The Nuts and Bolts of Sage 50 Hosting

Benefits of Sage 50 Hosting

You probably already know how important Sage 50 can be to your business and bottom line. Offering sound financial management for both small and midsize businesses, Sage 50 is used for a variety of business entities including non-profits and wholesale trade companies. Everything from accounting, payroll, billing, customer and inventory management is included in Sage 50.

What you might not know is that cloud-based environments can be used to host Sage 50. Yes, it’s true—with Sage 50 Hosting, organizations can still utilize the power of Sage on the cloud.

Instead of limiting Sage 50 applications to your hard drive, you can now use the cloud. Through a secured website, multiple users around the globe can access Sage 50 from any Internet access point. Access is obtained with a username and password login. With multiple servers available, users always have access to files in the event one of the servers malfunctions or is inoperable. This level of redundancy ensures information is secure.

Benefits of Sage 50 Hosting

Sage 50 Hosting offers lower costs, and can be integrated easily with multiple other software applications, including Microsoft Office. As stated previously, multiple users always have access to Sage 50 via the cloud. Information can be accessed via storage on the cloud regardless of any technical computer difficulties, catastrophic hardware failures, or even in the event of natural disaster. The servers constantly back up data online so no files are lost. And the flexibility organizations have is tremendous—multiple users have instantaneous access from any Internet source.

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Sage 50 allows organizations to save substantially and increase their revenue on an annual basis. Companies don’t need to invest in additional IT hardware or infrastructure because all of the hosting is done through third-party servers.

Sage 50 hosting is a fantastic option for organizations that need to have real-time access from any Internet access point, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, with real-time collaboration between multiple end users.

Choosing a Good Sage 50 Hosting Provider

When searching for a quality Sage 50 Hosting Provider, there are a few things one should consider. Of course, each individual company may have its own criteria for evaluating host providers. The following list is merely a starting point but the answers will help you determine which hosting provider you should go with:

Look at the company’s track record. Are they an industry leader? Or are they the “new kids on the block?” While it may not be the case, a newer company may have “growing pains” issues that have yet to be resolved. As a result, the company’s clients may be adversely affected.

Is the company certified and/or authorized for Sage 50? A certification in Sage 50 multi users ensures the company is highly qualified to address any potential issues that may arise.

Are both customer service and technical support departments ready to assist the company? Both are critical factors whenever researching Sage 50 host providers.

Is the price competitive? Price should not be the only consideration when evaluating potential Sage 50 hosts. There should be a direct correlation between value and quality received and price of the product.

Does the company have dependable uptimes? While no company can guarantee a 100% uptime, finding a company with a 99% uptime is ideal.
A good way to try it out is to get started with our demo which will address any additional questions you may have.

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