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The Top NFT marketplace in 2022

NFT is the talk of the digital world. Those who were thinking about cryptocurrency and STO had now turned their carts towards this newly emerging digital financial technology that is capable of generating fortune. If you are concerned about how to create NFT, it is very simple. But now, it is not about creating NFT, but choosing the best platform to sell them to gain efficient profits.

In that sense, this blog will help you to identify the best NFT marketplaces that were popular among the traders and NFT creators.

This list will help you to choose the best one which suits your interest. Let us get into the blog.

A short intro about NFT

NFT is nothing but a Non-Fungible token. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets and can not be replicated with another. They are developed in a blockchain network that incorporates unique identification codes and metadata.  So, the separate construction of each NFT has a robust efficiency for various use cases. These are fully diverse from fungible tokens i.e. Cryptocurrencies, ICO, etc.

NFT can imbibe anything of digital importance – be it art, a digitally rare collectible like video, funny animated gifs, a podcast of a famous artist that you would have dreamt of, songs, video games, and their accessories, etc. They are protected from being hacked or stolen with a secure blockchain-based certificate. Therefore, the NFT is secured by blockchain technology and it is the one that validates the ownership of that particular digital piece. In most cases, the NFT would be safeguarded by an Ethereum blockchain with some special reference to the token standard- “ERC721”

Some popular NFT auctions

  1. Nyan Cat by Chris – $600,000
  2. Complete collection of Beeple on Nifty gateway – $777,000
  3. Hairy by Steve Aoki – $800,000
  4. Not forgotten, but gone – $1 Million
  5. Crypto Punk on Larva Labs – $1.5 Million
  6. Jack Dorsey first tweet – $2.5 Million
  7. Crossroad by Beeple – $6.6 Million
  8. Everyday: The first 5000 days by Beeple – $ 69 Million

Top NFT marketplace

Here is the list of the top 10 NFT marketplace

  1. Opensea
  2. Rarible
  3. Super rare+
  4. Atomic assets
  5. Viv3
  6. Foundation
  7. Treasure Land
  8. Arkane market
  9. Known origin
  10. NFT showroom

Let us see about them one by one in brief that you could decide your choice of NFT marketplace.

  1. Opensea – Opensea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces and the first among the marketplaces that were present since the emergence of NFT. You can buy, sell or discover rare digital items in this marketplace that includes anything like art, or video or domain names or virtual cards, or anything of digital importance. This platform prioritizes the trending NFT that allows your NFT to get popularized according to the engagement you get.  Their unique specialty is that their specification and their listing. Instead of listing all of them in one, they list based on the categories that help the user to buy or sell the NFT based on their priority or wish. As of now, Opensea has more than 4 million items in its marketplace. So there is no doubt business people want to start NFT marketplace like Opensea.
  2. Rarible – It is an effective NFT marketplace that allows you not only to buy or sell NFT but also allows you to widely create NFT and sell them right away on their platform. They have an option called “create” where you can choose to create single or multiple tokens. Apart from the trade, Rarible offers your RARI tokens for those who have done exceptionally conducted trade in the post week. Nearly 75,000 RARI tokens are getting distributed every week to those traders on the platform. If you are an entrepreneur, you can also create NFT marketplace like Rarible within 7 days.
  3. Superrare – This is a digital forum where you can collect various types of digital artworks and creative digital collectibles. You can discover favoring digital art, buy or sell digital tokens and convert them into cryptocurrencies or you can showcase your digital collection in your VR gallery or digital display. All you need to do is to create a tokenized certificate, set the price, and send it for auctions. The platform would help you to fetch the best bid for your artistic work as per the demand.
  4. Atomic Assets – This is a different kind of NFT marketplace that is packed with unlimited features for the users, buyers, and sellers. So that, some of the distinguishing features of the Atomic assets include Assets with fixed ram costs, assets that can be backed with tokens, data serialization, effective trade offers, and smart contract notifications.
  5. Viv3 – If you want to list your creative and digital token in the best marketplace that segregates the artwork based on categories and updated releases, then you will need to consider Viv3. If you are a regular lister, then the platform will list your token by your name with regard to the new release. Also, you can take a look over your past token drops and your transaction or listing history with your account. You know what, their night mode feature is just stunning and cool.
  6. Foundation – This is similar to Opensea which has extensible features that you cannot find in other ethereum wallets. If your creation is highly unique there are greater chances that it can be curated and prioritized. You will have to connect your wallet, most probably the ethereum wallet to either buy or sell in the Foundation marketplace. You can have a list of live auctions in their dashboard. This is a new creative economy as they are striving to bring all the digital creators, collectors all together in one place. If you want a marketplace with a stunning user interface and user-friendly listing, then you might choose Foundation for your NFT trading.
  7. Treasure land – Want to enjoy the fun of gold mining along with your NFT trading and listing. This is your place. The UI of Treasure land is exemplary that attracts users to trade in them. They prioritize BNB based tokenization as they have partnered with Binance for their NFT venture. You can also take a look over the ranking of the listings in the rankings section. You know what, they offer airdrops too in form of Magic draw. If you want to experience a completely different NFT marketplace with stunning features, you should give it a try to Treasure land.
  8. Arkane market – Arkane market is best known for its NFT marketplace and NFT management. They offer attractive features for their users, buyers, and sellers that include low fees, buy and sell with fiat and cryptocurrency options, direct customer assistance, and support along with the presence of more than 100k users and followers. Constructed especially for gamers, it is more efficient for gamers to sell their digital game assets on the platform and earn huge profits. If you are a gamer and want to sell your digital game asset, this will be your primary choice.
  9. Known origin – This is a classic NFT marketplace with all the extension features of buy and selling tokens. They display a timeline of all the sold tokens, listed tokens, and a total number of artists, etc. which makes the site more reliable and trustworthy. They offer featured drops to keep the traders on track. For starters, this is the best NFT marketplace to start with.
  10. NFT showroom – This should not be considered as the last choice only because it grabs 10th place. So, you would rather not say about it if you take a look over their marketplace. They have a distinguishable UI that makes their site interesting and trustworthy. You can easily buy and sell the tokens in their marketplace by connecting your wallet.

Based on these, you could start your NFT journey by either buying or selling tokens as per your requirement. If you are an entrepreneur, why not think of starting an NFT marketplace? Sounds great right?

Where to get the best NFT marketplace development services?

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