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Top 10 Mind-Bending Films You Can Watch Before Tenet

It is a rabbit hole. You wait for a film. You make theories. You hype it up. You wait. You wait. You wait.

No worries. If you love mind-bending films, then read on. I will mention some movies that you can watch or rewatch again while waiting for Tenet.

We can agree that there is always something different about mind-bending films, like an art piece painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, that has layers of meaning. You can spend hours on it, and when you finally get it, you feel euphoric.

To make your day good, better, or great, we have listed 10 films with a mind-bending story structure while you wait for Christopher Nolan’s summertime epic.


This Shane Carruth film is so complex that it will take a genius to understand the film in the first watch.Furthermore, if you read the explanation from dedicated forums and websites, you still need some time before you can finally begin to wrap your head around it.

Shane Carruth was a mathematics student and former engineer when he wrote, acted, and directed the film that also stars David Sullivan. The structure of the film is one of a kind and has never been repeated ever since.

Donnie Darko

You will not get the film after the credits have rolled. But once you get it, you will have a hard time getting the film out of your head. The film is so very well crafted that you will not find anything else that is even remotely similar to this.

The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie Gyllenhaal as brothers and sisters who are, in fact, as the name suggested brothers and sisters in real life.

Jake plays the role of Donnie, who meets a figure outside his house who tells him that the world is about to end in 28 days, 6 hours 42 minutes and 12 seconds.


It’s a film that took 10 years of Christopher Nolan’s life, but everybody agrees that it was worth it. It’s a film that has dictated filmmaking since the time it was released.

The ensemble cast is everything you need to accentuate the brilliant plot of the film. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Dominic Cobb, a professional thief who steals ideas from a person’s mind. He is offered a job by a Japanese businessman Ken Watanabe which, if he successfully completes, can get him back to his children whom he had left years ago.

The very last scene has created a very passionate debate and speculation among fans, and that precisely is the reason that has made this film so special.

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This is another Jake Gyllenhaal film that can be treated as a masterpiece. It is also a very emotional film that can make you appreciate your life at the end. In the flick, a helicopter pilot is a part of a military operation which enables him to experience the final moments of Sean Fentress.


This is a 2013 film written and directed by James Ward Bykrit, who had previously worked in Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The man took nine months to write the script and then shot it with friends over the weekend.

It deals with friends who get together for dinner when a comet passes, leading to highly mysterious occurrences. The film stars Emily Baldoni in the lead role.

2001 Space Odyssey

Often regarded as the greatest film of all time alongside Godfather, this 1968 film should be preserved as one of the finest gems in the history of cinema. The film has layers of meaning which have been analyzed by many. The novel, written concurrently with the script, is often regarded as the key to its many unanswered questions.  The story deals with two astronauts and an AI HAL 9000 voyage to Jupiter.

Mulholland Drive

David Lynch’s psychological thriller from the year 2001 is often regarded as the best psychological neo-noir film by many polls on different platforms. The film also earned him an Oscar nomination.

It follows the story of an actress who is played by Naomi Watts, who meets an amnesiac car accident victim played by Laura Harring.

V for Vendetta

This is a film based on DC/ Vertigo comics that came out in 1988. V is an anarchist played by Hugo Weaving, who befriends Natalie Portman’s character, Evey.

The film revolves around V’s masterplan to bring down an authoritarian government.

The film has been remembered as the spirit of the weak against the powerful and has been quite famous in recent times, especially during the Black Lives Matter movement.


The film is in the horror genre and deals with the group of women scientists who venture out in their expedition inside a quarantined zone where plants and animals show unexplainable mutated characteristics because of an alien presence.

Though the film failed to impress at the box office, it has garnered praise over the years.

Fight Club

The film had to be on the list. This 1999 thriller stars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in the lead roles. Norton’s character is the protagonist of the film.

The film deals with the protagonist’s frustration with society and his desperate measures to escape it. The protagonist meets a mysterious yet highly philosophical man named Tyler Durden and joins hands with him to start their cult named Fight Club.

The finale of the film is so profoundly mind-boggling that you would be compelled to re-watch the film again.


Films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Enemy, and The Butterfly Effect can also make anybody’s list without any dispute and at least deserve an honorable mention here. There are Netflix TV series such as Dark, Black Mirror, and Altered Carbon that can engage you while you await the release of Tenet.

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