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Health and Fitness

Things to Do Before Your Scalp Micro Pigmentation

When you start planning for a scalp micropigmentation, you hope to get the best results. Thus, you check scalp micropigmentation costs in clinics near you. SMP will help you create an illusion of real hair on your scalp. Thus, it would help if you had proper preparation before the session.

There are things you should consider before you have an SMP. We will discuss some vital factors you should consider when doing the preparation. They will also help you in guessing scalp micropigmentation costs. 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

When your hair thins, you have several methods you can use to restore the crown. But several ways will give you temporary results. Permanent methods like hair transplants are costly. But you can get a permanent method of hair remedy at a lower cost. Scalp micropigmentation is a technique that uses pigments to create an illusion of real hair on the scalp. The method is closely related to hair tattooing. 

SMP falls under the same class as microblading. The difference is that microblading is done with a handheld device while SMP is done with an electric tattooing tool. SMP offers a great solution when you need fuller hair and an even hairline. 

Consider Your Age

 Age is a crucial factor in SMP. There may be small you can do to prepare about age before the process, but there are some questions you need to think about. 

When you start facing hair loss before you are 35, your hair loss will likely be progressive over the years. Thus, you should think if you are ready to redo SMP after every few years. 

Hair loss at younger years may call for a better and sustainable hair loss remedy. However, you can still have SMP if you are ready to pay the scalp micropigmentation cost every year.     

Your Hairline

Before you go for an SMP process, you should select the design of your new hairline. You can consult a specialist to advise on the best hairline design that can suit your face. A specialist will create a digital mockup of different hairlines. From there, you can select the best design from the mockups. 

Do not select a dramatic hairline that would look unnatural. The goal of SMP is to enhance your look and give you an illusion of fuller hair. 

Know Your Expectations 

People have unrealistic expectations when it comes to scalp micropigmentation. It happens when one rushes to a hair loss remedy without knowledge of how it works. Some people think that SMP will reverse hair loss or boost their hair growth. They end up getting disappointed when their vague needs are not met. Well, it’s not the specialist’s fault. The patient didn’t know the process. 

SMP will only cover thinning and bald areas. However, it won’t regrow your hair. If you want to reverse hair loss, you should consider other remedies such as hair transplant or PRP hair loss

You Need a Soft Skin

Your skin needs to be soft when you are having scalp Micropigmentation. Thus, you should ensure you have a healthy hair care routine a few weeks before the SMP. Ensure you moisturize your scalp and hair well. A well-moisturized scalp will be soft to handle. You can go ahead and use scalp softener for about a week before SMP. 

If you leave your scalp to dry, the skin may be hard for the needles to penetrate well. Also, the ink won’t penetrate well into the scalp. It will give you poor results. 

The results of scalp micropigmentation are instant. Sadly, you can’t have a corrective SMP immediately after the force one. You will need to stay with the uneven results for a while before having a second treatment to correct the mistake. 

Have a Hair Cut a Night Before the Procedure

You should cut your hair the night before the appointment day. It helps the process to be quick. Also, there are minimal errors during the treatment. When you have a haircut, it ensures the specialist hacks the desired hairline well. Also, they can advise the best hairstyles you can wear with the outcome. 

Don’t cut your hair the morning before the appointment. If you didn’t cut the hair the night before, let an SMP practitioner cut it for you. They ensure you don’t get some redness on your scalp. 

Stop Using Topical Applications 

People use several topical applications for their hair and scalp. Some are to keep the hair and scalp healthy, while others are to boost hair growth. All topical application leads to product buildup on the scalp.

Avoid topical applications a day before your appointment. Also, ensure you cleanse your scalp well. You can use water or water-based moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying. Also, you can consult your specialist on the best step to take to ensure the scalp is moisturized. 

Have an Energy Boost

Scalp micropigmentation takes about 3-4 hours to complete. Also, there are no breaks once the process starts. SMP involves injecting a few thousand injections on the scalp for three to four hours. It’s a process that can leave you dizzy- or even pass out. Thus, it would help if you had enough energy to take you through the session. You can eat energy-giving foods in the last few days before your appointment. 

Ensure you take plenty of food the morning before your appointment. Also, it would help if you remained hydrated to help preserve the energy. 

Prepare for Post-SMP Treatment

You need to understand post-SMP treatment before you undertake the procedure. It helps you prepare psychologically for the process. Also, you’ll have an idea of what you need to do to recover fast. Some people may think the post-SMP treatment is hectic. Thus they abandon the procedure altogether. It’s wise to prepare for a process that you are psychologically ready for. 

Check for Medical Condition That May Hinder Success of SMP

There are a few medical conditions that may hinder you from having scalp micropigmentation. Conditions like dry/crisp skin, pimple breakout, dermatitis, and others may not go well with scalp Micropigmentation.

You can treat the conditions first before you have an SMP. If the condition is untreatable, you should consider another hair loss remedy. 

Severe conditions that would ultimately hinder you from SMP are psoriasis, keloid scarring, and autoimmune disorders. The conditions have no treatment, but you can manage them. Thus, you can’t do anything that may worsen the conditions. 

Current Medication That May Hinder Scalp Micropigmentation

Several medications may hinder you from taking SMP. If the medicine causes blood thinning, then you should reschedule your SM appointment. Talk to your doctor or your specialist to check the available options. You can opt to discontinue the medication for a while before you have an SMP.

SMP happens on a tiny layer of the skin. Thus, your body needs to function well. Blood thinners can cause you to bleed even on the smallest skin prickling. You can avoid that by doing away with blood thinners. 


There are more steps you can take to prepare for Scalp Micropigmentation. However, the above are the crucial factors to consider. When you follow the steps above, you will have a successful scalp Micropigmentation session. When a process goes wrong, you feel like you have wasted scalp micropigmentation costs.

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