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Health and Fitness

The growing popularity of sorted medication

What is Sorted Medication Delivery

Sorted medication has gained immense popularity in the past few years, the primary reason being the comfort it offers to patients. It is a facility being offered by online prescription delivery services whereby medication is sorted according to date and time in packets. These packets are packaged in a box and delivered to the patient at their doorstep.

First & foremost, the sorted medication service ensures that there are no errors in medication by the patient, which can happen if we misread the prescription or miss a medication. Sometimes a patient is lax about getting a medication that might have run out and not go to the pharmacy. This results in mental and physical health both being put to risk. Sorted medication safeguards patient health as it guarantees no medication is missed, no errors are made, and the patient can safely take medication on time and not miss any pills which may put their health at risk.

Scheduling of Sorted Medication

The scheduling part of the sorted medication service also ensures that a patient never misses any medication as a new box of sorted medication is sent across before the last one finishes. This is especially useful for patients who suffer from chronic conditions or are not able to sort medication or maintain proper adherence to medication because of their physical state.

Online prescription delivery services which offer sorted medication delivered at your doorstep saves the trip to the pharmacy. Patients or prescription users need to go to the pharmacy and buy bottled medications, they must check the prescription every time and take the pills out of the respective bottles. This can sometimes result in patients missing their medication or making errors in the prescription. Secondly, if a bottle of medication is finished, they must go to the pharmacy again to get one medicine.

You Never Have to Visit a Pharmacy Again

Sometimes a patient can simply avoid going to the pharmacy because they are not in the mood or are not able to go physically given their physical state and have no one who can get their medication. Patients especially the elderly face such issues and it is difficult to maintain complete adherence to medication. It is a problem many older people or people with disabilities face. The advent of sorted medication solves this issue and no patient, or their family member has to go to the pharmacy, stand in line and await their turn. The comfort and ease offered is one of the key reasons for its growing popularity.

COVID-19 and Prescription Delivery

The Covid19 pandemic has also increased the demand for the online prescription delivery services and sorted medication. Almost every country in the world went into lockdown and needed to adopt social distancing measures to safeguard themselves from Covid19. The coronavirus pandemic further created the need for an online service which reduced human to human interaction. The elderly and people suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer were especially at risk.

If patients from the high-risk group went to the pharmacies and even with all precautionary measures such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, there was a chance of them catching the virus which has proved deadly especially for the elderly across the world. For the past one year we have been told to stay at homes and timely medication is vital for the elderly and patients with chronic illnesses. Elderly people sometimes simply do not have family members or help who they can count on for the delivery of their medication. This further increased the popularity of online prescription delivery services which offered prepackaged medication at their doorstep.


Sorted medication is now automated in many online prescription pharmacies which reduces medication errors that can be made while counting or dispensing different medication. The pharmacist can now focus on the patient instead of counting medication or sorting out inventory which takes a lot of their time. Pharmacies offering sorted medication also offer support and a patient can ask any questions regarding their prescription, or what is the dosage of a certain medication, side effects or anything that a patient might feel like regarding their health.

The popularity will Continue to Grow

The popularity will continue to grow and as the 3rd wave of COVID-19 strikes across the globe. The need for sorted medication will increase as the new variants that have mutated are proving more dangerous than before. The world has shifted in the past one year and the reliance on technology has increased exponentially. We have learned to adapt and medication which is an integral part of patient care had to be delivered on time. The popularity and demand will continue to grow, and we will see the movement of communities from physical pharmacies to virtual ones.

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