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Things We Didn’t Know About The Good Witch

The Good Witch is a Hallmark Channel’s American and Canadian TV series. It is one of the best series for the Hallmark Channel so far. The Good Witch is set to bring its seventh season with more love, entertainment, and hope from Middleton. It is an excellent show with a combination of calmness, a sense of magic, and wonder.


Catherine Bell is playing the role of head “witch” in charge in this series as Cassie Nightingale. She has the maximum number of fans following as compared to the other characters of The Good Witch. This series started in the year 2015 and gained a lot of fame and positive responses from the viewers.

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of the show.

The Series Came After A Made-For-TV Movie

The Good Witch is one of the best shows of Hallmark Channel and was actually created after Hallmark’s made-for-TV movie in the year 2008 and that too with the same title. After getting success in making the first movie, after one year Hallmark went to create a sequel to this movie titled The Good Witch’s Garden. Fortunately, the sequel got more success as compared to the first film and Hallmark made five more movies before starting a TV series. If anyone wants to clear their basics on this TV series, they can indeed watch the movies.

And There’s A Reason The Network Made Cassie A Widow

According to the first season of The Good Witch, Cassie was shown as a widow and the time was also not cleared about the death of her husband Jake, but she still grieved his loss. Later, she met Sam, who helped her get over the death of Jake. In the movies, the actor Chris Potter played the role of Jake. In the series, Hallmark has to make Cassie a widow because Chris was not available for the series as he was busy in his schedule. That is why the network made Cassie a widow to stay true to the fans.

Where Is Middleton Exactly?

Middleton is a fictional town and located at a distance of two hours from Chicago. This place is a small Illinois suburb and has several secrets. If we talk about real life, Hallmark filmed The Good Witch in Ontario, Canada near Niagara. However, Grey House is a real building in Dundas, Ontario, and the real name of this building is the Foxbar.

There’s Been A Lot Of Changes In Cast

It is noticeable by all those fans who have started with the movies and followed through with the series that there have been many changes in the characters since the start of this series and that too without any explanation. Some of the replaced characters are Brandon Russell and his wife Tara, Cassie’s stepdaughter Lori Russell, etc. There are also some mysteriously disappeared characters such as Martha Tinsdale’s son, George’s wife, and more.

Sarah Power Was Pregnant In Season Five

Sarah Power is playing the role of Abigail Pershing in The Good Witch. She had mystical abilities and was the cousin of Cassie. Abigail grew a lot after making Middleton her home. According to the series, the love-life of Sarah was not stable until she met Donovan Davenport. However, her love-life in real life is very stable, and she is married to actor Peter Mooney. Sarah was pregnant in the fifth season of The Good Witch, but she covered her baby bump to save the storyline.

It Is The Highest Ranking Show On The Hallmark Channel

According to the information and the success rate, The Good Witch has been considered to be one of the highest-ranking shows on the Hallmark Channel. After airing the season-five finale, more than three million viewers watched that part in a single day and made it the highest-rated program.

After discussing some of the behind-the-scenes facts of the Hallmark Channel’s The Good Witch, we have concluded that many characters have been replaced by newcomers and some of them have just departed. However, Cassie Nightingale is the longest-running character in the series so far and can continue to stick with The Good Witch.

Source-We Didn’t Know About The Good Witch

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