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The Impact Of COVID-19 On The Australian Automotive Industry

As the COVID 19, Safety Regulations variants continue to hit globally, including Australia, the businesses are also disrupted with the automotive industry. As a result, the Australian economy is faced with unique challenges leading to uncertainty. The pandemic has only compounded the complex economic situation felt by auto financiers and dealerships who experienced challenging regulations and negative growth trends in new car sales.

Here is our perspective on how car dealers can come back in post COVID era.

Surviving The COVID-19 Crisis In The Australian Car Market

The pandemic has hit the automobile industry really hard after a decline of more than two years in viability and a shift in the market. The pressure from financial and stress standpoints has been enormous.

The OEMs are faced with the demanding job of forecasting the unpredictable, and the network of dealers has been fraught with challenges. This crisis will not stop overnight, thus changing the industry landscape for upcoming years. The need of the hour is to chart out the future course to come out of the current crisis more robust than before.

The Current Automotive Industry Madness

Supply chains all over Australia have experienced hiccups in manufacturing. Even when the automotive factories bounce back, supply will only reach the home market at the first level. While making a comeback, a few brands will be becoming stronger than the rest as the supply went seriously down during COVID. Shorter supply chains would be in excellent shape, helping the products quickly in the market.

What’s Next For The Australian Automotive Market?

Buyer behavior is one of the most significant uncertainties facing this industry at the moment. Are the people going to buy cars, which cars, how will they fund it, and finally will the customers even want to buy new cars for Top Used Auto wrecking Gold Coast?

Generation Y doesn’t seem that enthusiastic to buy new cars as Gen X and Baby Boomers did, which means that the current market is full of uncertainty. Unfortunately, COVID-19 came fast with no time to prepare for the worst. The thing we have to do now is figure out how the dealerships will prepare for the sales post-COVID.

The three main areas to target for the car companies:

  • Dealer Marketing Plans and Digital Footprint
  • Dealer Perspective

Robust Dealer Marketing Plans and Digital Footprint

Dealership showrooms became empty like the Sahara desert with the onset of COVID 19 Safety Regulations. Only a few straw balls kept rolling while the remaining industry got hit pretty hard. However, the data suggest that consumers still want to buy and sell cars for cash QLD. Moreover, with work from home jobs skyrocketing, most people make time to check online to see what is out there.

Therefore, a strong digital footprint is necessary more than ever before. The big challenge dealers would face is the company message remaining constant throughout diverse platforms. That includes dealer messages, emails, social media posts, and OEM. A discrepancy in messages can result in:

  • Longer response times
  • Confused customers
  • Confusion while interacting with a dealership

Therefore, strive to make the most out of a bad situation. The automotive market will bounce back, but the dynamics will be different. Dealerships must accept and adapt to the changing dynamics to succeed.

  • Optimize your business

There are steps you can take to optimize your business once the pandemic shakes off:

  • Create a list: A good step would be to have a forthright conversation with customers and prospects. This would help you figure out the needs of your business in the post-COVID era.
  • Reach out online: Use text messages, emails, and social media to reach out to your clients.
  • Build a connection: Now, touch the base by engaging with clients not to sell but build an honest connection.
  • Get Proactive: Make use of digital platforms for popping up the customers’ screens and showing your care.

Be present and available

It goes without saying that actions always speak louder than words. First, you should let your customers know that you are open for business and what services you offer. Being available is the principal element for success as soon as the market returns. Your customers will never forget a dealer who reached out to them and supported the local community during difficult times.

It is time to take some big risks if you have got a stable cash flow. Try something novel. Showcase your strengths to your customers. Although, this pandemic has been different from previous recessions. However, it does not mean that the business would go on like this forever.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Don’t lose your clients
  • Create a solid digital presence
  • Ensure fast response times to your customers
  • Plan for online follow up and also engage with your customers
  • Ensure online enthusiasm

Following the mentioned tips can be the trump card in separating the successful and unsuccessful businesses. It’s about time to pick your side.

Dealer Perspective

As the current stock in the automotive industry clears, no new stock is arriving right now. As a gap is created between the old inventory sales and the latest inventory showing, the exchange rates would add some pressure to the existing sensitive grey area.

The new automotive plants are catching speed but only supplying their existing domestic markets. So the point is, how will you make the most out of such a bleak situation in the industry? The cost opportunities for the Australian automotive market only lie in getting our own house in order first.

Car dealers must turn their due attention to the data of car sales. It’s time to put on some new sunglasses and prepare yourself to have a successful and bright future!

Get A Quote Online

After you have decided on the company, you want to go with, either you can submit an online quote or call them. Make sure they offer free quotations without any obligation.

You will have to provide some details like:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Location
  • Vehicle Make, Model, and Condition
  • Odometer Reading
  • The vehicle is Registered or Not

Quick Points to Choose a Reliable Damaged Cars for Cash Company in Gold Coast

  • Professional auto wrecking services can be found online or near your place.
  • Inquire about the services you’ve been looking for in your damaged car.
  • Conduct market research to determine the true market worth of your damaged vehicle.
  • Choose wrecking companies that offer legal or approved services for your damaged vehicle.
  • For the services, request cash on the spot, little paperwork, and same-day car removal.

Adrians are the top and highest paying auto traders on Gold Coast. We are experts in buying damaged cars of any make, model, or condition regardless of the mileage it has driven. We offer top dollars upfront and same-day car removal if you want.

Adrians Metal Recyclers are a licensed and registered company in Gold Coast that aims to clean Australia from old, rusty, junk, scrap, wrecked, damaged, and salvaged trucks, 4×4, SUVs, Utes, hatchbacks, sedans, vans, minivans, heavy vehicles, commercial vehicles, etc. to save the environment.


The author is fond of cars and hopes to add value to the industry from an open-dialogue perspective. He has been working at Adrian’s as a Lead Evaluator for over five years and, in his free time, likes to write informative blogs about automobile industries.

Adrian’s is the highest-rated Metal Recyclers Gold Coast. You can Sell Cars for Cash for up to $9,999 and avail free towing services.

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