds of force. Anyone can easily use this lock to protect their laptop.

CTA Digital LT-PL USB 3.0 Security Cable Lock

This is the last but the most excellent laptop lock product on our list that you should use. CTA Digital LT-PL USB lock is mainly available for the laptop models, including MacBook Pro and Air. Anyone with these models of the laptop can use it in the USB 3.0 slot, and it will provide you with the required protection. The cable that comes with this lock is made up of galvanized steel that makes it even more durable. And the price of this model is quite reasonable that anyone can buy. You can check it out on various sites.

So, these were the best five laptop locks that you can use to protect your MacBook laptops. This is a must-have accessory that everyone should have with them. You can get any of these locks as per your requirements. I hope this article will help you in choosing the right option. And for more details and suggestions like this, stay connected with us and check out our website.

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