The Best Mobile App Development Company in the USA

Do you want to get in touch with the top mobile companies in the market? Such as “mobile app development company in the USA,” in cities Mobile App Development Services in California, UK, eastern Europe, etc.  

You may ask yourself whether you want to develop an Android, iOS, and Windows mobile application, or you may want to create a cross-platform application.  

Through any stretch, it’s not a minor question, and to make the proper selection, you have to go through many choices on the single list to compare and make an informed choice or decision. 

Due to the nature and demand of the application development procedure, the best Android and iOS application developers can be found scattered worldwide. From “California”  in the USA to Europe and other countries . 

These companies have established their offices in different locations worldwide. For example, one company is operating from “California” created its headquarters with a marketing and sales department. And its design and other development departments somewhere in other countries like Europe.  

On the other side, some agencies are entirely located in their own countries. Like UK, India, and other multiple countries. A large number of best developers you can find in the UK. 

This article rounds up the best application development companies from multiple locations to save your time that you spend googling “Mobile App Development Services in California,” UK, or in any other country. 

We select companies for you that have a proven track record in the field of app development. And they have a diversified portfolio. Several companies here develop iOS, Android, windows, cross-functional and hybrid applications. 

We look at their UX and User Interface design’s core strength, and their willingness to paddle new technologies like wearable Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Amazon Alexa, and many other bots. 

One thing bears in mind that never compare or discriminate the large company with the small company. Both have different quality and metrics.  

Our database has a list of several application development agencies. But you have to understand and learn how to choose one for your project.  

Never choose an app development company for your business and your app idea. Just by seeing their brand name and awards, these are not enough to select the right company. You have to study the market and do in-depth research on it. This post can aid you in making a more informed decision.

Types Of App Developer

There are four types of application developers. And you can also find many other subgroups within this. Like these are specialized in a particular field or platform. 

Broadly the enterprise-level firm tends to cost more, but they have the ability to create your application quickly and best. On the other side, boutiques are small developers, we can say, and the last type is freelancers.

Enterprise (In House): 

Large firms that normally can do anything to your application as you required, from designing to developing, testing, and launching it. 

These types of firms generally required larger budgets for your project. And their designers and developers are mainly employees.

Enterprise (Outsource): 

The main difference between these and the firms is that they hire freelancers to work on your project. It allows more flexibility. 

It might be you already have a User interface or have developing abilities or skills but would like somewhat designed. It generally cuts down your costs. These application development companies are cheaper than others.


These types of studios are small. This is a two-person team often. Boutiques take few projects and deliver the best and polish applications. They are experts in particular types of applications or sector verticals.


You can find a single person who is willing to do everything like design, programming, coding, testing, launching, etc. 

But the reality is that a person who can do all of this in the best way is very few and expensive. It is not impossible to create an application with freelancers. But it does put a lot of work and risk.

App Development Platforms

There are mainly two platforms: iOS, the iPhone’s OS. And the other is Android. It comes under Google’s system. That runs from Samsung to LG and other Android-supported devices. 

There is a third-platform known as Windows 10 mobile. It’s unknown and not so famous in the market, and we can say that. Windows 10 mobile has less than 1 percent of the market share in the US. And in other markets, its share is around 10 percent.

App Developer Locations

As with the technology sector, large cities are the hubs for application development. Some small agencies you can find in smaller cities, but they have to follow the same rules.


“California” is the top hub for mobile application developers. San Francisco and Silicon Valley being the main ones. Los Angeles also in the race. It’s not behind.  

New York comes as second the biggest US city for application development. There are some famous studios. That followed by Chicago and Boston.


In the UK, London is the primary hub for app development. With most numbers of developers. While the north side also offers some small but best studios, mainly in Manchester and Newcastle.


India is also a large hub for mobile application development. The majority of Indian developers are from three big cities, like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and New Delhi.

Eastern Europe

Ukraine is the strongest competitor for the central hub title of application developers in Eastern Europe. But there are many throughout the region. Along with the best and top are in Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania. 

App Development Pricing and Costs

The cost or price of an application can be varied massively. That depends that how complex an application is. Or it’s run which platforms like Android or iOS. 

Another question is, is it native or hybrid, etc. the main thing is that which developer you select. The estimated price range is from as little as 3000$ to 150,000$ for more complex applications developed by the High-End developers. 

Costs also change as per the country or region. The median price per hour for Android development in the US Is around 167$ in the UK is 70$ and in India is approximately 30$. For the iOS is 150$ per hour, 70 for the UK, and 26$ for India. In India, Android is more favored as compared to iOS. 

How to Select An App Developer?

Checking out the application developer’s portfolio is always a good decision. Past experience in your business sector will aid you in decision-making. With this experience, not only, you get the best application, but you can get it at less price too. 

Reviews and suggestions also play a vital role in it. These are valuable resources. If you know anyone who is running the same business as you. You can get help from them and find out who developed their application. 

And also, check it is working and read the reviews of their application on the app store. You can also check out market place. Several well-known and best companies are already working on it, like “Cubix.” offers Mobile App Development Services in California You can also read the articles and blogs which are present on the internet and get in-depth knowledge.  

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