Top 10 Delicious and Popular Moroccan Food

If you are going to Morocco on an expedition or a business trip, realize that you are in a place to taste the best food in the world. Moroccan food ranks highly on the world’s best cooking methods and is well worth investigating.

You won’t be baffled by the incomprehensible assortment of delicious flavors and creative fix mixes you have come to expect. This article will show you top the 10 popular and delicious foods that you should try when visiting Morocco.

10- Lamb or Beef with Plums:

A very delicious dish, it’s popular as a traditional offering at holiday gatherings, weddings, and other special occasions.

The meat is cooked until buttery, tender with saffron ginger and onions then topped with prunes that have been poached in syrup with cinnamon and honey. Crunchy fried almonds serve as a garnish.

9- Rfissa

Next on our list of popular Moroccan food is Rfissa. Rissa is a traditional and delicious dish of chicken onions lentils and m semen curated to replenish women after childbirth. It’s seasoned with saffron, parsley, coriander, “ras al hannut”, a mix of 45 herbs, ginger, garlic turmeric salt, and pepper. The secret ingredient is fenugreek, a medicinal herb that supposedly boosts milk production in new mothers.

8- Chicken Bastilla

the Moroccan dish which has Andalusian origins is usually prepared for large events or parties. It can be made with chicken seafood or even pigeon, but chicken is cooked with saffron ginger pepper and cinnamon.

Then layered within crispy “warka” pastry with a herb-laden omelet and fried almonds scented with orange flower water and an utterly fantastic fusion of flavors and textures.

7- Maakouda Batata

Maakouda Batata, Moroccan potato fritter, super fluffy and smooth inside and crusty on the outside. They are a portion of popular street food in Morocco where they might be eaten plain or used as a sandwich filler in wedges of Moroccan cobs.

They can also be served as an appetizer or as a side. This version is well seasoned with sauteed onions garlic cilantro and cumin. If you go to Morocco, try it, it’s very delicious.

6- Herrera

You will find all kinds of soup served in Moroccan homes and restaurants. But this one stands out from the crowd for being uniquely Moroccan and very much loved throughout the country.

Variations are countless, but typically Herrera is a tomato-based soup laden with lentils, chickpeas, rice, or fine broken noodles. Sharia is often added as well while the stock is usually made with beef or lamb. This authentic Herrera recipe does not fall into the quick and easy category, but the effort to make it won’t disappoint.

Although Herrera is prepared year-round, it’s famously associated with Ramadan serving alongside chabakia and other traditional foods to break the fast. This tradition is so ingrained that many Moroccans consider a meal during Ramadan incomplete if Herrera isn’t on the table.

5- Amlo

Amlo is a traditional Moroccan culinary preparation from the southern region of Morocco. This gem is a subtle blend of argan oil, honey, and crushed almonds. Its texture is creamy. It is a very high-calorie food, so it should be consumed in moderation to avoid excessive weight gain. The Amlo can be taken in breakfast or in taste. In addition to its great taste, Amlo also has many health benefits. It strengthens the body’s immune system and provides it with the energy it needs and many other benefits as it is 100 natural and preservative-free.

4- Tangia

Tangia, a Moroccan dish named for its cooking vessel, is the most famous dish in Marrakech. Tangia is prepared with bone-in chunks of meat or chicken flavored with garlic onions preserved lemon and cumin. Traditionally, bachelors would assemble the ingredients in an urn-like pot and bury the Tangia in hot ashes to cook slowly while they went off to work.

Another traditional method included bringing the pot of ingredients to the local hammam where the Tangia was cooked overnight over hot coals and picked up the next morning. The slow process tenderizes the meat so that it falls quickly off the bone. You can easily find this traditional dish at rest.

3- Tagine

The sky is the limit when it comes to Tagine. The famous slow-cooked Moroccan dish takes its name from the traditional clay or ceramic dish it is traditionally cooked in. The bottom is a wide shallow circular dish used for both cooking and serving.

While the top of the Tagine is distinctively shaped into a rounded dome or cone. Shown here is a Berber Tagine with meat and vegetables. It is arranged in a conical fashion and left undisturbed to cook until tender making a delicious, beautiful presentation.

Tagine is traditionally eaten directly from the cooking vessel using Moroccan bread coves to scoop up meat veggies and sauce. A Tagine is an essential part of Moroccan cuisine and has been a part of the culture for hundreds of years. You can get it practically anywhere at roadside stops, cafes, and more excellent restaurants.

2- Chabakia

Chabakia, also known as Makarka, grueker rose day sables is one of Moroccan cuisine’s most delightful cookie you must try. Chabakia is fried in hot vegetable oil and then dipped in another honey bath hot as well honey is flavored with orange blossom water.

After they absorb the honey, we put them to drain and sprinkle them with sesame seeds. You really have to try it to understand how amazing it tastes. Chabakia is commonly prepared in Morocco during Ramadan and is usually served next to a velvet of Herrera to break the fast.

1- Couscous

Couscous is originally a Berber dish and is a staple dish in many north African countries. This authentic dish is prepared every Friday in many Moroccan homes and the presentation pictured here. Couscous with seven vegetables is one of the most popular versions.

Lamb beef or chicken is strewed along with various vegetables then arranged on a glorious heap of tender steamed couscous grains. As with many other Moroccan dishes, everyone gathers round to eat from one super-sized communal plate. Not into veggies? Then you may want to try couscous Tifia with caramelized onions and raisins.

Popular Moroccan Food Closing Notes:

These were our top 10 delicious and popular food in Moroccan cuisine. We hope that this list helped you get some ideas on what to eat in Morocco. If you think that we missed any special food of a certain dish that you think should be on this list, please let us know in the comment section or contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Now that you know what to eat in Morocco, you can use this handy guide that can help you plan other aspects of your vacation in Morocco, tell you unique things to do in Marrakech, and adventures to try in this North African country.

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