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Tips and Tricks of Apple’s latest iOS 14

In June 2020, Apple introduced the latest version of its operating system: iOS 14. The latest iOS 14 is expected to be launched in September 2020 along with the new iPhone 12. The upcoming iOS 14 will come up with a lot of new features, updates for existing applications, Siri improvements, home screen design changes, and much more.

Until it is not launched, you can explore the new improvements with its public beta version. In this article, we will mention some tips and tricks to get started with its beta version:


Add a Widget

The latest iOS 14 has come up with a new design for your Home Screen in which you can customize it with the help of widgets. Your iPhone’s display will have a completely new look with the newly redesigned widgets. Apple has redesigned its widgets for default applications like Calendars, Stocks, and Weather. You can access your widget option in the Widget Gallery. Long press on display and choose “Edit Screen” and tap on the “+” button. You will get widget suggestions based on your most installed applications. You can drag any widget from the Today view and position it alongside your app icons.

Remove or Add Home Screens

Apple has now allowed its users to hide unnecessary pages from their home screen. Once you hide any page, it will automatically hide the applications of that page as well. But don’t worry, this function won’t uninstall your applications. You can access your hidden applications in the App Library. You can remove or add home screens by long-pressing your home screen, and once it enters into jiggle mode, you can delete or add a screen by tapping the dots above the dock.

Try New App Library

Once you hide your home screen, you can access the hidden applications in the new App Library. Swipe across the right and open your App Library, from there, you can open any application of your choice, or you can also open a category by tapping on the four smaller icons.

Try the New Translate Application

Apple’s new Translation app has come up with new additional features. Now, you can use it without connecting your device to the internet.

Translate a Web Page in Safari

This feature is currently not available in the beta version, but with this feature, you can translate the entire web page in Safari. Just open the website and tap on the “AA” option on the left side of your search bar. If that website is supported, you can translate the entire website as per your preference.

No Full-Screen Calls

The iOS 14 has come up with the most requested feature: no full-screen calls. In iOS 13 or below, if someone calls you, the accessibility to your phone gets nil until it stops ringing. But in the latest version, Apple offers you a drag down box through which you either accept or reject the call.

Use a Picture-In-Picture Mode

With this new picture-in-picture mode, you can access your phone if you are video calling someone. You can simply return to your home screen and continue to use your phone. This feature also works with other applications like Netflix.

Pin Conversations

The latest version enables you to pin the essential conversations on the top of your screen so that you won’t miss any important text. You can pin necessary conversations by pressing and holding on to the discussion and then select the “Pin” option.

Reply to Single Person in a Group Conversation

With this new feature, you can quickly reply to a single person in a group conversation by long pressing on the message and then tap on the reply option.

Changes in Your Memoji Look

Memojis are a fun way to interact with your family and friends. Now, with its latest version, you can customize your digital avatar by using face coverings, and you can also make them look aged.


Every year, Apple comes up with a new iPhone and new software for its users. In June 2020, at WWDC, Apple announced the new iOS features which are going to change the game for Apple users. Apple has come up with significant changes in its features which will improve the functionalities of iPhones. With its beta version, you can also explore its new features.

Source-Apple’s latest iOS14

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