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Things to Factor in When Choosing LAMS Motorbike

In 2019, Sydney’s population had reached more than five million, making it the most populous metropolitan in the country. Sydney is also a magnet for international students, as it has more than 100,000 of them studying in the city, besides the local Sydneysiders. Many of these students are riding a LAMS motorbike when going to school.

A LAMS (learner approved motorcycle scheme) motorbike is an approved vehicle for learner riders. These are typically motorbikes, scooters, trikes, or three-wheel motorcycles that have low or moderate power. While it is not advisable to perform advanced riding techniques on a LAMS motorbike sydney, this learner legal vehicle is designed with solid, safe brakes and is easy to maneuver on the road.

What is CC in a motorcycle ideal for a learner’s permit?

Considering that LAMS motorbikes come with less powerful engines compared to other motorcycles with high specifications, they need to abide by some guidelines. For example, specific modifications are limited, while the maximum capacity is 660 engine cc. Often, the cc of a motorbike is in line with its size, which means a 660cc is more suitable for a bigger rider than a bike with 250cc.

Choosing Your LAMS Motorbike

  • Standard or naked motorcycles. These usually come with an exposed body and has no windscreen; hence, the name. A naked bike has a lightweight design and is an excellent multi-purpose vehicle to ride on a highway or city streets.
  • Scooters. They have a low design, are compact, and easy to navigate on the streets. A scooter can give you the most comfortable and stress-free ride. If you are a beginner, a scooter is a good vehicle to practice and hone your skills. Scooters also have cheaper fuel than other types of motorcycles.
  • Cruisers. These are also referred to as choppers, which typically have an iconic appearance. Their design is similar to naked motorcycles in terms of having an exposed frame and without a windshield. A cruiser sits relatively low, and this makes it easy to navigate curves and corners.

What Size Is Suitable for a Learner Approved Motorcycle?

One of the most critical factors in your buying decision is the size of your prospective bike. When choosing your bike size, consider your height, weight, and size. A LAMS motorbike that is too large or too small for your physique can cause discomfort and even an accident.

If you are a bit short, find a motorbike with a saddle and a comfortable seat for your height. When you are at a green light, your feet need to be flat on the ground for a safe and comfortable position. With this, a cruiser may be the best option for a shorter rider.

If you are tall and have a large build, you need a bigger bike to accommodate your size. Consider a sport touring motorcycle or a naked bike for you.

Selecting LAMS motorbike weight

The weight of your motorcycle can impact your ride and its maneuverability. When you are learning many riding techniques, you will feel the weight of a heavier bike. When doing high speeds, you are not likely to feel its weight. But, if you are riding in slow-moving traffic, a heavy motorcycle may cause you to drop your vehicle as it gets unmanageable. In other words, choose a LAMS motorbike sydney with a weight that you can easily maneuver.

There are many other contributing factors when looking for your LAMS motorcycle. Ensure that it can meet your needs, such as comfort, speed, off-and on-road capability, and your budget. All this can help you choose the right bike for you as you are carrying a provisional license.

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