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The Best Smart Home Devices in 2021

Today, a lot of people in India depend on gadgets and technology. He does most of his work with the help of gadgets. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that he uses smartphones and other connected gadgets. The home automation market is new in India and not many people have used this technology yet. Not many people know what to buy initially. Today we will talk about some such gadgets which are necessary for home automation. With the help of these gadgets, your work will be easier and your home will become a smart home.  Here are the Best smart home essentials for living.

1. Having a good internet signal in every corner of the house

A good-speed Wi-Fi router is required to make a home a smart home. Internet connection, data pack, and internet speed should be good to use all gadgets properly. If your internet connection is slow then your devices will not work quickly.

2. Smart light bulb

To make a smart home, it is necessary to have a smart light bulb in the house. Smartlight bulbs can be controlled from a single device and you can also change their brightness and color according to the situation.

3. Smart speaker

A smart speaker can do almost all of our work like it can play songs for you, make calls, control the light and also control the TV. The smart speaker can do almost all the work done by smartphone. You can buy smart speakers from many companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Microsoft.

4. Smart surveillance camera

It is very important to have a surveillance camera on the door of the house, in the children’s room and in the living room. A smart surveillance camera can be controlled from smartphones and tablets. It helps you keep an eye on everywhere and will give information about every activity. You can turn off the surveillance camera from a phone or tablet and view all recordings.

5. Smart switch

Smart switches cost a bit more and are quite expensive. But with a smart switch, you can control your home’s lighting. These switches have motion sensors. Due to the motion sensor, the light in the room where you are is lit and it automatically turns off after you exit.

6. IoT devices

Washing machines, geysers, etc. all come inside the IoT device. You can turn all these devices on or off from anywhere with the help of a phone. All these things are connected to the Internet.

7. Connected accessory

It is also necessary to have connected gadgets so that you can connect the speaker in another room with your TV. You can give the command to play your favorite video to your TV or speaker without your smartphone. With the help of accessories, you can control the lights, speakers, and your TV.

Smart home gadgets 2021

Our evaluations are based on a combination of usability and performance criteria: how easy is it to install the device? Can it talk to other smart home appliances in the home? Is the app simple? What is a feature set? We crunch all of that data into a bottom-up assessment: Does this product solve real problems and provide real benefits?

1. Amazon Echo Dot

The name says it all: It’s an echo dot with a clever LED clock on its face. However, this seemingly simple addition adds a ton of functionality to the Echo Dot, making for an even better smart home companion. In fact, we want more smart home companies to take the hint of Amazon and make modest — yet effective — enhancements to already excellent devices.

However, more than just time, the Echo Dot with a clock display can also show you the current temperature, and also act as a timer. It also has an ambient sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on the power of its surrounding environment. The Echo Dot With Clock costs $ 10 more than the Echo Dot, but it is a worthwhile upgrade for those who want to know the time without asking Alexa.

2. Samsung SmartThings WiFi

Your smart home is only as strong as it runs on WiFi. The mesh networks ensure a clear signal in every room. According to our engineers, Samsung SmartThings does WiFi with any mesh network as well as puck-size devices that plug into any outlet; An external AC adapter works with a two-way outlet, a nice feature for older homes. you can check out Best Wireless Router for Multiple Streaming Devices

But the real beauty of the system is the onboard router designed not only with Zigbee but also with Z-Wave and Bluetooth; In short, this means that there are no conceivable smart home devices that you won’t be able to set up via Samsung SmartThings WiFi. From there, you’ll have complete control of your entire smart home through the SmartThings app, which our testers found easy to install and user-friendly.

3. Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit

The Philips Hue White Starter Kit includes two bulbs and a hub to connect them to other smart home appliances. When you can’t change the colors of these bulbs, you can adjust their brightness (up to 800 lumens), and add up to 50 to a hub. Philips’ bulbs also work with a wide range of smart home systems including Alexa, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Google Home and Nest.

Philips Hue Lights also has an app, Philips Hue Sync, that lets users synchronize their smart bulb with multimedia content on their Mac or Windows PC. For example, you can set your lights to flash and change color over time with music, videos, and movies playing on your computer. Users can also modify color schemes and themes to suit their tastes. For $ 30 more, you can upgrade your starter kit to include 4 bulbs instead of 2.

4. Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

Smart thermostats automatically control the temperature of your home, reducing heating and cooling costs and helping to achieve optimal climatic conditions throughout the year. The ultra-sleek Ecobee with voice control earned top marks for versatility. As the name implies, you can control it by voice through an integrated Alexa speaker. Room sensors enable you to monitor and control the temperature in specific areas such as nurseries or home offices.

Our testers found the Ecobee comparatively easy to install and use. They also like energy consumption tracking and geofencing features, as well as the ability to control the indoor humidity of the thermostat on hot dog days.

5. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Our August Smart Lock Pro review did little to improve, but the company went ahead and changed its core to make it smaller and easier to use. As our new top pick among the best smart locks, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is 45 percent more compact than its predecessor, so it looks less clear on your door. It also has Wi-Fi built-in, so you can leave the August Connect Bridge to connect your lock to your home network.

Everything we enjoyed about the August Pro is still here: an easy installation process, features like Dorsense (which lets you know your door is left open), and all the major smart home systems, Alexa to Google Compatibility from helper to Xfinity. And, August Wi-Fi lets you keep keys from your existing deadbowl.

How to choose the best smart home devices for you

Choosing the Best Smart Home Devices is different for each buyer. Most decisions come down to which smart home platform you prefer – you may want to buy devices that are compatible with your voice assistant so that you can create routines or control your gadgets hands-free.

You have three main options: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant / Home, and Apple HomeKit / Siri.

Alexa generally comes out on top, as it works with the smartest home appliances, and has the most third-party skills. However, Google Assistant can do something that Alexa cannot do – such as controlling Chromecast TV – and it is increasingly being built into many third-party devices in conjunction with its Works with Nest program. The availability of HomeKit is also increasing, and if you frequently use Siri on your iPhone or iPad, then this may be the right platform for you.

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