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Top 10 companies in the world that are looking for Prince2 foundation and practitioner certification?

You have done your PRINCE2 certification in the foundation and some as a practitioner. All you do not know is what you shall reap out of it? You have this zeal to be a project manager. And you surely know that as a mid-level manager you are obliged to do a certain task and perform planning. This certification is enough for you to know the aspects of projects in which you are going to get involved. Yes, in this article, we shall discuss more the scope, schedule, finance, risk, and quality & resources aspect of the project.

Further, we will tell you what awaits you ahead of the completion of the certification. We shall also tell you more about the top hiring companies. But before we jump in, it is mandatory to know a standardized job description of a PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner.

So let’s talk that first before we talk about money!

What makes a project manager?

Leaving behind the overseeing, IT, construction, and advertising part of a project manager. A PM does more than what we think. As per a survey done by AXELOS, a project manager’s most important task forms the communication, it amounts to 90% of all his work agenda. He instils smooth and constant communication with his subordinates, and they include a Product owner who is a business analyst mostly and a product manager who is an engineer and heads the development team. And you also keep contact with the stakeholders and your customers along with your senior management.

As you get seasoned you are liable to make the relevant decision of involving the right employees to the project; you set deadlines, ensure projects progression, keep an eye over the budget and make necessary adjustments whenever it is needed. You are also responsible for the legal compliance part; you check the viability of the project as per the law and governance conditioned prescribed by the government of the dominion.

The comparison

As a project manager, you have to exhibit certain skills like interpersonal skills, cost and risk management, technological prowess, the decision under a pressurized environment, authority delegation, and above all time management skills.

Companies mostly accept you as a PM when you have a graduate degree, or you have a high school degree. Educational background doesn’t play here as much as the qualitative certifications you do. As per certifications are concerned, companies let you work as a PM if and only if you have a PRINCE2 certification or a PMP.

The war between these two certifications is getting fierce each day. But till now it is dominated by PRINCE2. If we talk about the numbers, then you will be surprised to know that globally there are more than 1 million PRINCE2 practitioners and in this, we have excluded the foundational certification holders. At the same time, there are only 937000 PMP professionals. These extensive numbers can be seen spread over 175 nations, mostly the PRINCE2 is revered as the gold standard certification in European nations but back in USA PMP rules the PM certification demography. This doesn’t make the USA a loose destination to work if you are a PRINCE2 certified professional. We shall reveal the USA indigenous companies who are one of the best hiring companies for PRINCE2 professionals.

PRINCE2 foundation jobs and salaries

Underneath we have made a table out of inclusive data, we have collected. Note that these numbers are from 2019 and mid-2020. So salary approximation can go a little high or low but remains between the brackets.

Job roles                     salary in the USA in $                       salary in Europe in €

Junior Project Manager           $40000-$45000                                  €28000-€30000

Project Analyst                        $42000-$45000                                  €30000-€32000

Project Control Officer             $76000-$81000                                  €38000-€47000

Project Support                       $65000-$72000                                   €36000-€40000

Project Coordinator                 $70000-$74000                                  €33000-€36000

Project Administrator               $55000-$60000                                  €23000-$27000

Of course with the PRINCE2 foundation certification, you will have to work as a team member. But as soon as you get a decent amount of experience of 4 years. You should get your PRINCE2 Practitioner’s certification. And this will lead you to mid-level management roles.

PRINCE2 Practitioner job roles and salaries

As you climb up the ladder you realize that you have hoarded a decent amount of experience that proves your stance and strengthens your core abilities to perform managerial roles in Project management.

Job roles                                 salary in the USA in $           salary in Europe in €

PMO Analyst                            $76000-$86500                                  €28000-€37000

Junior Business Analyst           $80000-$87000                                  €37000-€44000

Project Controller                     $81000-$86000                                  €33000-€42000

And as you correspond your experience with these mid-level management roles, you get a chance to become a Project Manager, a product owner. Usually, to reach this height, it takes 4500 hours to 6500 hours of work experience as the junior level of Middle management. Or conclusively you have to spend 10-15 years to be a Project Manager.

The top 10 companies that hire a PRINCE2 certificate holder are as follows:

  1. Philips
  2. Amazon
  3. Accenture
  4. Capgemini
  5. HCL
  6. Red Hat
  7. Microsoft
  8. EY
  9. Robert Half
  10. Tekwissen


It is crucial to know that with the certification, you reach the preliminary stages, but slogging and gaining experience would land you to more planning and decision-oriented roles. It takes time to reach the top, as companies believe that with seniority of work, you get seasoned, and then you can bear the sauté of work pressure.

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