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These Add-Ons Ensure Safest Browsing Experience on Firefox

The Internet is the hub of unlimited entertainment, knowledge, interaction, and many other useful things. But it’s also an unsafe ground that gives room to malware, phishing, ransomware, hackers, etc. who possess a considerable threat to your online identity and essential data and files. But Firefox users can get these issues out of their way using some add-ons or browser extensions. There are a huge variety of add-ons available for you, but the following are the best and most important one that should be on your browser as per your requirements:


HTTPS Everywhere

This extension is widely known for its security encryptions on your communications with many major websites, making your browsing experience safer. It switches the unsafe ‘http’ into ‘https’ to prevent you from various kinds of tracking, account hijacking, and some forms of censorship. The ‘https’ mode enables SSL encryption for the tension-free experience.


Here, WOT stands for Web of Trust. Enabling this extension on your browser will ensure complete protection as it keeps a tab on your browsing activity at all times so that it can warn you against dangerous sites hosting malware, phishing, and more. To ensure that you are aware of the potential threats, WOT will display donuts or a circular icon that gives ratings to every site you visit. The red color indicates potential danger, yellow suggests you be careful, and green means it’s a safe website.

Adblock Plus

It is the most trusted extension for blocking ads from videos, websites, social media, etc. It also protects your privacy by distracting the trackers from following your online activity which leads to the reduction of malware, malvertising, and more. But it doesn’t block Acceptable Ads initiative that is shown by default and is necessary for the companies to earn revenues on their content. However, users can choose to block these advertisements as well.

NoScript Security Suite

This add-on is in partnership with Tor Browser to provide you with the best possible protection. It only allows trusted domains to deliver executable contents which, further, helps in removing even the remotely harmful and potential vulnerability to enter. With the help of ClearClick technology, it protects your boundaries from cross-site scripting attacks, cross-zone DNS binding, and Clickjacking attempts.


It is one of the most powerful extensions that help in faster browsing, identity protection, display customization, and more. It has a built-in ad blocker that removes ads creating clutter in your workflow. It also blocks trackers from websites and speeds up the page loading while optimizing its performance. Ghostery has some default settings for anti-tracking, enhanced ad blocking, and smart blocking for faster, cleaner, and safer browsing experience. One can customize the default settings as per their requirements.

These ads-on or extensions are available for download on the Firefox browser add-on page. For verifying, you can check the ratings and reviews from the users.

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