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Thirteen Most Exciting Drives In The World

Road trips are a typical trip, particularly during summer. Many countries have excellent roads that have stunning scenery to blow your mind. A prime example could be Ocean Road in Australia which many consider the most incredible road and the most memorable road trip experience. The Jebel Hafeet in the UAE and the Big Sur in California, United States of America. While these roads are considered some of the most beautiful anywhere, they represent a tiny portion of the most beautiful roads in the World. Therefore, regardless of which part of the World you reside in or where you travel, you can never get bored of traveling by road.

The thrill of driving along and discovering new roads is one of the most relaxing, enjoyable moments you can enjoy as an avid traveler. While traveling the globe and witnessing stunning landscapes worldwide, you’re having enjoyment and having fun. Although the World is brimming with lovely roads, a handful of them is unique in their beauty and pure navigation experience. This article will look at some of these roads.

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1. Great Ocean Road, Australia

It is among the most stunning roads worldwide and provides a thrilling journey. It’s not a fantastic exciting drives on its own. It also serves as the location for the most significant war memorial in the World, which extends for more than 150 miles. Created by soldiers returning from WWI to remember and honor their fellow soldiers who had lost their lives. therefore designated as part of the Australian National Heritage, and it spans from Allansford and Torquay. To fully appreciate this path and its surroundings and scenery, it is recommended to take some time to visit the area.

At the end of along the Great Ocean Road, you will be able to visit several of the well-known attractions in southern Australia, such as The Great Otway National Park, the lush tropical forest, the thundering waterfalls, as well as the magnificent Twelve Apostles rising from the sea. Also, you can see one of the most historic lighthouses in Australia and other famous wildlife such as dolphins, kangaroos, and southern right whales that are prevalent in the region.

2. The Andean Lakes

This road in Argentina encompasses more than 184 kilometers, starting from Bariloche city, passing through Dina Huapi village, Villa la Angostura, and San Martin de Los Andes city. The seven lakes that run along with it its nickname. Although you could complete the journey in a single day, you could allow yourself more time to discover more and take in the scenery by staying the night at specific locations in various towns along the way. While you travel through each city, be sure to get supplies and refuel before going on your next adventure.

3. Ruta 40

The road in Argentina extends across the entire length of the country. It begins or ends, based on the direction taken and located at La Quiaca, very close to the Bolivian border and culminating in Cabo Virgenes, situated in the southern part of Santa Cruz.

It’s a trip of 3000 miles that runs through the Andes, traversing 18 rivers and linking twenty national parks. It is a variety of scenic exciting drives with diverse landscapes and extremely varied driving conditions, offering stunning views and a diverse trip. If you’re seeking a wide range of options for your driving and want to experience a variety of driving, then you must be seeking out this road.

The Lakes in Bariloche, as well as the forests that surround these charming towns of San Martin de Los Andes and Villa La Angostura, the vineyards of gorgeous Mendoza as well as the fossils from the prehistoric period of this province San Juan, the colorful hills of Salta and Jujuy and the massive glaciers of Calafate as well as the bustling cities in El Bolson and Esquel, and the awe-inspiring feeling of vastness and isolation that grips travelers in Patagonia.

4. Chapman’s Peak Drive

This gorgeous route runs through South Africa, hugging the Atlantic Coast and overlooking the ocean and the ocean, giving you the impression that you’re driving along the edge of the mountain. It’s only a little more than five miles. However, it’s got 114 curves. Therefore, you’ll need careful attention while driving. However, you can be confident that it’s worth it. When you push on this road, the mountains and ocean surround you on both sides. This means you’re wrapped in the splendor of nature.

5. Big Sur

The road that runs through the US is well-known for road trips and with good reason. It is among the most scenic routes across the globe. It is located along the Pacific Ocean and is guided in the opposite direction by mountains. Like Chapman’s Peak exciting drives in South Africa, It is surrounded by nature. The Big Sur Road is a perfect example of the splendor of the West Coast with its green valley-like landscapes and crisp ocean views. Driving down the Big Sur on a summer afternoon with windows shut and blasting music is one of the most enjoyable road trips that you could ever experience.

6. Jebel Hafeet, UAE

There is a stunning view of the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Route located at one of the most awe-inspiring elevations within the United Arab Emirates, just from the affluent capital city Abu Dhabi. While it’s a relatively short road (11 km 7 miles), It is breathtaking and provides an unforgettable experience. Additionally, it offers a complete understanding of a mountainous road and finishes in some of the most stunning places in the country for an incredible photo experience for your excursion.

Road ascends to the summit of the mountain, which is 1,219 meters above sea level, offering motorists stunning views of the desert below, and the capital city of the oil-rich nation. The road ends in the palace and hotel, which is the property of the country’s governors.

The road is considered to be one of the tops around for sports driving, but during the day, it could be as high as 40oC/104 degF. Temperature. It is recommended to have air conditioning in your vehicle, and for motorcycles, exciting drives during the afternoon when the sun is setting.

Apart from its breathtaking road, the mountain is a favorite among people and tourists for its stunning views of Al Ain and the surrounding desert and Omani territory. It is also famous for its sunsets due to its lower temperatures than the plain. Are you brave enough to try it?

7. Ring road

The Ring Road is a famous route in Iceland due to its status as the primary road that runs along the edge of the island. It makes it possible to drive around the entire country. You can do it in seven days, leaving some time to visit various sites along the way.

The route is 1322 km long and connects the different towns and national parks. It also connects other interesting natural phenomena like glaciers, waterfalls, and volcanoes. Be sure to look at, in particular, the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon as well as Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. Skogafoss, as well as the Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. The whole road is accessible throughout the summer, spring, and autumn seasons. But, the most optimal season and time to take this road trip are in summer.

8. Hana Highway, Hawaii

It’s not difficult to see that Hawaii has beautiful roads, which makes it challenging to choose one because every place within the island is surrounded by lush vegetation. However, Hana Highway is one of them. Hana Highway stands out because it gives exciting drives and tourists an array of lovely things to see, including sweeping waterfalls, oceans, and forests.

9. Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road in Norway lets you capture beautiful nature and Norway along the way. Norway’s Atlantic Ocean waters bordering the road can allow visitors to view seals and whales within the seas. Also, there is a rocky horizon and green mountains to look towards from a distance. The road of eight kilometers contains ancient churches that can be visit and caves where ancient artifacts dating from the past are rediscovering.

10. Irohazaka Winding Road

The famous road is contain in Japan in the north of Tokyo. It stretches for more than 1500m from the historical Nikko city, located at 50m to the Okunikko highlands. One of the reasons this road is distinctive in the first place is its 48 hairpin twists mark by the number 48 of the Japanese alphabet. There are two waterfalls along the road, an observation deck with a view of the road’s twisting arc, and numerous perspectives that overlook Chuzenji Lake. If you’d like your trip to be more picturesque, take your trip during the autumn season when the autumnal hue in the forests is visible. This makes the beauty breathtaking. This Irohazaka Winding road also has the significance of culture because pilgrims travel along this road toward Lake Chuzenji.

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11. Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a trendy road in North Carolina and beyond. It’s one of the longest and highest routes in the Appalachian region. This gives exciting drives a stunning perspective of the landscape beneath them. It’s beautiful in the autumn when the leaves change color, and the landscape is an ocean of browns, oranges, and reds. So, if you aim to enjoy the view across to the Appalachian Highlands and the much-talked-about stunning beauty of the area, the Blue Ridge Parkway road is the best option. You’ll surely see pictures that will stay with you in the future.

12. The Amalfi Coast

This is situated in the southern part of Naples Bay in Italy and is home to some of the most breathtaking coastlines in Europe. The route covers 60 km in length between Salerno and Sorrento, and the road linking both is shaky and teetering on the awe-inspiring cliffs. This road permits you to visit two famous cities, Vietri Sul Mare and Positano, in which you are serving delicious meals and vibrant buildings that absorb the glamor and elegance of the region.

13. Applecross

This area is in The Scottish Highlands. This famous road is an awe-inspiring landscape that should not overlook. A remote peninsula lies in Wester Ross, while the hairpin bends along the road lets you take in stunning views of the Highlands. To make the most of traversing these hairpin turns, you might be looking to reward yourself in one of the many traditional pubs that are located in the villages close by. It is also possible to stop to take a photo.


As parents, you could make these excursions one of many inspiring methods through distance learning. Additionally, these roads are the most picturesque to exciting drives on, and you’re bound to have fun.

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