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The Everlasting Gospel of Christmas Ornaments

The first Christmas ornaments were fruits and nuts which were placed in the Christmas tree and later eaten from the pulses as part of the Christmas feast. Over time other ornaments were added that brightened the tree and added extra meaning and significance, such as a star or angel.

Games using Christmas ornaments

The term Christmas ornament refers to round ball type ornaments that are usually made of metal and plastic for these games. Originally these were made of blown glass but do not use glasses for these games as they must be broken. The Everlasting Gospel leads us to a further understanding of such things.

Chopstick Christmas Tree – Each player will need your ornaments and a pair of chopsticks. Players must use chopsticks and place as many ornaments on the tree in one minute.

Christmas Ball Conveyor – Each team chooses two to compete in this challenge. They are facing each other to determine how difficult you want the challenge to be. A ribbon wraps around both players ’waists, creating a loop around both of them. The first player’s hooks include a bowl with Christmas ornaments and a small Christmas tree next to it. To move the ornament around the ribbon the two players must rotate together, ending with the first player, who must hang from the tree.

Christmas in the Balance – (adapted to win from the minute) When the clock starts ticking, two young men from each team must first place a scale on a vertically wrapped paper tube. When the scales balance on the tube, the young men in each group can start hanging 5 ornaments of equal size and weight, one at a time for each person, simultaneously at each end of the scale.

Once a young man places the first ornament on the scale and gives up the ornament

No one allows to touch the pipe or yard or the game is over. To complete the game, the scales, tubes, and ornaments must be freestanding within the 60-second time limit and remain that way for 3 seconds.

Counting Christmas Ornaments – Before you place your ornaments on a Christmas tree, count them. The person who accurately estimates the number of ornaments on the tree wins a prize.

Deck the Ball – Two people in each team are given a wrapping paper tube. When the clock starts ticking, the first person in each group with the tube sucks the first ornament from the start bowl using his tube and transfers it to his partner. The person then hangs it on a tree (or strings across the house in the middle of two stairs).

If an ornament falls to the floor or touch by something other than a tube

That ornament is out of play. To complete the game, you must successfully move 3 ornaments and hang them on a tree (or string) within a time limit of 60 seconds. All 3 ornaments must hang on the tree (or string) together for 3 seconds.

Find Christmas Ornaments The Everlasting Gospel collects a variety of Christmas tree ornaments.  Put the photos on a separate card. Players must draw a card and run to the tree and collect ornaments on the card. The first team to fill out a certain number of cards wins. As a variation, search for the next person in each group for the same ornament First it gets points to find and recover. The first team wins by a certain number of points.

Christmas Kiss – (designed to be won every minute) A string is hung horizontally across the room at each end of the room. When the clock starts ticking, each pair of competitors only has to use their lips to remove the ornament from the starting string and transfer it to the other string. If one ornament falls off, competitors may start with another from the starting string. To complete the game, players must move the 3 ornaments using only their mouths and hang them together on the last string for at least 3 seconds. 

Hot Christmas Ornaments – When everyone is sitting in a circle, hand over a Christmas ornament. When the music pauses, whoever holds it is out of the game.

Ornament Catcher – You’ll need an 8-foot ladder (next to the Christmas tree for nice photo

opportunities), Christmas stockings with thick knitting needles on the top to keep it open, and round Christmas decorations Position the ladder in the center of the meeting and place the stockings on the floor in front of it. Arrange round Christmas decorations at the top of the stairs. (Save some spatter to fasten the ladder and make sure no one falls.) 

Divide the youth into pairs. One of the partners in the first pair knelt facing the stairs and held the stockings over his face. The other partner must climb the stairs so that his face is flush with the top of the stairs, where five ornaments are set. Make sure they press firmly against the stairs. The person on the stairs blew decorations down the stairs one by one.

The stocking partner is free to move to catch the balls but has to kneel and hold the stockings in his mouth. Manual use is not allowed. Partners change positions and repeat the process. Herring. All pairs take turns. The winning couple is the person who will get the most jewelry in stockings. If there is a tie, repeat the process with your runners.

In the original game, participants only had to walk with the orange under the participants’ line using their chin. In our version, we replace the orange with a round Christmas ornament.

The ornament race – athletes run on all fours and carry the ornaments with their noses to the finish line.

Ornament – One player from each team must stand behind the ornament on a tree holding a gift box. As the clock is ticking, each participant can start fanning the Christmas tree decoration with the gift box. Players and gift boxes must never touch Christmas decorations or end the game. To complete the game, the contestant must acquire Christmas decorations in the designated edge area within 60 seconds. The tree ornament must stop completely without leaving the designated edge area.

Go to the next level

What’s your favorite Christmas tree decoration?

If you were to describe yourself as a Christmas ornament, what would you choose and why?

Make it spiritual

Use it as a salvation plan presentation for children’s holiday counsel or as a holiday overview lesson.

The subject of this lesson will require you to:

Christmas tree

Gold, red, white, and blue bulbs.

A string of Christmas lights

Place the items on the Christmas tree in the following order and explain them along the way.

Golden Christmas bulbs

Golden Christmas bulbs remind us of a heaven filled with God’s glory. The Bible tells us that in heaven the streets of the city are pure as pure gold and glass. God wants you to be in heaven with him someday.

Have you ever seen a black Christmas light bulb?

There are no black Christmas bulbs. Just as there are no black Christmas bulbs, there is one thing that can never be in heaven. This is a sin. It is a sin to do, say, or think bad things. Sin is something that God displeases. Sin has caused grief and misfortune in our world. But just as there are no black Christmas lights, God does not allow sin in heaven.

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