This Will Fundamentally Change The Way You Look At Top Hotels In Chicago

So, you are done with planning an exotic holiday vacation. You booked tickets, ordered all the essentials you’ll need, completed all reservations, but are still juggling between the best hotels. You’re searching for a luxury hotel or resort for a better overall experience. You can also be an aspiring hotelier plotting out what’s sure to be the luxury accommodation for tourists and staycationers as well.

So what makes a hotel or resort “luxurious,” exactly? There are no set standards for the industry. However, certain things come to mind when one books accommodation in hotels rated as “top hotels in Chicago.”

At a minimum, the guests expect perfection when it comes to customer service and room design. Since 4- and 5-star accommodations are generally high priced, you will rightfully expect nothing but luxury in such a case. Beyond these basics, keep reading, and we’ll help you change your perspective about what a luxurious stay looks like.

The Combo Of All These Make A Hotel/ Resort Luxurious

A Stunning Location

First up: location, location, location!

Whether you’re someone who is a beach bum, someone who treasures the hustle and bustle of a large city, or you wish to wake up to scenic countryside outside your window panes, nothing beats a stunning location when it comes to a luxurious stay.

And without a doubt, what is the use of an excellent locale if you can’t enjoy it? The best hotels in Chicago will offer courtyard views for budget-conscious travelers. Implementing the best ideas, the hotels will often have beautiful balconies, attached patios, or verandas. The extra cost is well worth it for guests who are willing to relax and take in the beauty close to them.

Envision this: after a long outing and then a deep sleep, you wake up to the soothing sound of colliding ocean waves. And guess what, the early morning sunlight is also peeking in through the drapes. You get up slowly, drawing the drapes back to see the water and enjoy the beauty.

To offer a more enhanced view, most 4- star and 5- star hotels and resorts have a floor-to-ceiling frameless sliding glass door. Hold your coffee, a book, and enjoy the panorama.

Unparalleled Service & Convenience

As mentioned, customer service. Specifically, it bears repeating. It’s that important! A luxury hotel or resort has to arrange unparalleled service and added amenities for its guests.

As a hotel or resort owner, you have to ponder ways to make your guests feel special and important during their stay. This begins at the start, right at the time of booking. If they mention a special occasion while booking, you need to have your booking agent make a note in the reservation. You will pass the same to your restaurant or housekeeping staff.

What will it look like to see a gorgeous display of flowers or a complimentary bottle of red wine to celebrate when you enter your room? A guest will never forget this sort of gesture.

Beyond the initial check-in, guests of the best resorts in Florida will without fail expect top-notch service throughout their entire stay. 24X7 room service is a fabulous perk, mainly when it’s effortless to access the reception attendant or dedicated staff. And no cold chicken wings here—a sumptuous room service menu often caters to diverse cravings and should be delivered fast!

Other ideas that the best hotels and resorts in the USA employ:

Outstanding Decor And Room Amenities

The truth is no guest spends a ton of time inside. However, the appearance and feel of the room have always remained incredibly essential for imparting a grand feel. After a day of de-stressing at the poolside, exploring the town, or relishing one of the best meals you could ever have in your life, would you like to go back to a dull room?

The initial impression you get from any space is its overall decor. The top hotels in Chicago, Orlando, and Florida take care to get these details. Right from the furniture style to the artwork to the overall architecture, they pay attention to all these aspects.

Luxury stays keep it consistent and think beautiful, local shots rather than generic Ikea prints and posters. Keeping everything snug and well-maintained is a must to excel.

The next alert is the linens, including bedding, bathroom towels, and curtains/ drapes. When it comes to luxury accommodation, guests just expect top-of-the-line everything from this category. After all, you will pay for your comfort and ease. There’s nothing unpleasant than stepping out of the shower and seeing a ragged or rough bath towel.

Lastly, a great aroma is something everyone expects. You would never want to stay in a room that smells bad as the neighboring restaurant smell wafts into the room.

A Memorable, Satisfying Dining Experience

While numerous hotels and resorts have dining available, this is a big area where good hotels outshine as a luxury option. A luxury hotel’s restaurant or bar (wherever you pay your visit) should be clean. The icing on the cake will be if the hotel employs a friendly and consistent staff and serves hot, delicious food and drinks.

The best resorts In Orlando, Chicago, or nearby areas will typically have multiple venues for dining. You may expect them to have a more upscale option (maybe, a steakhouse available exclusively for dinner service). They may even maintain a few different bars (so you don’t have to go far to quench your beverage cravings). And for casual options, these facilities have a cafe, buffet, or even a kid-friendly grill.

Breakfast is also a standard perk, and it’s not that difficult to step it up from the day-old croissants and a drip coffee that tastes bad. At a true luxury resort or hotel, expect many fresh, made-to-order options. You may look forward to the option for takeaway or sit-down service, resting on what plans you have for the day.

And as a matter of course, don’t forget the room service! If you wish to have a leisurely morning, guests staying at luxury resorts or hotels can get their food delivered.

The Bottom Line!

You can expect the best hotels in Orlando, Florida, or Chicago to revamp their space with the best of amenities. Before booking your room, you have to do research so that you get the best amenities for the price you pay. Remember, you will find options for every taste and budget.

So what’s keeping you from booking your room for your vacation? Hope nothing is bothering you now in regards to accommodation for your family! Comfort and luxury are something you will get in return while stepping out of luxury hotels. Maybe, your perspective of how you used to see luxury hotels has changed now.

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